Desjiem Danceclass



photo by: Brown/\Filby

Owner : Desjiem
Breed : Weimaraner
Birthdate : 27th November 2002

From our first litter we also kept a bitch puppy, or Leyna as she became known. She's a bit of a character and not always the easiest of dogs, if it has got to happen it's always Leyna, bless her!

Who was it that got bitten by another dog at her first Champ show - Leyna! Who got stung by a wasp at another - Leyna, of course, Who was so cute as a young puppy, didn't quite want to be the show dog so pretended to be lame - Leyna, again, of course!

Despite all this and not being a natural showgirl she has had her own successes with BOB's at open shows and has won a number of classes at Champ shows. Her greatest achievement was getting 2nd in Mid Limit at Crufts 2006 behind the BCC and BOB winner. Leyna also gained her Stud Book No at Belfast Champ show in Sept 2005.

Leyna was winner of The Weimaraner Association Veteran Plaque in 2012.

Leyna is the little sweetheart of the family and a real 'Mummy's girl'.


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    • Khamsynn Cardinal Synn
    • Gunalt Joy
    • Sh Ch Risinglark Notorious
    • Risinglark Old Ruby
    • Sh Ch Kalimor Kavanagh
    • Ryanstock Evening Secret
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Balmain
    • Flimmoric Firelight
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    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Forever Amber
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Cacharel
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Anais Anais
    • Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed
    • Risinglark Rainbow
    • Sh Ch Czersieger Clever Clown
    • Ch Rujanta Game Plucker
    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Sh Ch Kalimor Classic
    • Ryanstock Ashkanazy
    • Ryanstock Dawn
    • Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
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