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  • Michways Dream Believer
    Merthyr Tydfil
    Mid Glam
    Health Tested

    Jay is proven and has sired healthy puppies, strong boned. One of his puppies is now a big winning bitch {michways shes the one with mishdar jw}

    stud book number and is Crufts qualified for life.
    Consistently placed at all levels, excellent temperament, solid bone
    Jay has been tested for HC and L2-HGA and is clear.

  • Elitebulls Heartbreaker for Regalbull JW
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    H joined our family early December '12. He is a very placid boy and likes to take the 'laid back' approach to life!
    H has recently started his show career and is doing fantastically well. He has qualified for Crufts 2014 and constantly places highly at all levels of show. We are so proud of this little boy and adore the bones of him.

    H has gained the last of his points towards his Junior Warrant at Windsor Champ Show, at the young age of 8 months & 3 weeks! This means he now has a stud book number and has qualified for Crufts for Life! We are so proud of his achievements in the .... (click to read more)

  • Naughty Noris at Ginstean
    Health Tested

    naughty noris at ginstean (noris) is a dog that we bred and is a pleasure to own he has been shown lightly by my friend julie of caymenstaffs and been placed at all levels qualifying for crufts 2007 he has won many best puppy in breed and also had a puppy group winnings he is l2 and hc clear he is proven and available for stud to l2 and hc clear bitches only

  • Jagsstaff Simply Red
    Health Tested

    Jagsstaff Simply Red

    DNA- Clear PHPV/HC- Clear
    Eye Tested - Clear

    Jagsstaff Simply Red is a well boned powerhouse of a dog. Standing 16 1/2 inches and has a dark mask and eyes.

  • Crashkon No Stoppin Me Now at Tagstane
    West Lothian
    Health Tested

    Beau is our show dog. We have been showing him since he was 6mths old. He loves the show-ring and he has been consistantly placed at limit, open & championship show level. He also has his Kennel Club Stud Book Number and 2 RCC. Beau is L2-HGA/HC Clear, PHPV unaffected and Crufts qualified. He is full of character and charm and we are looking forward to showing him for years to come.

  • Berlscarg Mr Glenmorangie
    West Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Guinness has a fantastic pedigree which his sire is the breed record holder ch valglo casanova at crossguns.

    He is l-2-hga and hc clear from birth.

  • Hammystaff Heaven Sent ShCM
    Seabull Staffords
    Health Tested

    Ronni has been shown at all levels and is crufts qualified for life, he is L2 clear, Hc clear and phpv clear.
    He is a proven stud dog producing
    3 champions two of which are uk
    Champion Canakey Sweet Pea
    Champion Blazinstaff Blazin
    Champion Hammystaff Heaven can
    He also has several other offspring doing well in the show ring.
    He is available at stud to L2 clear, Hc clear, eye tested clear bitches, certificates will be required
    Ronni has a beautiful nature and has been fed a natural diet and been kept in peak condition he is .... (click to read more)

  • Ginstean Cracker Jac
    Health Tested

    Ziggy as he is better known is a very handsome boy of black brindle/white and is full of character he is l2 and hc clear by birth

  • Manark Dark Destroyer
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    Archie is our second generation of breeding these lines and is a very good example of the breed standared.

  • Mishdar Time To Shine ShCM
    Merthyr Tydfil
    Mid Glam
    Health Tested

    Dylan is 15 and half inches at the shoulder and at stud to hc/phpv unaffected bitches. A standard sized dog. Sireing good bone and healthy puppys. A good honest dog

    Consistently placed at all levels, excellent temperament, solid bone.

    Dylan his l2-hga + hc clear

  • Valglo Kryptonite
    Health Tested

    Valglo Kryptonite comes from a family of champions.He is a beautiful solid black, short and stock Staffordshire bull terrier Carrying a blue gene. By far he is the ultimate black Staffordshire bull terrier, this boy is true show quality as you would expect coming from the legendary Valglo Kennels.

    He is a very well bred boy by Valglo Kennels, so his temperament is fantastic which is very important he gets on with all dogs and lives in a family home so always around children.

    We are taking this stunning boy to shows as he is breathtaking. He is without doubt a credit to the .... (click to read more)

  • Challimers Invinceable
    Health Tested

    Marley is a very laid back stafford, he is L2HGA and HC clear by birth

  • Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem (Imp Fra)
    Health Tested

    Red. M-line bred superior pedigree containing the best of South African (Tenacious), Continental (Bullyhouse) & UK stock.
    Carrying the unbroken line of Champion sires from Brindle Mick (sire of the first Champion in the breed).
    All the stock in photo 2 are by Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem.
    Jolihem Hell Boy (R&W dog) (Dam: J. Fearless Jo)
    Jolihem Constellation (Red, black mask - bitch) (Dam: J. Study in Scarlet)
    Oozzoo Royal Lagy Gloria of Jolihem (Red bitch) (Dam: J. Myth Maker)
    Jolihem Scarlet Ice Dragon (Dark red, black mask) (Dam: J. Hell Fire)
    Last hear he sired .... (click to read more)

  • Ringerike Make My Day
    Capelle Aan Den Ijssel

    Sparky is a very Standard dog, 16 inches and 17,5 kilo's

    L2-HGA Clear
    HC Clear
    PHPV Unaffected
    ED Free
    Patella Luxatie Free

    Sparky sired a lot pied puppys

  • Skyland Detonator
    E. Yorks
    Health Tested

    Skyland Detonator aka Tayor is at stud to health tested bitchs only.
    Taylor is L-2, HC clear at birth and PHPV Clear.

  • Bright Lightning Boy at Kippastaff
    Health Tested

    This is bright lightning boy at kippastaff,,,or basil as we call him,a real powerhouse of a dog, these pictures show him at 14 months old,,he has a fantastic head ,,,he has superb muscle a real headturner and eyecatcher, he does well in the show ring,and produces puppies with show potential for others.
    sire is subaron crackerjack crashkon lines,,,,dam,,secret lili a daughter of silver zella,,,,,,he produces good size litters.he is a very well mannered dog,and not to lively with bitches he is put too.

  • Jagsstaff The Fisherking
    Health Tested

    Jagsstaff The Fisherking

    DNA - Clear PHPV/HC - Clear
    Eye Test - Clear

    Jagsstaff the Fisherking is a Red & white dog. He is a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has a lovely head with strength to his under jaw and depth to his skull. Strongly muzzled with a dark mask he has a good bite, nice sized teeth and tight lips. Small, rose, ears and the darkest of eyes for a red which gives him a very expressive look. His powerful neck melds into very good shoulders and a straight boned front with nice feet. Well boned he possesses a deep and wide fore chest and a barrelled rib. .... (click to read more)

  • Emperorstaff Hayabusa at Passernomen
    West Yorkshire
    North England
    Health Tested

    Only L2-Hga & HC genetically clear bitches need apply. Bitches will also need to be PHPV Unaffected.

  • Jolihem The Image Man
    Health Tested

    Bert was shown as a young dog and did quite well, wining many BoB's.
    He has hardly been used at stud, but has produced several top winning exhibits, including...
    Blazinstaff Red Ember at Lagdonstaff
    Blazinstaff Revelation
    Blazinstaff Temptation
    Daisy Daisy
    Summer Flames at Blazinstaff (CC winner)
    He is one of the last remaining son's of Ch Domino Flashy Lad (the one time breed CC record holder). He carries the unbroken line of Champion Sires on both his Sire & his Dam's side... Use him or loose him!!!
    Available at limited stud to suitably bred bitches.
    Sperm .... (click to read more)

  • Cragails Iron Mike JW
    Mid Glamorgan
    Health Tested

    Cragails Iron Mike JW available at stud:
    PHPV HC unaffected, L2 Clear, and HC Clear

    Qualified for crufts for life, gained his Junior Warrant (stud book # ) at just 10 months of age.

    Consistently placed at all levels, excellent temperament, solid bone and level topline.

    All breeding enquiries are welcome, we promise to respond.