Large Munsterlander Club

Michele Day
Alfriston House,
North Road
Gedney Hill
PE12 0NX
Phone : 01406 330160

The Large Munsterlander Club was formed in the mid 1970's by a small band of enthusiasts who wanted to promote the true versatility of the breed. Since then, registrations and membership numbers have steadily increased. Still not as commonly found as some other HPR breeds the Large Munsterlander nevertheless is an "all round gundog", keen, alert, intelligent with a distinct love of water-the dirtier the better!

Munsters are now proving that they can compete in agility, flyball, obedience too as well as being much loved pets and striking showdogs.

Not a breed for the couch potato or those unwilling to get the waterproofs out on rainy days. The Large Munsterlander loves life and wants you to love life with them!

A good breed with kids, they can however sometimes be a bit boisterous or "vocal". Reared with cats and small mammals, they shouldn't cause any problems.