Pumi picture


The Pumi came into being in the 17th/18th century in Hungary by cross breeding the native Puli with imported German and French dogs of terrier type with prick ears.

It has been recognised as an independent breed since the 20th century.


The Pumi is a cheerful medium sized herding dog of terrier type. His terrier characteristic is most obvious in his head. The fore face is elongated and the upper third of the otherwise prick ears bend forward. The conformation is square. He has constant alertness, which means his neck carriage is higher than normal. He has a wavy coat of medium length The Pumi comes in a variety of colours but the colour must always be solid. Some trimming for the show ring is required.

The Pumi is a lively active dog with a restless temperament. He is bold and suspicious of strangers. His expressive head attracts attention wherever he goes. He can be noisy if not kept occupied and his whole appearance embodies a thirst for action: his whole body is constantly on the move. He can be trained in agility and to herding trials. He is happy to live in a family home and his antics make him fun to live with.