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  • Da Vincis Code Breaker
    Health Tested

    Alfie is a proven sire and is L2-HGA and HC clear
    he has also been eye tested and is PHPV/HC clear.

    2009 & 2010 Crufts qualified

    He is black bridle with an excellent pedigree, has good bone, with a strong head, and a short coupled body.
    You can see some of alfie's critiques on the results

    Alfie will be available at stud to approved health tested kc registered bitches only.

  • Int Ch Crossguns Make My Day
    Domaine Des Alunts
    Health Tested

    international great champion crossgun make my day our black stud dog breed record guest at cruft for life italian champion ib champion recomanded at stud elite A and much more only stud now with our black or blue bitches from the very best the best blue blood

  • Caymenstaffs Ka Ser Ra Ser Ra
    South Wales
    Health Tested

    introduceing our new litle girl wallice who we line bred, walllice is l2 & h.c. clear from birth, hopefully wallice can follow in mum (khandi) & granmother (charlie's) footsteps & have a great show career, wallice will be shown at end on this year 2011,wallice has only been show slightly but had done realy well and is a great example of the breed standard, she has a fantastic temprament and great pedigree wallice is pphv & ppsc unaffected

  • Bellerophon Bash Brannigan at Boydslass
    Health Tested

    Sire- Ch Stormpike Dark Lord
    Dam-Tiabo Velvet Kiss of Bellerophon

    Brannigan is the repeat mating of Ch Bellerophon Bevin Boy

  • Sharoc Espirit Santos From Countrylodge
    Health Tested



    SHAROC ESPIRIT SANTOS FROM COUNTRYLODGE (TROY) is a Standard size dog and he's also beautifully balanced.

    ***** L2 & HC 'CLEAR' *****

    He has a nice masculine body shape and he's very well muscled as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier male should be.

    He has a Wonderful Temperament and he is also Very Intelligent.

    TROY is producing Top Quality Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    Have a look at the link .... (click to read more)

  • Cwmcalon Bound for The Glory
    Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
    Las Palmas

    handsome guy with lots of character. fixed many things in reproduction

  • Siamstaffs New Moon at Druidhawk
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    L2-HGA & HC clear, PHPV & HC unaffected.

    ***Crufts qualified 2013 & 2014.****

    Max is a black brindle dog with a a loveley temperament. He is a much loved pet and is a pleasure to live with.

    His show career started in October 2012 and he qualified for crufts in his first championship show.

    Since then we have shown him on a regular basis and in the 40 shows he has been entered he has been placed 37 times.

    We love him so much and we are very proud of our boy.

    He is available at stud to approved KC registered, L2-HGA and HC clear bitches only. .... (click to read more)

  • Challimers Invinceable
    Health Tested

    Marley is a very laid back stafford, he is L2HGA and HC clear by birth

  • Jolihem Jeremy

    Will be shown in 2011 by Mathew and Vicki Green
    Brindle & white.
    Son of Jolihem The Image Man
    M-line bred superior pedigree containing the best of South African - Tenacious; Continental - Bullyhouse; & UK stock.
    Grandson of Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem (Imp France) by Int Ch. Bullyhouse McTavish x Jolihem Joan of Bark from the unbroken line of Champion sires from Brindle Mick through Ch. Tenacious Honest Oscar, Ch. Domino Flashy Lad, Ch. Nordic Chief, Ch. Rogue Saga.
    Line bred to Ch Jolihem Ringmaster and Ch Jolihem Dreadnought.
    Bred for true temperament athleticism and .... (click to read more)

  • Maxsta Loud N'Proud JW ShCM
    Health Tested

    Kobi is a Black/Brindle standard dog. Line bred with an excellent pedigree. Great temperament and health tested. He has many class wins at all levels. Including BP, BPD, BOSP, RBOB, BOB, RBPIS at open level.
    BPD at Bournemoth Championship show 2009.
    Qualified for Crufts 2010 at Windsor Championship show 09.
    Kobi gained his Junior Warrent/ Stud book number at 11 months. ShCM February 2011.
    Currently shown at Open and Championship level.
    HC & L2-HGA Hereditary clear.
    PHPV/ HC Unaffected.
    PPSC Clear.

  • Stafftastic Saturn Starr
    Health Tested

    STAFFTASTIC is approved KCAB
    The Kennel club assured breeders scheme

    Updated Health tested. done this year
    So come have look for yourself at
    Samson he's powerful solid RED (with no white) Samson was homebred by us for purpose hopefully to be shown,he has been lightly shown and held his ground with some good results (we love him):-)

    A1 health ,good bone & balance, A1 Temperament he loves people & is dog friendly , he will be available to health tested bitches

    Samson is PROVEN & ready and willing to serve health .... (click to read more)

  • Skyland Detonator
    E. Yorks
    Health Tested

    Skyland Detonator aka Tayor is at stud to health tested bitchs only.
    Taylor is L-2, HC clear at birth and PHPV Clear.

  • Seabull Crimson Tide of Canakey
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    Introducing Jerry, A stunning standard sized dog of excellent pedigree. Strong boned, well muscled, extremely fit and healthy. He is a deep rich red with white blaze having excellent pigmentation, black masked, lovely dark eyes and a level top line. He has a neat mouth, tight lipped with strong teeth and a perfect bite.

    Although shown early on, with very promising results, Jerry is first and formost a loved, family pet. Living indoors with us. He has an excellent temprement, is very intelligent and is properly excercised.

    Now available at stud to health tested bitches .... (click to read more)

  • Kirniastaff Sergeant Mayja
    Health Tested

    Scooby is L2-HGA & HC Clear by birth and holds a current clear phpv & ppsc certificate.

  • Rowellstaff Crimson Duke
    Health Tested

    Ajax has been a fantastic show dog and has produce some cracking pups here in the UK and in Australia and France.
    L2/HC Clear HC/PVHC Clear
    At Stud to tested bitches
    Ajax`s daughter in Australia has become a champion

  • Cragails Iron Mike JW
    Mid Glamorgan
    Health Tested

    Cragails Iron Mike JW available at stud:
    PHPV HC unaffected, L2 Clear, and HC Clear

    Qualified for crufts for life, gained his Junior Warrant (stud book # ) at just 10 months of age.

    Consistently placed at all levels, excellent temperament, solid bone and level topline.

    All breeding enquiries are welcome, we promise to respond.

  • Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem (Imp Fra)
    Health Tested

    Red. M-line bred superior pedigree containing the best of South African (Tenacious), Continental (Bullyhouse) & UK stock.
    Carrying the unbroken line of Champion sires from Brindle Mick (sire of the first Champion in the breed).
    All the stock in photo 2 are by Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem.
    Jolihem Hell Boy (R&W dog) (Dam: J. Fearless Jo)
    Jolihem Constellation (Red, black mask - bitch) (Dam: J. Study in Scarlet)
    Oozzoo Royal Lagy Gloria of Jolihem (Red bitch) (Dam: J. Myth Maker)
    Jolihem Scarlet Ice Dragon (Dark red, black mask) (Dam: J. Hell Fire)
    Last hear he sired .... (click to read more)

  • Noirstaff Blue Bolt
    Domaine Des Alunts
    Health Tested

    Our boy flash(out of parbeau suited and booted and noirstaff incantatio)is the start of a new blue blood line
    Dna test results are as fellows l2hg2is hereditary clear and hc1 is hereditary clear as well
    Flash is a fantastic quality show dog deep blue in color coming out of 2 black parents so he is solid blue no brindle at all dark eyes with perfect pigmentation perfect teeth a nice short nuzzlz true to type beautifull rose bud ears very strong bones short and stocky. He is now available for studsperm tested (exelent quality) and frozen sperm available for all contryies .... (click to read more)

  • Baileys Blazin
    Health Tested

    This is baileys blazin a 2 year old Dark Brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He has a great temparment, Brilliant with children and a very loving family pet. Bailey is up to date with all vaccinations.
    L-2HGA Hereditarily Clear
    HC-HSF4 Hereditarily Clear
    he sired by ch valglo casanova at crossguns.

  • Jajca Phoenix From The Flame
    Health Tested

    L2HGA & HC Clear
    Available for STUD