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The Samoyed Breed takes it’s name from a group of Nomadic People of Finnic origin. Collectively known as the Samoyeds. These tribes people lived in North Russia in the and which lay between the white sea and Yenisei in Western Siberia. The Dogs of the Samoyed people lived close to them. There was an intensely close relationship between the tribes people and the Samoyed.

The Samoyeds were used to herd the reindeer and also used to pull canoes along the riverside, as well as sledges. It is said the tribes people used to have the Samoyeds sleep in the children’s sleeping bags to keep the children warm.

The explorer Nansen the Norwegian in 1893 was the first person to use Samoyeds for pulling heavy loads. Nansen discovered the Samoyed to be a gentle, loving dog; independently minded and almost human.

In 1904 Mr Kilburn-Scott brought the First Samoyed to England to join the Kilburn-Scott Kennel. His Name being “Artic Buck”.


The Samoyed is a friendly affectionate dog, of sound temperament to all man-kind. He is an excellent companion, very intelligent and also very child friendly; he loves children and acts like one himself.

He enjoys being part of the family and joining in all family activities. He can also be a little stubborn and at times have selective hearing. He can be inclined to pull on a lead; this is in his nature, with good training it can help to correct this. He is also inclined to chew things when teething or if he gets bored.

He is also an excellent watch dog and he misses nothing. He is an excellent gardener and loves digging holes if left unattended. He loves human company and always rewards you with that lovely smile; the sign of a happy Samoyed.

All in all he makes an excellent family member.


Samoyeds are mainly a healthy breed.

You can health test a Samoyed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Eyes have been a problem in older Samoyeds like all breeds.

A Samoyed has a double coat, a soft cotton wool coat next to the skin and a outer harsh longer weatherproof coat. The inner coat is shed in spring. This is a time the Samoyed must be brushed well and bathed, to remove all the loose hair or it could cause skin problems. This is called out of coat. The dog looses his coat once a year the and the bitch looses it twice or after her season. Samoyeds do need regular grooming and Exercise.

The Samoyed lives between 12 - 15years. A Samoyed is a thing of beauty and a joy for ever.

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