Mexican Hairless

Mexican Hairless picture


The Mexican Hairless is a very ancient breed of dog, evidence of their existence has been found dating back in the region of 3500 years to pre-columbian times. It is estimated that there is in the region of 4,000 examples of the breed remaining worldwide. Their former masters include the Toltecs, the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Colima Indians.

The breed's traditional name is “Xoloitzcuintle” (show-low-it-squint-lee) which is a combination of two Aztec words. "Xolotl" who was one of the Aztec gods and "itzcuintle" means dog.

The Mexican Hairless served many purposes, including food, medicine, bed warmers and companionship. The Aztec people believed the Mexican Hairless would lead them to their “Land of the Dead”, therefore they were sacrificed and buried alongside their Master to act as a guide.


The Mexican Hairless is a very intelligent dogs, they are loving and very loyal to their family but can be a little aloof with strangers. They will enjoy having a go at most activities, examples of the breed can be found participating in Agility and Flyball plus assisting people as PAT dogs or even Medical Alert Dogs.

There are three sizes of Mexican Hairless – Miniature, Intermediate and Standard, each size also has a Coated variety.


Mexican Hairless are found to be a healthy breed with little know health problems, however breeders and owners are now choosing to Hip and Elbow Score the Standard Size and Hip and Patella Check the Intermediate and Miniatures sizes as a precaution.

The hairless variety of the breed typically has reduced dentition, this however does not appear to cause them any problems.