Romeno Helena (OW)



Owner : Zakanja
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 26th September 2001
Health Tested

Health Tests

Jazz is a very pretty, long coated, black and gold bitch. She is the foundation of my line and was bred by the great, late Guy Haigh. She was a wonderful mother to her own litter and has insisted on being involved in the rearing of her daughter's and her granddaughter's litters. Now at almost 12 years old, she is teaching her great granddaughter how to behave!
Jazz qualified to work Championship C level competition obedience (ticket) when she was just 4 years old but an accident running after a ball put paid to the rest of her obedience career. However, she can usually be found at the shows flirting with the boys so she's still happy! She is the dam of Chica (OB CH Zakanja Little Creature) and Chance (OB CH Zakanja Bitter N Twisted).

These pictures were taken when Jazz had just turned 10 years old.


  • Parents
    • Kableshan Rigal At Mortoff
    • Romeno Jaime
  • Grand Parents
    • Korado Avax
    • Kalbeshan Silka
    • Dark vom Arolser Holz
    • Romeno Jools
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Nats Vom Steigerof
    • A-Athena ZGentu
    • Lasso Vom Neun Berg
    • Wespe vom Wildsteigerland
    • Marc vom Herkulesblick
    • Orpie vom Busecker Schloss
    • Romeno Xandro
    • Romeno Josie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Nutz vom Monchberg
    • Paola von der Murrenhutte
    • Fedor Vom Arminus
    • A -Haike V Wildsteigerland
    • Folemarkens Jasso
    • Eike Vom Neun Berg
    • Visum von Arminius
    • Xieni vom Wildsteigerland
    • Eerko vom Eisfeld
    • Haifa vom Herkulesblick
    • Half vom Busecker Schloss
    • Winte vom Busecker Schloss
    • Presidio Bilko
    • Romeno Thea
    • Shadowsquad El Karif at Romeno
    • Romeno Jessoe