Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund picture


The Norwegian Buhund is an ancient breed. A member of the spitz family it travelled as companion and guard of the Vikings and is thought to be behind many other herding breeds such as the Icelandic sheepdog. The breedís name is derived from the old Norwegian term 'bu' which refers to such concepts as farm, hut and livestock thus indicating the Buhundís original use as a farm and herding dog.


The Norwegian Buhund is a good, friendly family dog, and is usually good-natured and loyal. It is very active and needs exercise and stimulation. It is a very loving breed and is never happier than when it is on your knee being cuddled.

Buhunds are intelligent and love to learn, many work as hearing dogs for the deaf and as dogs for the disabled so if you are looking for a couch potato do not look here.

The Buhund is a little under middle size, squarely built and has a dense, flat-lying coat. The ears are pointed and erect and their shape and size should harmonize with the head. The tail is carried firmly curled over the back. The colour is either wheaten, black and in the UK wolf sable is acceptable. The wheaten variant can range from rather light to yellowish-red, with or without dark-tipped hairs. If bored they can, like all spitz, be noisy however, a satisfied Buhund is often a calm and devoted dog.


Buhunds are usually a very healthy and long lived breed, many living to 15.

They have two health issues that should always be checked, one is for eye cataract and the other is hip dysplasia and all good breeders will have their stock tested and will be willing to show you the certificates.