A.S.C.U.K Rescue & Puppy Line

Julie Blackburn

Phone : 0161 718 9285


Established in 1986, the club offers advice on obtaining a puppy from breeders, who only breed from from health tested parents.

All breeders who are members of ASCUK sign to say they agree with the clubs' code of ethics prior to breeding. This is to ensure that only stock that is health tested to the KC/ASCUK requirements is bred from.

ASCUK also offer a rescue / rehoming service for ALL pure bred Australian Shepherds. We offer a nationwide service and are always looking for people to add to our waiting list who feel that a rescue / rehome Aussie may fit into their family.

If you have an Australian Shepherd that you feel needs a new home, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.