Mastiff picture


The Mastiff has long been used as guards, especially on large country estates; war dogs and bear baiting etc.

The two World Wars saw a drop in numbers of the breed, the big breeders had either sent their dogs abroad or rehomed them in this country. In 1946 the O.E.M.C. held an Open Meeting in London which was attended by 15 people who promised to do all they could to save the breed from extinction. Only seven dogs were traced in this country, sadly no longer of breedable age. However imports from the USA and later South America and Canada (all of course going back to English exports) helped to re-establish this great breed.


It is a large breed of dog with a massive head broad in skull descended from the ancient Alaunt through the Pugnaces Britanniae.

Colours are Apricot, fawn or brindle. They should always have a black mask and ears, coat short and close-lying, but coarser over neck and shoulders. Excessive white on body, chest or feet is unacceptable.

They are a very large breed and really not suitable for small properties, they need tail space to accommodate the constant wagging.

They are an expensive breed to keep with large appetites. They drool which can make them unpopular but most mastiff owners tolerate this.

Be firm but kind when training, lots of praise and talking to them will build confidence. Exercise should be limited in the early growing period, after the initial puppy stage they should always be fed twice a day.