Coppercotons Ambush

Travis and little Chlo'e..... how cute is that?

Travis and little Chlo'e..... how cute is that?

photo by: Beautealcotons

Owner : Beauteal
Breed : Coton De Tulear
Birthdate : 19th November 2005

This is Travis, he has a wonderfull fun loving nature, he likes to think hes in charge....but he knows he isn't.
Hes always getting into mud and bushes and digging holes were he shouldn't, and is always getting told off by Chlo'e, but he's a sweet gently loving little soul., and a treasured member of our family


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Chanfree's Easy Rider
    • Kin-Sei Theresita
    • Cartoonland's Lautrec
    • Int Ch Cartoonland's out of Africa
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Rokandroll of Woodland Cottage
    • Nor Dan & Int Ch Chanfree's Amarrinda
    • Bimbo De La Perle De L'ocean Indien
    • Fin & Swe Ch Kin-Sei Karamelli
    • Fr Ch Cartoonland's Jeronimo
    • Cartoonland's Diva
    • Span Ch Monoi De L'echo Des Elingues
    • Cartoonland's Juvamine
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Feel me seeme Du Domaine
    • Ninotchka of Cheerful Fellow
    • Dan Ch Jolly Little Fellows Nice Guy
    • Kin-sei Jamilah
    • Vanoi De Perle De L'ocean Indien
    • Sambava of Madecasses
    • Ned & Germ Ch Valet De Coeur D'aiguevives
    • Hautess-caresse Du Ticoquin
    • Fr Ch Cartoonland's Flirt
    • Cartoonlands E-Guismo
    • Cookie the Valaury's Cottage
    • Cartoon of Dawn Silk
    • Swed Ch Cartoonland's Lord Delainville
    • Cartoonland's Jacuzi
    • Fr Int & Bel Ch Follow Me Du Domaine De Luniray
    • Cartoonland's Imasumak