Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier picture


The Rev John Russell born in Dartmouth, South Devon of a fox hunting family developed a passion for hunting. While in Oxford he acquired from a local milkman a dog by the name of Trump, a dog with a white body with just a patch of tan over each eye and a small tail spot at the root of the tail, the coat of which was thick, close and wiry to protect the body from wet and cold, the legs where straight and strong, the loins and conformation indicative of hardihood and endurance while the size may be compared to that of a full grown vixen fox.

These terriers are bred mainly white, long in the leg, rangy and racy with the stamina to run with hounds.


Essentially a working terrier with the ability and conformation to go to ground and run with the hounds, its temperament should be bold but friendly and should be built for speed and endurance.

They make great family pets and love to be around people but boundaries and training are advisable with plenty of stimulation and exercise.


No major health issues but you can contact the clubs health officer for more information.