Rough Collie

Rough Collie picture


The Rough Collie origin is uncertain but believed to stem from the Anglo-Saxon period (The word Col meant black and that the dogs were named after the black face sheep found mainly in Scotland.

More recently than that infusions of different blood was introduced to try to enrich the tan and the sable colour(possibly Irish setter) and the borzoi to lengthen the head. These crosses fortunately no longer occur.

As a show dog the first non sporting class for sheepdogs was in 1860.This class was to include bob tails and other herding types.In 1895 The breed became permanently known as the rough collie.


The Rough collie makes an ideal family dog of medium size, has a great sense of loyalty and desire to please. Extremely affectionate and intelligent and seems to have telepathic powers. Not always ready to greet strangers but needs time to accept and think first. They have a unique personality but once owned will never want to be without one. A sensitive breed that doesn't like to be told off , responds well to training with kindness. The rewards and companionship is outstanding. The owner needs to be very aware that this breed require regular grooming to keep the large and glamorous coat in top condition. the dogs generally(if started at an early age) love the attention and will look forward to its grooming sessions. Due to their good and gentle temperament the Rough Collie can be used as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog and are easily trained and enjoy agility activities.


General health is good though some seem to be prone to tummy upsets usually food is the cause.

The breeds main very complex inherited problems are Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) For which puppies can be screened prior to sale. This is unique to the collie varieties.

PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy. (progressive blindness in simple terms) diagnoses can vary from eight months to eight years.(this is seen in other breeds also.)