The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain

Hon Secretary
Rachel Tredwell

Phone : 01568 708066

Puppy Registrar
Mrs Chris Vincent

Phone : 01564 777753

Established 1952

For information on Rhodesian Ridgebacks or for help in finding a puppy, please contact us as shown. Unfortunately there are too many people who are breeding Ridgebacks for financial gain who do not understand or have the breed's best interests at heart. All of our members adhere to proper breeding practices with an emphasis on improving the breed whilst maintaing the good temperament of the dogs.

We would ask potential buyers to note that Black and Tan puppies (Doberman or Rottweiller colours) DO NOT conform to our breed standard and should be considered a fault. Despite possible assurances from the breeder(s), these puppies will NEVER become the correct colour, cannot be entered into the show ring and should not be bred from.