Princess of the Universe

Pepper (bottom right) with 2 of her grandaughters

Pepper (bottom right) with 2 of her grandaughters

photo by: Ann Smyth

Owner : Kadaka
Breed : Golden Retriever
31st March 1998 - 24th January 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

Pepper is Millie's daughter from the first litter she had. Pepper made the most wonderful brood bitch and produced many stunning puppies. She now enjoys her retirement buts still enjoys watching over her children's children.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Denmarella Just a Jester
    • Steval Encore
    • Pippin of Crinniswood
    • Queenhill Ariadne at Treganhawke
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Golcrest Game of Chance
    • Denmarella Cherry Blossom
    • Amberland Sky Hi
    • Steval Latest Edition
    • Gartrell Mazourka
    • Peggysue of Crinnis
    • Sh Ch Nortonwood Silvanus
    • Queenhill Easter Primrose
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Meant to be at Moorquest
    • Golcrest Ginglewood
    • Sh Ch Portcullis Napoleon
    • Denmarella Cotton Blossom
    • Ch Gatchells Sky at night
    • Outshine Contessa
    • Lindjan Kyoko
    • StevalSonata
    • Deerflite Plato
    • Contessa of Llawnroc
    • Goldshot Flush
    • Sherry of Hammerhill
    • Sh Ch Nortonwood Checkmate
    • Westley Sabrina
    • Lindale Solo
    • Nortonwood Tarata