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  • Perfect Storm Longhill
    Lower Austria

    Stormy is our clown :)
    He always wants to play and cuddle.

    He has very nice markings!

    Health tests will follow soon

  • Mister Silverstarlight
    Hemel Hempstead
    Health Tested

    Mister Silverstarlight AKA Digger I am son off Vaglo Singin the Blues.Standing 16 inches to the withers and 19 kilos of solid muscle.I am lean and athletic type and very powerful also very loving and gentle. I've just started showing so watch this space!! available for stud fully health tested.Love everyone man or beast. see my gallery . he has a long line of champions in his line. kc reg and health tested bitches only

  • Caymenstaffs Carlos Way
    South Wales
    Health Tested

    carlo is l2 & h.c.clear from birth & phpv & ppsc unaffected has all up to date eys tests he is available only to health tested clear bitches with current certificates, carlo is a fine example of the breed standard has a fantastic temperament and great pedigree, carlo has only been show slightly over the last year but has done exceptional well gaining his stud book number had 1st in junior & a c.c.& best of breed at richmond champ show 1st in junior & a r.c.c at paignton also 1st in puppy class & top puppy dog at birmingham & 1st in limit class aswell as the c.c & best of breed at blackpool .... (click to read more)

  • Siamstaffs New Moon at Druidhawk
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    L2-HGA & HC clear, PHPV & HC unaffected.

    ***Crufts qualified 2013 & 2014.****

    Max is a black brindle dog with a a loveley temperament. He is a much loved pet and is a pleasure to live with.

    His show career started in October 2012 and he qualified for crufts in his first championship show.

    Since then we have shown him on a regular basis and in the 40 shows he has been entered he has been placed 37 times.

    We love him so much and we are very proud of our boy.

    He is available at stud to approved KC registered, L2-HGA and HC clear bitches only. .... (click to read more)

  • Biggleswick Devils Brew
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    I have owned staffies for 22yrs,and hold the affix BIGGLESWICK,have sucessfully shown his litter sister and his daughter who has 1CC,his half brother also has a RCC,Zak is a standard sized red and white dog with an superb friendly temperement he is a proven sire who`s progeny is doing well in the show ring, he is L2-HGA,and HC,phpv clear,and is available at stud to L2-HGA and Hereditary Cataract and phpv tested clear bitch`s only.I also own Lowchens (little lion dog)which i have bred and shown sucessfully under the biggleswick affix.

  • Ch Foxstaff Postive Magic at Cwmcalon
    Health Tested

    Sire) CH Carnig Positive Profile.... dam) mimcol darkest destiny via foxstaff.. Ice is a outstanding qualiy black brindle dog, he has a excelent pedigree. and he is a proven stud dog. L2-HGA/HC clear. Now at approved and clear bitches only...Ice have gained his stud book number and RCC.....all on The same day... way to go ice.......
    Ice as now got his 4 CC...... 3 Rcc .......well done my boy..............


  • Pureonic I Am Legend
    South West
    Health Tested


    Pureonic I Am Legend - Bruce is one of only 2 blue studs that are champion sired in the uk and he is the only champion sired blue to have 30 champions. He is also the half brother to czech champion Ninevah Blue Bomber and the grandson to the breed record holder - Champion Valglo Cassanova At Crossguns - winning crufts 3 times, holding 40ccs with only 3ccs necersary to become a champion. Bruce carry`s 30 champions in his 5 generation pedigree and stands at 14" to the shoulder. Bruce is an excellent quality show standard dog with no .... (click to read more)

  • Rubericla Black Starscream
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Rubericla Black Starscream

    **Available at Stud to health tested, clear Bitches**

    Tye is doing fantastic in the show ring, he is consistently placed, gaining his 1st RCC and Stud book number at just 10 months old and got his 2nd RCC at 15 months old.

    He is a quality black brindle with a great personality coming from a line of very well known Champion Stafford's. He has a fantastic temperament being very intelligent and very loving.
    He as a well defined head-shape, neat ears, correct mouth and a gorgeous expression. He is a standard size, is well constructed and has .... (click to read more)

  • Ch Eastbull Armani
    Health Tested

    Ch. San marino
    Ch. Montenegro
    Jch. Italiano
    L 2hga e hc clear

  • Jagsstaff Sandy Man
    Health Tested

    Jagsstaff Sandy Man

    DNA - Clear PHPV/HC - Clear
    Eye tested -clear
    Top size dog, plenty of bone and of good temperament. Brother of CH/IRCH Jagsstaff The Red Cibe, Sire of Jagsstaff the Fisherking.

  • Intuition of Sephiroth
    Of Sephiroth

    Frodo has been selectively bred through the years from the best bloodlines.
    Frodo is a very beautiful deepred with great temper, very agile,playful and will to please.
    L2HGA and HC genetically Clear and
    DNA Parent Tested

  • Mishdar Time To Shine ShCM
    Merthyr Tydfil
    Mid Glam
    Health Tested

    Dylan is 15 and half inches at the shoulder and at stud to hc/phpv unaffected bitches. A standard sized dog. Sireing good bone and healthy puppys. A good honest dog

    Consistently placed at all levels, excellent temperament, solid bone.

    Dylan his l2-hga + hc clear

  • Boydslass Navigator
    Health Tested

    Stan Has only been show lighty but is doing very well, He is availible at stud to health tested bitches.

  • Pendlestaff Firestorm
    Health Tested

    L2 & hc clear by birth

  • Dynamites Bootstrap Bill
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    shaddow is now up for stud he has an excerlent temperment he stands at 13 inches hes also the son of valglo neptune shaddow also carries the blue gene he has sierd a litter of blue and another litter due shaddow has excerlent papers with newmores champions all vaccienations are upto datee and hes l-2hga clear and hc-hsf4 hereditarily clear

  • Dazmarnic Two Socks From Countrylodge
    Nr Tenby
    Health Tested

    Dazmarnic Two Socks From Countrylodge (Ralph) has a
    Lovely Temperament and he is very Strong, Fit & Healthy.

    Ralph is PROVEN AT STUD.

    Excellent Temperaments & Good Health is what's most important to me.

    If your interested in using Ralph 'At Stud' please E mail

  • Crossguns Gossip Girl
    Health Tested

  • Seabull Crimson Tide of Canakey
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    Introducing Jerry, A stunning standard sized dog of excellent pedigree. Strong boned, well muscled, extremely fit and healthy. He is a deep rich red with white blaze having excellent pigmentation, black masked, lovely dark eyes and a level top line. He has a neat mouth, tight lipped with strong teeth and a perfect bite.

    Although shown early on, with very promising results, Jerry is first and formost a loved, family pet. Living indoors with us. He has an excellent temprement, is very intelligent and is properly excercised.

    Now available at stud to health tested bitches .... (click to read more)

  • Jajca Phoenix From The Flame
    Health Tested

    L2HGA & HC Clear
    Available for STUD

  • Ch Gladiator Blade
    Health Tested

    Ch. Croato
    Ch. Georgia
    Ch. Sanmarino
    L.2.Hga and hc clear