Tusselstaff Black Fury



photo by: K Brown



photo by: K Brown

Owner : Tusselstaff
Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Birthdate : 6th February 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

Ella is the daughter of CH Alport Fire Cracker and Cragails Wild Wooer.
She was born 6th February 2007 and was one of six beautiful bitches that all arrived naturally in one hour!!

Ella qualified for Crufts 2009, 2010 & 2011. Ella has also gained her UK KC Stud Book Number which means she is Crufts qualified for life!! She is L2 & HC hereditary clear and also PHPV and PPSC unaffected

Pictures of Ella and her litter sisters can be seen on our website (link at top of page) and will be constantly updated as they all grow.
The girls are all growing into little stunners and we are very proud of them all.


Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Robbie Smith (Scratchline)- Alyn & Deeside SBT Club Open Show-

Reserve Best Bitch in Show
Quality black-brindle bitch. Stood alone but could be pushing for honours in any class. Nice feminine head with a good keen expression, good pigmentation, nice clean muzzle, no excess lip, good dentition, level topline she held on the move. A good bend of stifle, nice tail carriage, moved well along the mat at the correct gait. Just carried a little bit of excess weight for me today. People who know me know I prefer my dogs lean and athletic. Very close between this bitch and winner of Junior Bitch for Best Bitch. The extra couple of pounds cost her today. Reserve Best Bitch

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Harry Coble (Surestaff)- Manchester Ch Show-

1st from 24 entries
Top size black brindle, nice balance of bull & terrier with a good head, distinct stop, strong foreface, correct mouth with large teeth, dark eyes set well apart & neat ears. Straight front, good shoulder placement, firm body with ample rib & level topline. Handled well and moved like a dream

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Craig Dillon (Cragails)- East Mids SBT Champ Show

3rd from 23 entries
Another quality B/brindle bitch. Lovely head , clearly feminine but lacking nothing. Terrific expression with dark eye & an alertness that followed my every move around the ring ( made me smile). Clean front of good width and adequate depth to fore chest , nice weight of bone and good feet. Good rib and taper when viewed from above and a lightness in the loin that enhanced.
Nicely balanced when viewed in profile , Body (length and depth) balanced to leg length and overall height. Showing a little more angulation in the rear assembly than 1&2 but her movement was true both fore and aft.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Shaun Stone (Ashbull)- Northern Counties SBT Club Open Show

1st from 3 entries
Another Classy Black Brindle, Stunning head shape, clean, strong, totally feminine, dark round eyes with defined stop, good mouth with strong under jaw, lovely ear placement which she used to her advantage, true front with good shoulder placement, nice size rib and level top line, moved and showed well, wish she was fitter as would of challenged more in line up, a bitch I really liked.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- M Moffett- Flint & District Show

Best of Breed
Cracking bitch, caught my eye straight away. Bang on standard, correct scissor bite, dark eye, neat rose ears. Good depth of brisket, tight feet, good bend of stifle, correct tail length, good coat, moved and handled well.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Jenny Smith (Willowstaff)- Notts & DerbySBT Champ Show

3rd from 18 entries
An attractive black/brindle that is very much in the style I prefer. She possesses a lovely head type, is balanced, fit and not overdone in any way.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Simon Hunt (Steelyard)- Western SBT Club-

1st from 2 entries
Nice, well balanced athletic bitch, nice head and expression. Clean straight front with good angulations, level topline, good spring of rib. Short coupled with nicely angulated hind quarters, moves with free and easy movement

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- John Dare- East Mids SBT Club

A very nice black bitch, a very good head with nice ears, round dark eyes and good mouth, nice length of neck and a level topline, a straight front, good back end and stifle, moved well

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- P Jones (Jaybecadans)- Bebington Canine Society

Best of Breed
B/b bitch, nice head, not over done, correct ear carriage, nice dark eyes, correct bite, good straight front, level topline on this bitch- really nice type bitch. Powerful well muscled rear, good angulation, handled well and moved exceptionally well.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- M John (Welshstaff)- SBTC of South Wales

Bl/br bitch with expression of the day, dark eye, good ear carriage , good front, nice feet, great condition, coat was gleaming, handled well.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique by Mark Davies (Sebsonic)- East Mids SBT Club

B/b nice quality bitch of good proportions, nice head piece with dark round eye, neat rose ears, short foreface, well boned front with deep brisket, level top line and good hindquarters would have just liked to see her a little harder

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- critique by Karen Johnson (Tillcarr)- Lancashire Sporting Terrier Club

Best of Breed and Group 4
Black brindle bitch, good head, well pronounced cheek bumps, good bite, correct ear placement enhanced her alert expression, dark eye, straight front with no weakness at pasterns, good lay of shoulder, good rear angulation, well let down hocks, smooth short coat which gleamed, moved up and down mat with good free flowing motion, shown in lovely fit condition, handled well.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- critique by Nikki Wiggins (Kewaunee)- Morecambe Bay & Cumbria SBT Club

A lovely black brindle in super condition, very alert and used her ears to her full advantage makes you notice her!
Neat shapely head, lovely expressive dark eye, mouth ok, smart front displaying enough depth and width, muscular well defined hindquarters. Level topline, overall a very nice bitch that was handled to perfection.

*Tusselstaff Black Fury- Critique- Andy Land (Winzack)- Potteries SBT Club

Fit B/brindle with tidy feet and up on her toes, straight front with nice amount of lift and good shaped ribcage. Attractive underline and tidy topline, close coupled well placed rear pads, just the right angle in stifle, low set hocks, nicely set shoulder and upper arm. Good head proportions with maximum strength for me. Moved well and came close in final line


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    • CH Cragails Braw Wooer
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