Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier picture


Descended from the working terriers of the Highlands of Scotland, the Scottish Terrier, is also known as the Aberdeen Terrier. The breed was established in 1880.

The Scottie enjoyed great popularity throughout the world up to the time of the Second World War and remains the only choice of pet for his devoted band of owners who appreciate his unique blend of character and devotion.


They are a sturdy, muscular, short legged dog with a long head, neat pointed ears and trademark beard and eyebrows. A tapering, moderate length tail is carried erect.

The colours can be wheaten or brindle but black predominates in the hard, dense, wiry coat. Scotties are a trimmed breed - their coats may be maintained by hand stripping but most pets benefit from regular brushing and a visit to a groomer several times a year for a short back and sides.

The Scottie is a vigilant and loyal companion, surprisingly less prone to barking than most terriers, except in the course of duty!

When brought up properly he is a great family dog, excellent with children and equally happy to play or help with the gardening. Scotties are no one's fools and can be self-willed and stubborn.


The breed has no inherited health problems and a good life span, 12-15 years is not uncommon.

He is a robust and roguish best friend.