Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound picture


The Pharaoh hound originated in ancient Egypt and is a dog of medium size. It was bred primarily to hunt gazelle and other small game. It is no coincidence that the Pharaoh Hound’s likeness in Egyptian art so strongly resembles the Egyptian jackal god, Anubis, the Watchdog of the Dead; in fact the Pharaoh Hound is the oldest domesticated dog in written records, dating back to before 3,000 B.C. Taken to Malta by traders (in antiquity), they are known there as the “Kelb tal Fenek”, due to the use of the dog they are in hunting rabbits. It is no surprise therefore, that in 1979, the Pharaoh Hound was declared the National Dog of Malta.


The Pharaoh hound is a medium sized dog, with a very strong hunting instinct, very selective hearing, when on the trail of its prey, they will ignore all efforts to come to recall, but they are a very friendly and loving dog, and want to spend most of their time with people.

Firm handling and good training are a must with this breed, as they are very intelligent. They are also a fun loving and noisy breed.


Pharaoh hounds are generally a very healthy breed, although Patella Luxation (Slipping Knee Caps), use to be a problem, and the U.K. Pharaoh Hound Club, has now introduced a test that can be taken, on dogs after they are 12 months old, which will tell you if your dog suffers from this problem.