Pointer picture


The world recognises that great British dog lover, the late William Arkwright, as the biographer of this breed. His wonderful book 'The Pointer and His Predecessors' stands out as the most thorough and understanding histories of any breed to date. According to this author, the Pointer came to England as a perfected breed from Spain in the 1650's. Specially bred and developed over the last few centuries the Pointer is now considered to be an English breed.

The Spanish Pointer is thought to have been crossed with the French Hound and later the foxhound, and possibly other breeds improving both stamina and conformation. The Pointer excells at finding and producing game birds, by senting the air, covering vast areas of ground by quartering, a true sporting dog, breathtaking to watch in action.


The Pointer is a medium-large size dog with a kindly and even disposition. Although bred to work game birds they do make excellent family pets when given the attention they deserve. They are patient and good with children. They require plenty of exercise (free running) every day and time spent on training a young pointer is invaluable (pointers are bred to work away from the handler and cover ground very quickly, so a good recall needs to be learnt from an early age).

The coat is short and easy to manage.

The height of adult is around 24-27 inches, and the weight is around 20-30kg.

Colours are: Black & White, Orange & white, Liver & White, Lemon & White. Solid colours are also allowed.


The pointer is generally considered a healthy hardy breed, with no major health problems.