Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund picture


Swedish Vallhunds are a spitz breed used as multi-purpose farm dogs. Vastgotaspets as they are known in Sweden literally translates as spitz dog of the west goths. Originating from Vastergoterland in west Sweden legend has it that they were the original dogs of the Vikings. Bones dating from the medieval age have been found of a dog of similar size and shape to that of a vallhund.

Swedish Vallhunds today still live up to their original multi-purpose origin with people enjoying different activities with them including agility, obedience, showing, herding and search & rescue.


Swedish Vallhunds are fun to live with as they are lively and intelligent. It is not uncommon for owners to find themselves doing things because their vallhund has trained them to!

They are double coated and need grooming especially when they moult twice a year – when you will be able to create another dog. However on the good side it hoovers well and they don’t need brushing every day!

Reasonable amounts of exercise are a good idea but they will live easily in the town or country being happy to walk in either.

Vallhunds are best when they are well socialised and trained. They love being taught new things and having their brains occupied. They enjoy being part of the family and generally like to be in the middle of whatever you are up to.

Vallhunds can be noisy as they are watch dogs. The up side to this is that you always know when there is someone at the door or something going on around your home.

Vallhunds are a great companion they will go all day if you want them to and lie down when you sit and watch TV. They all have their own big personalities and you will never find two the same – maybe it is for this reason that they are often called ‘big’ dogs in a smaller body. Certainly it can be said that they are solid stocky dogs and their strength is surprising. Vallhunds travel well and will enjoy going on holiday with you or venturing out for the day.

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