Alkido's Akemi Akiki



photo by: Alkido

Owner : Alkido
Breed : Rottweiler
Birthdate : 2nd January 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

Kemi has a gentle and loving nature & temperament & has been placed consistantly within the show scene, gaining group placings and RBOB.
She has obtained her kc Citizen Awards and has enjoys participating in working trials.
She has passed her British Rottweiler Temperament testing, and is joy to own.

BVA HD:6:5
Eye Tested - Clear & DNA profiled.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Holzheim Pioneer
    • Holzheim Kristl
    • Kiko Jailbirds mra zus at gamesgards
    • Gamegards Whirlwind
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Hanbar Nexus
    • Hozheim Jocasta
    • Holzheim Flash Gorden
    • Holzheim Debutante
    • CH Rick Von Burgthann
    • CH Jailbirds felony n the first
    • Semperi the Boss at Gamegards
    • Gamegards Crack of Sparks
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Kiko Jailbirds mra zus at Gamegards
    • CH Schutzer Valhalla
    • Holzheim Guevara
    • Holzheim Amaretto
    • Double Impact
    • Holzheim Brief Encounter
    • Pendley Mackenzie
    • Holzheim Ameretto
    • CH Doc von der Teufelsbrucke
    • Hope von Burgthann
    • CH Jenecks Woton
    • Jailbirds Fatal Attraction
    • CH Amicus Calypso
    • Gamegards Shower of Sparks
    • Apollo Artemis Leto Zeus
    • Gamegards What a Cracker