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The Weimaraner was first bred by the Royal court in Germany in the WeimarValley. They were prized hunting dogs of Duke Karl August. The dog's earliest origins are still a mystery although many people have given thoughts as to how they came about. A Van Dyck painting from the early 1600's shows a dog that bears distinct likeness's to the Weimaraner though it is difficult to prove if they are related.

The Weimaraner was used for hunting, tracking and for large game. The Weimaraner is in the gundog group in the UK. It is widely used for rough shooting. They are part of the HPR breed and this means they are able to hunt the animal, point the animal and once shot retrieve the animal. Where as other breeds just retrieve e.g. Retrievers.


The Weimaraner is the largest and most powerful dog in the gundog group. Their nature is stubborn and wilful; they can ignore their owners if they wish. Therefore training is needed with this breed.

Every pedigree dog has a breed standard set out by the Kennel club and breed clubs. This is what makes each breed individual and a pedigree dog. This includes Size, colour, characteristics etc...

Training early on to teach your dog about other breeds of dog is very important. Puppy class's for social skills. As the breed is intelligent and needs mental stimulation he makes a good dog to do activities with. He is a dog that needs firm handling, he is no fool, and he will work well for rewards. Give him something to work for and he will do it. You must be pack leader with this breed. This breed should not be brought with the view of a guard dog.

He needs off lead exercise every single day. He needs to free run and burn off energy and for mental stimulation. It is also important to have a trained dog so he comes back to you.

This breed can suffer from separation problems from his owner. He should not be brought by anyone that is working full time and can not commit to this breed. He will destroy your house. Crate training is a good option with this puppy. He is a dog that requires human contact, and although he can be put in kennels, he does better in a home environment. Everyone should know that this breed is re-known for eating and scavenging anything and I do not mean food. Dish cloths, tea towels, underwear, and kid's toys, plastic, the list is endless.

Always insure your Weimaraner. If you do not you could have a hefty veterinary bill.

There are two coat types the Short hair and the Long Hair.


The Weimaraner is considered a very fit dog. Although as with every breed of dog there are health problems. We must remember dog's life is a short life. The Weimaraner lives to approx 13 years of age. Therefore old age accelerates many health problems from 8-10 years onwards.

The only Kennel club accredited breeder scheme health test required for the breed is Hip Dysplasia. This does not mean this is the only health problem in the breed.

Eye problems such as Distichiasis and entropion are seen in the breed.

Bloat is a condition seen in large deep chested breeds of dog. The stomach bloats and you can get gastric torsion. This is life threatening and veterinary attention must be sought immediately.

Nails need regular trimming. Ears need cleaning and teeth should be checked on a regular basis.

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