Independent Weimaraner Rescue & Re-homing Service

Jean Fairlie

Phone : 01436 820478
Fax : 01436 820333

Mrs Avril Aiken

Phone : 01772 786885
Fax : 01772 786885

Weimaraner Rescue

For the name and contact details of your nearest Area Officer, please get in touch with either of the above.
The Independent Weimaraner Rescue & Re-Homing Service, Charity Number SC024308, operates UK wide re-housing and operating a helpline for existing owners. ALL new homes are checked and ALL dogs are assessed prior to re-homing by an experienced Weimaraner person.
We do NOT:-
Rehouse dogs which have previously bitten.
Rehouse dogs with young children unless they have already lived HAPPILY with them.
Rehouse dogs with cats unless already used to them.
Give out Registration papers/pedigrees.
Allow previous owners & new owners to meet or have contact.