Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer picture


The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany in the mid to late l9th century, and was kept on farms for ratting. It is a cross between standard schnauzer/poodle or affenpinsher - hence the fact they do not moult and make ideal companions for those with asthma.


The Miniature Schnauzer is a little dog in a big body. They have no fear of anything and are quite stubborn little dogs.

However, they are intelligent, biddable, spirited, endearing, adaptable, fun and have so much character they have a natural ability to entertain and give hours of pleasure. They are suitable pets for both the young and elderly and very people orientated.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a smart solid squarely proportioned built dog with a lovely soft beard and eyebrows. Forward folding ears and a brick shaped head. They are no longer docked so carry a long tail which should stand upright and just tip over at the end.

There are four colours recognised by the UK Kennel Club - Salt/Pepper which are the ones that are seen the most, Black/Silver, all Black and of course now the White.


Healthwise they are generally a very fit and healthy breed, living to between 13-15 years old.

Eyes can be a problem and all breeding stock should be tested prior to mating, and all litters should tested for Junior Catarachts at 6 weeks old. They can also have liver shunt, skin problems, urinary tract but these are rare.

Dew claws are usually removed at 3 days old.