Irish Bullmastiff Society

Steven Henley
Cherry Blossoms
Pallasgreen, Co Limerick
Phone : 00353 62 47160

The Irish Bullmastiff Society is a breed specific society with the aims of promoting responsible ownership of bullmastiffs, encouraging sensible and safe breeding in accordance with the breed standard, promoting the exhibiting of bullmastiffs at shows and providing a source of accurate and honest information for existing or prospective bullmastiff owners.

The Society was established in February 2002. Each new member receives a Welcome Booklet which includes general breed and show information as well as Society specific details. Newsletters are produced twice yearly and it is hoped to start running information seminars and breed shows from 2003.

An information pack which is a general introduction to the breed for prospective bullmastiffs owners has been produced by the society and is available from the society secretary to anyone who is interested.

Our membership is growing continuously and your support would be most welcome the more the merrier !.

Please give some consideration to joining and if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Society Secretary,