Large Munsterlander

Large Munsterlander picture


The Large Munsterlander can be traced back to the middle ages, it can be seen depicted in paintings from the 16th and 17th century. However they have only been recognised as a registered breed in their own right since 1922.

A German breed by origin, which in 1879 German breeders decided to control and establish with a proper breed standard. Before this time what are now known as Large Munsterlanders were registered as German Longhaired Pointers, this breed included both black and brown variations. When the new breed standard was fixed it only allowed for brown or brown and white dogs to be included. The hunters who owned them keenly supported the breeding of the black and white longhaired Pointers and in 1919, to ensure the continuation of the breed, decided to form their own society. A foundation list for the breed was compiled for the breed register, which was started in 1922.


The Large Munsterlander is a dual purpose HPR Gundog. They have always been bred to work and their hunting instincts are very much at the surface. A magnificent dog out in the field which is equally at home curled up on the couch, even if they a plastered in mud. A sociable dog which loves human company, they are not a breed you have and then go out to work all day, every day.

Highly intelligent, rather exuberant and very loving, they will greet you with great enthusiasm every time you leave them. They are energetic and a quick walk up the road will not satisfy their needs, they need free running exercise on a daily basis, their intelligence makes them a great all round dog, there isnít an activity they cannot do and they will do whatever you ask of them very well, from Field trial dogs to Pets as Therapy dogs, so long as itís doing something with you they are happy. Not for the faint hearted as whatever you ask of them they give 100% of themselves.

They love all members of the family, but they will always bond that little bit more with one member of the family; they worship their owner with all their might!

A strong breed, they were bred in Germany to track a deer, and then bring it to the owner over whatever obstacles they may encounter, in the UK they are widely used as working Gundogs and excel in rough cover.

One last thing, Large Munsterlanders love Mud, water and you! Donít expect to come home clean after a ramble with a Large Munsterlander!


There are currently four health tests which UK Large Munsterlander breeders test their dogs for. The first is to hip score, this is done after 12 months of age. Elbow scoring is also done. The breed is also tested for Hereditary Cataract, and only dogs with a clear eye test certificate should be bred from, the certificate needs to be current Ė within a 12 month period. Recently the breed club members have also started testing their dogs for HUU, (Canine Hyperuricosuria), this is a DNA test which lets the breeder know if their dogs is Clear, a Carrier or Affected.

The Large Munsterlander is generally a healthy breed, this is because responsible breeders have taken the time and money to test all prospective parents.