Essex Working Trials Society - 2000

Penny Bann
The Gate House
Crabb's Hill
Hatfield Peverel
Essex CM3 2NZ
Phone : 01245 382661

What is Working Trials?

Working Trials is the civilian equivalent of Police Dog work.

The 'Stakes' you can enter are
Tracking Dog (TD),
Patrol Dog (PD),
Working Dog (WD),
Utility Dog (UD),
Companion Dog (CD) and Veteran.  

All the stakes contain the disciplines of Nosework, Control and Agility and all but the CD round contain 'Tracking' and ONLY the PD stake contains the 'Patrol' round. For further information please go to the Essex Working Trials Society's website Any breed of dog can take part in this sport but the most commonly used breeds are Border Collies, Working Sheep Dogs, German Shepherds and Various types of Gun Dogs. Basically any breed can take part as long as they are capable of using their noses for the tracking and searching sections and are agile enough to get over a 6ft Scale, 9ft Long Jump and 3ft Hurdle, breeds that are under 15 inches and lower at the shoulders have smaller jumps).
There are two levels of Working trials Open Trial and Championship Trials. The open trial stakes have to be gained before you can progress to the Championship level. Once you have qualified at the Championship level you gain the equivalent qualification (Ex : Ex = excellent)