Portuguese Water Dog Breeders

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  • Rarjo
    Rachael Reddin
    Current Health Tests

    We have owned PWD for more than 30 years and we pride ourselves in breeding for type, health and great temperaments always quality not quantaty. All available health tests for this breed are undertaken.

    Our dogs live in our family home and puppies are raised in the family environment.
    We are Owners or Breeders of the Top winning PWD for 2008'09'11'13'14, Top Breeders for 2009'11'12'13'14.

    Cardigan Corgi's are a new love of ours and we look forward to being part of the future of vulnerable native breed.

    We no longer show our BFDB Louie but he is such a big part of our .... (click to read more)

  • Linda Ashfield
    Current Health Tests

  • Majesixs
    Miss H Killilea
    Current Health Tests

    I have shown dogs from a young age handling Akitas from the age of 10 as well as various other breeds including Poodles.After having a break from dogs for a few years, getting married and starting a family I bought myself a miniature poodle who did well at shows and won a RCC. I then decided it was time for a change and started looking at other breeds. I then came across the Portuguese water dog and after meeting Hooligan Meia Noite At Belleville a Finish Import I was hooked!
    Puppies sometimes available

  • Gemson Portuguese Water Dogs
    Jayne Johns
    Current Health Tests

    I have owned this amazing breed for over 25 years and cannot imagine my life without them in it. Portuguese Water dogs are lively intelligent and make wonderful companions for active families.

  • Oakholme
    Mrs L Robinson
    East Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    Portuguese Water Dogs deserve the best! They are such lovely, loyal, vibrant dogs. My dogs are treated like royalty and spend their days playing, sunbathing or just generally getting into mischief in our fields. At night they sleep in their heated kennels or in the house with us (depends what they prefer!) I show Rocket, my main dog, and I have shown Folly, my main bitch. Both have done well. Rocket is qualified for Crufts 2017, Folly qualified in 2016. Both have wins at major shows and local. However they are mainly much loved family members. I am fairly new to this breed having had pets for .... (click to read more)

  • Rysalka
    Sue Tweedie

    Established in 1989, and a founder kennel of the breed in Britain, my dogs combine the best British and European bloodlines. As well as breeding beauty (Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, American and International Champions) I have bred brains - Crufts Heelwork to Music Champion, Agility and Obedience winners.

    All my puppies are reared in the house, and make superb family companions for those who appreciate the happy and intelligent nature of the Portugese Water Dog.

  • Dragonbank
    Ray Mainland

    I have owned and shown bouviers for over 15 years and shown other breeds for 25years making up champions in several breeds for other people I offer full back up for the life of any pups that I breed. I am also breed Portuguese Water Dogs

  • Belleville
    Mrs Cs Thompson-Morgan & Mr E Morgan
    Current Health Tests

    Cathy has bred Norfolk and Norwich for over 20 years and holds the KC's accolade of excellence. Meia is our first PWD imported from Finland from Arja Koskelo and we have been lucky enough to make her up in the UK. Her daughter Ch Belleville Anjo de Noite was made up in 2014.

  • Rusara Portuguese Water Dogs
    Mr D & Mrs B Randall
    Current Health Tests

    We have four Portuguese Water Dogs, all very loved and brought up in the home as pets. Tia, our youngest Lulaborn Sprinkles Seven at Rusara, and not shown in this picture, will be at her first show later this summer.

  • Winterkloud
    Miss S Mcgill
    Radcliffe On Trent
    Current Health Tests


    Are owned by sarah mcgill

    Puppy and stud enquries welcome

    I have been showing and breeding dogs for 32 years its my life as i run the family bording kennels aswell
    We breed for temperment and health

  • Islekeeper
    Michelle Spencer
    Current Health Tests

    I have been Involved with Water dogs for nearly 12 years now thanks to Pat Jones, one of the first people to own a Portuguese water dog in the UK. I now show and breed from her famous Cartmel lines.

    We first got into Bullmastiffs 10 years ago. We now have 5. Connie, Licassa Princess Tia at Islekeeper was our 2nd. She did really well in the show ring as a puppy and just missed getting her JW by 1 point. She has 1 cc and 5 rcc's Her mother CH Licassa Golden Grace JW won BB at Crufts 2010 and her uncle Jake, CH Licassa Captain Archenbeau JW took BOB in the same year making Bullmastiff .... (click to read more)

  • Robenger Rosemary & Gerry Walmsley Stanton Derbyshire

  • Leao Do Mar Rachael Gordon Kilcullen Kildare

  • Austwell Cheryl & Bryn Matton Gravesend Kent

  • Merrowbelle Karen Wilton Winchester Hampshire

  • Peakfields Mrs Terri Woodcock Liphook Hampshire

  • Cartmel Mr & Mrs A B Stevens Lincoln Lincolnshire

  • Melfield Jocelyn Creffield Hitcham Suffolk

  • Mrs Wendy Titler Telford Shropshire

  • Bregantia Rachael Reddin Spalding Lincolnshire