Ch. Brumberhill Bewitched

Ch. Brumberhill Bewitched

Ch. Brumberhill Bewitched

photo by: Carol Ann Johnson

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Border Terrier
Birthdate : 23rd April 1990

Breeze was the winner of 3 CCs, 8 Res CCs ( behind 8 different bitches!! )
She was also a Reserve Group Winner at South Wales '94.

CC & BIS Midland BTC '92- Pamela Cross- Stern,
CC & BOB Three Counties '94- Betty Judge,
CC & BOB South Wales '94- Robert Bartram.

Res CC SKC(Aug) '92- Maureen Micklethwaie,
Res CC Richmond '92- Betty Rumsam,
Res CC Driffield '92 Brian Baxter,
Res CC Midland Counties '92- Steve Dean,
Res CC SKC(May) '93- Peggy Grayson,
Res CC Bath '93- John Bainbridge,
Res CC Crufts '94- Betty Rumsam,
Res CC East of England '94- Anne Roslin-Williams.

Ch. Show Reserve Group:
South Wales '94- David Roche (Pictured, left).

BIS at Club Open Show :
NBTC '94- Sally Leslie.

RBIS at Club Open Show:
YLC BTC '94- Frank Jones,
YLC BTC '95- Bert Lupson.

RBIS at All-breeds Open:
Malton Agric. Soc. '94- John Bainbridge.

BIS at All-breeds Limit Show:
York CA '92- Colin Dobson.

RBIS at All-breeds Limit Show:
Ryedale CS '92- Louise Nowell.