Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier picture


The Breed was created around the mid 1800s the first recorded dog was "old tip" around 1866. They where then developed for hunting etc.

Wires came into their own around 1916 when The Duchess of Newcastle took them under her wing and developed them for exhibition along with Col Phipps circa 1923.

From then on they became a very popular breed indeed.


Devoted to their family and owners, they are Loyal and fun to be with, in fact they are in their element with a family.

Two of the same sex must never be kept together as they will fight if unsupervised. They can be fiery when confronted, but in no way aggressive unless provoked!

Remember they are Hunting dogs first and foremost, this manifests itself in digging your best flower beds up and chasing the local cat population.

They can be bouncing round one minute and curled up on the sofa the next. As long as they have regular exercise and attention they are happy in town or country.

Easy to look after and keep tidy, the coat can be hand stripped or clipped.

If you considering a wire then remember they cannot be left alone for long periods or they will become noisy or at worst destructive, they crave human companionship and if given that will repay you with unreserved love and devotion.


There are no records of any real health problems save the odd "old age problem".

They are generally long lived and healthy breed ( around 12-14 yrs ). When Purchasing a puppy or older one please ask if they have been health checked by the breeders vet.