British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club

Merete West-Hansen
28 Waterloo
BA11 3JB


The British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club was established in 2006 to ensure owners and devotees of the Rottweiler breed in the UK were given the opportunity to partake in breeding and evaluation programmes based on those tried and proven by the founders of the Rottweiler breed - the ADRK in Germany - and used throughout the world.

For years British Rottweiler owners have spoken about the need for working/breed tests which are used by many other countries to assess and evaluate the breed worthiness of their dogs. These working tests are prerequisites for any registered breeding within the ADRK and other organizations and are widely credited with the maintenance of true Rottweiler character and working ability which is still evident in its country of origin. Although still largely misunderstood by many in the UK, the safety, quality and effectiveness of these programmes has stood the test of time for around 100 years, and the decision was taken to form a separate body to instigate and implement the necessary programmes desired by so many devotees of the breed in this country.

In addition, members have interests in working trials, obedience and other sports to provide an umbrella for the 'working rottweiler'.

The BRSDC do not see themselves as an alternative organisation, but hopefully will be able to work in harmony with the Rottweiler breed clubs and dog sports organisations in the UK, whose support is sought and welcomed.