Abenaki Devil's Delight

Breed : Bull Terrier
10th May 2007 - 30th September 2010

Roxy is a Brindle and white bitch,she was used in the interbreeding program with minature BTs


  • Parents
    • Mistlebrook Causin concern at Kamara
    • EngbullTess Brindle Beauty
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Alecto Kool Barracuda of Kilacabar
    • Mistlebrook Affray
    • Bullydale Master Chips
    • Keisys Brindle Beauty
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Lustyglaze too Hot Too Handle of Kilacabar
    • Minffordd Emerald Isle of Kilacabar
    • Ch Majico Midnight Sun
    • Boarean Breen at Mistlebrook
    • Ch Kenzes prince of Darkness at Denpower
    • Bullydale Eye of The Storm
    • Bitter Sweet Lad
    • Gwyntarw Rock Solid
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Flashpoint Inferno at Kilacabar
    • Bullyview Dancer
    • Cwndulais Flash Harry
    • Minffordd Snow Queen
    • Ch Majico Munro
    • Majico Mrs Bumble
    • Gambull Beggars Banquet
    • Gladeye Blonde Bombshell
    • Ch Hillanvale Snow King of Denpower
    • Lady Daisy of Essaitch
    • Ch Flashpoint Inferno at Kilacabar
    • Siren of The Sea at Bullydale
    • Starays Twist and Shout at Bullyview
    • Diton Desdamona
    • Ch Ceridwen Gold Coin
    • Gwyntarw Summer Fruit