Finnish Lapphund Club of GB

Irene Green
The Coach House
KA18 2NT
Phone : 01290 700317

The Finnish Lapphund is a lovely breed of medium sized dog, bred to work in extreme conditions by the Sami people in Finland who use these sturdy dogs when herding reindeer. Intelligent, agile, quick to learn, with a even temperament and kind nature this versatile breed is sure to grow in popularity in the UK. A beautilful dog for the showring, enthusiastic for agility and obedience and a wonderful happy disposition for a companion and ideal pet. Should you think the Finnish Lapphund is the dog for you why not join the GB Club and learn more about this super breed from fellow members and enthusiasts. Please contact me for membership forms.
Perhaps you have news about the breed, show results or have puppies due? Let me know and I can put an article in our Newsletter. Maybe you need some breed information? If I dont have the information you are looking for, I can put you in touch with the person who does.