Sloughi picture


The Sloughi is an ancient sighthound belonging to the Bedouins, originating from North Africa, mainly Morocco, Algeria and Libiya.

The Sloughi’s original purpose was to hunt game in the desert such as hare, gazelle and even jackal. They also play a vital role in guarding the Bedouin camps.


The Sloughi is gentle, affectionate and extremely loyal to his owners and family members but is aloof with strangers. When rearing from a puppy, they bond very strongly and quickly to their new owners and can become very dependable on them if proper socialising is not done.

Sloughis can be very demanding and strong willed, so a certain amount of sighthound experience would be an advantage.

They come in a range of different colours from light sand/cream to very deep red sand with this they can have dark masks or no mask. They also can be sand/brindle with a black overlay aka Black Mantle. They can also be brindle.


Sloughi’s are usually required to be tested against the eye hereditary, blinding disorder PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). When purchasing a puppy, certificates should be given upon request to certify both parents clear.

Sloughis are also subject to some cancers, research is currently being done into this.