Ch. Blue Print at Brumberhill

Ch. Blue Print at Brumberhill- aged 2 1/2

Ch. Blue Print at Brumberhill- aged 2 1/2

Ch. Blue Print at Brumberhill- aged 7 1/2

Ch. Blue Print at Brumberhill- aged 7 1/2

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Border Terrier
16th January 1994 - 2nd December 2005

An absolute Gent, Printa gained his title, but it will be as an outstanding stud he will be remembered, siring 8 UK champions, including 2 Crufts CC winners and Ch. & Swedish Ch. Brumberhill Basil ( Top Winning UK Border Terrier 2001), and numerous Ch. grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Winner of:
CC& RBIS Midland BTC '95 - Anne Roslin - Williams ,
CC& BOS Driffield '95- Frank Jones,
CC& BIS Southern BTC '96- Maureen Micklethwaite.

Ch. Show Best Puppy:
Richmond '94- Maureen Micklethwaite

BIS at Club Open Show:
Midland BTC '95- Janet Lee.

BPIS at Club Open Show:
Midland BTC'94- Jayne Brown ( now Gillam).

Sire of:
Ch. & Swedish Ch. Brumberhill Basil ( Top Winning BT '01),
Ch. Dandale Blueberry Buckle ( 2xCrufts CC),
Ch. Orenberg Inkling ( Crufts CC),
Ch. Mansergh Mother's Pride,
Ch. Mansergh Master Chef at Risdene,
Ch. Mansergh First Proof at Risdene,
Ch. Hanway It's My Life,
Ch. Lings Gorse by Otterbobs,
Tythrop Burberry - 3 Res CCs,
Lutrabeck Song - Res CC.

Grandsire of:
Ch. Mansergh Hampos Flaked Oats ( Group & Top Winner '03),
Ch. Lutrabeck Limerick ( Top CC winner 2000),
Ch. Riseburn Reprint - Dog World Top Brood Bitch '08, '09(Joint),
Ch. Rhozzum Columbo,
Ch. Dandale Parkin at Tythrop ( 2xCrufts CC),
UK & Nord. Ch. Lyddington Last Supper at Risdene,
Ch. Kersfell One For The Master JW,
Ch. Otterbobs Ninezergh,
Ch. Orenberg Faerie Hawk JW,
Ch Otterbobs Riggindale JW,
Sw. Ch. Bombax Hera.
Sw. Ch. Bombax Japellonica,
Finnish Ch. Tigerlike One Of Us,
Akimbos Baghera JWW '08,
Riseburn Newsprint ( 2 CC, 1 at Crufts),
Kersfell Cock Robin at Hobholt (1CC),
Risdene Quink (Res CC),
Bumbleboots Foxglove (Res CC),

Great grandsire of:
Ch. Brumberhill Betwixt ShCM ( Bitch CC Record Holder, 4 x Group 1, 3 x Group 2, 1 x Group 4 ),
Ch. Brumberhill Bestseller JW ShCM ( 3 CC's, 2 Res CC's, 1 x Group 4),
Ch. Brumberhill Belle De Jour ShCM, (4CC's,Group 4, CC&BOB National Terrier '10),
UK & Port. Ch. Brumberhill Bumble Bee by Plushcourt ( 4 CCs, 4 Res CC, Crufts CC ),
Ch.Brumberhill Breeze (3 CC's,4 Res CC's),
Swedish & Danish Ch. Brumberhill Blue Imprint,
Ch. Rhozzum Dankworth,
Ch. Mansergh Miss Otis,
Ch. Tythrop Taggart of Smalesmouth,
Ch. Tythrop T'Pau,
Ch.Baywillow Racing Blue,
Ch. Hobholt Harrier JW,
Ch. Ragatam Harris ( Group 3),
Ch. Karison Kamelia JW,
Baywillow Maid With Spice For Halcus (1CC),
Lutrabeck Locket (1CC),
Mansergh Maisytoats at Alcumlow (1CC),
Mansergh Daisytoats (3ResCCs),
Mansergh Hoast A Roast at Risdene ( ResCC),
Mansergh Float To Plushcourt (2Res CC's),
Risdene Tapenade (CC),
Baywillow Columbine (2Res CCs),
Hawcoat Sweet Fairy (CC),
Hawcoat Blue Bertie (Res CC),
Chesterton Top Hat And Tails By Kersfell JW (Res CC),
Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin JW (Res CC)

Great great grandsire:
Ch.Brumberhill Battlecry (CC&BOB National Terrier'08),
Brumberhill Bonjour (2 CC's, 3 Res CC's),
Ch. Brumberhill Blue Tempest (3 CC's, 5 Res CC's),
Brumberhill Betrothal JW, Res CC,
Ch. Manorcroft Taylormade (Crufts CC),
Ch. Penlumeg Percival by Badgerbeck,
Ch. Badgerbeck Purdi (Group 2, Top Puppy '07, Top Border '08),
Ch. Tythrop Tapas ( Top Winning BT '06, 2 x Crufts CC),
Ch.Tallowbrook Memento at Quatford,
Ch. Hesslemere Hi Karate JW,
Ch.Baywillow Blue Bouquet for Badgerbeck,
Ch.Plushcourt The Bees Knees in Thoraldby,
Int. Ch. Bombax Fortune Wheel (CC),
Rhozzum User Friendly (2 CC's),
Baywillow Beguiling ( Res CC),
Baywillow Tarte Tatin (CC),
Baywillow Canape at Smalesmouth (2 Res CC's),
Iacheslei Taum (CC),
Iacheslei Deva (CC),
Tythrop Traviata (2 Res CC's),
Mansergh Ditty (Res CC),
Ch.Dandyhow Dr Walter (2 x Group Winner),
Hawcoat Lord George (CC)..

Great Great Great Grandfather:
Ch.Brumberhill Benchmarked JW ShCM (3CC's,1 Res CC),
Swedish Ch.Brumberhill Brigadoon (3 CC's, 3 Res CC's, Group 4 in Sweden),
Brumberhill Bejewelled JW ShCM (Res CC),
Brumberhill Blue Sky (Res CC),
Ch.Howthwaite In Violet,
Ch. Iacheslei Torus JW,
Ch.Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope,
Iacheslei Cantus ( CC & Group Winner),
Manorcroft Chit Chat (Res CC),
Ch. Northborders Mr Pickles JW,
Ch Tythrop Touch On Wood,
Smalesmouth Maylady (Res CC),
Bombax Qrius JWW '10.

Great Great Great Great Grandfather:
Ch Manorcroft Rock On Ruby (Crufts CC Winner,
Toftahill Lucky Number (CC & Res CC in Sweden),
British Cooper Eugenio Castelotti (CC & BOB in Holland),
British Cooper Emerson Fittipaldi (2 CC's in Holland),
Smalesmouth Skylark (CC & RCC),
Brumberhill Back T' Future (CC & BOB),
Norwegian & Swedish Ch. Brumberhill Brenna

Apologies if I've Missed anyone - please let me know!!

A legacy to be proud of!!!!!!!


  • Parents
    • Wilholme Regal Reform
    • Ch. Mansergh Denim
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Foxwyn Shoot A Line
    • Lynsett Lucky Wish
    • Eng. Int. World Ch. Brumberhill Blue Maestro
    • Fine Lady
    • Cheltor Michael
    • Foxwyn Storyteller
    • Lynsett Lucky Strike
    • Lucky Find of Lynsett
    • Brumberhill Blue Minstrel
    • Blue Minx of Brumberhill
    • Cheltor Michael
    • Deerstone Twiggy
    • Forest Samson
    • Dandyhow Marcia
    • Eng. & Int. Ch. Mansergh Pearl Diver
    • Westmorland Jessica