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Wessex Border Collie Club holds two successful breed open shows a year, one in May and one in September. The May show also has a Limitied Obedience show alongside it. The clubs AGM is usually held at the show venue immediately after the close of the May show.
In 2017 Wessex will be hosting Border Collie Of The Year 2016.
There is always a good and friendly atmosphere at the shows with excellent value delicious catering including many delicious home made cakes.
The club holds annual top dogs awards for breed, agility, obedience, fly ball and rally so if you are a member and take part in one or more of these disciplines, please submit your points at the end of the year. Full details on the clubs website.
The clubs breed council reps take their jobs seriously and aim for at least one of them and if possible both of them to attend all breed council meetings and to take an active role in the meetings reporting back to the clubs committee. If you are a member of the club and would like a proposal put forward to the breed council then please contact one of the breed council reps, contact details on the clubs website.