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  • Sunstar Gadwall at Peterspond
    Health Tested

    Conker will soon be available for stud, he has won 3 different working tests Special Puppy, NDNH and Intermediate all within his first 18 months of competing. I am looking forward to working him this season. He is an adorable family pet as well as enjoying training. He has had several health checks with excellent results including 0-0 elbows and 0-0 hips. Only bitches with full health checks will be excepted.

  • Leaworthy Samuel of Gospelash
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner 2016

    Elbow score 0:0

    Hips 2:5

    Eyes Clear 2016

    Black carrying Yellow

  • Highhouse Rhyd
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Rush is a "fox red" shade of yellow, and a gentle obedient dog, who is both loyal and people friendly. His 0/0 hipped litter brother is now a Field Trial Winner.

    Rush is extensively health tested. Hips 4/5, elbows 0, with a current BVA Eye pass, and genetically clear of prcd PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 and narcolepsy.

    He is a proven sire, and the first of his puppies has now been BVA tested (the only one so far): hips 0/0; elbows 0; eyes clear; as well as clear of PRA, EIC, CNM and narcolepsy. The depth of our health testing and breeding programme is becoming very evident! (Reference .... (click to read more)

  • Contender Como
    Middlesmoor, Harrogate
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    A dog that will happily switch from working to lazy, indoor dog! His superb temperament is just what is needed whether it's for hard work or 'downtime'.

    Contender Como (Podrick) is a strong, well build dog that makes an easy job of the Yorkshire stonewalls, rivers and lakes. He has proven to be a true all-round retriever, picking-up on the grouse moor, partridge & pheasant days and will easily do the switch to peg dog or do walked-up days.

    Through his mother - Spiralline Tarango of Contender - Pod has got one of the strongest and well proven bitch lines in the UK and through his .... (click to read more)

  • Northvale Waldron'S Pride
    Blandford Forum
    Health Tested

    At Stud in Dorset, Black Working Ladrador, carring fox red / yellow.
    Hips total 11, elbows total 0, Currant clear eye test and hereditary dna (Labokin)tested clear for PRA and cnm.
    Sire - FTch Brackenbird Minnow - int FTch Graighorn Bracken
    Dam - Leadburn Ellis By FTch Hillus Clyde / FTch Rockinstone Hope Of Leadburn.
    For more information contact ;

  • Portbradden Twig
    Health Tested

    Portbradden Twig of Sealsun is a kind gentleman of a dog who just wants to please.

  • Tricymoedd Collier Bay
    East Ayrshire
    Health Tested

    Charlie (Triymoedd Collier Bay) is the latest edition to the Joshack family and is now available for stud .He is a yellow/Fox red colouring and his training is progressing well.
    His pedigree background is predominantly field trail /working lines with the Drakeshead and Dargdaffin kennels featuring strongly.
    Both his sire and two of his grandparents have 0/0 perfect hip & elbow scores Which have been reflected in his own hip and elbow scores.

    Charlie is a hardworking,loyal and very loving dog and always eager to please.

    Charlie has now sired eight litters with an average .... (click to read more)

  • Dark Firs of Anneryvalley
    Health Tested

    Oak is a superb working Labrador very strong & extremely fast. Loves the lifestyle.
    He has a perfect temperament one of the most loving natured dogs in our kennels.

  • Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels
    Health Tested

    Lovely young dog showing bags of promise. Very fit dog will produce excellent loving pups for work or play. Proven at stud. Located in the Scottish Borders. Plenty of ground and woods to complete the mating.

    Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels. Kennel Name Mr Gibbs. Kennel Club Stud Book Number 3510CZ

    PRA Clear. CNM Clear. Hips: 3:3, Elbows: 0:0, BVA Eyes Clear. SD2 Clear. Stud fee 400.

  • Highhouse Ferto
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Ferto is a gentle, human orientated dog standing at public stud. He is kind and patient with bitches.

    Ferto has a Clear BVA Eye Certificate, BVA sored hips of 4/2, with 0 elbows.

    Ferto is black carrying chocolate with no yellow gene. Therefore his pups will be black or black and chocolate, depending on the bitch.

    Ferto is genetically clear of prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, MCD and narcolepsy.

    Therefore DNA untested bitches using him cannot produce puppies which are prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC or narcolepsy affected.

    Ferto has a friendly nature and a natural instinct to .... (click to read more)

  • Hawkslow Timber
    Health Tested

    Hawkslow Timber
    Dam: Hawkslow Love in the Mist
    Sire: Peanut Storm at Hawkslow
    Eyes Clear
    Hips: 3:5
    Timber is the son of Field Trial winner Hawkslow Love in the Mist and Field Trial winner Peanut Storm at Hawkslow. He is a good looking, intelligent dog and a very valued member of my picking up team.

  • Solo Seal Boy
    Health Tested

    Loxton is a stunningly handsome dark yellow labrador, he is athletic, strong, biddable and very soft mouthed. He is fast and stylish and works really well having the ability to switch on and off when required. He has a kind temperament and is very affectionate.

  • Jimjoy Country Jig
    Health Tested

    Stunning Chocolate Labrador,

  • Bryntail Malachai
    Health Tested

    Big strong handsome boy, full of energy, extremely keen retriever. Part of the picking up team and works most days of the season. Kind biddable nature.

  • Kelmagra Cash
    Health Tested

    Hips: 3:6
    Elbows: 0
    CNM: Hereditarily Clear
    KC/BVA Eye Exam: Unaffected

  • Lord Kuda Hurra
    Health Tested

    Spencer is just coming up to 4 years old, he is a superb dog. We have his litter bother and sister with us, they are simply fantastic working dogs and family pets.

    He is a fantastically quick across the ground picking up and not afraid of any type of cover, he has become a fantastic picking up dog who has excelled in the shooting field.

    He is loving, loyal and a real pleasure to own. At home he has a laid back personality but knows when to switch it on working.

    He is a deep 'fox red' shade of yellow and his mother can be seen and the father is a local dog who again is .... (click to read more)

  • Wellsummer Bronson
    Health Tested

    A lovely young Labrador showing lots of potential. Bred here out of our Glenbriar bitch. Hoping this young dog will go far.

  • Bellaroyal Woodie of Quardrum
    Health Tested

    Woodie is an extremely good looking and stylish dark yellow/fox red dog with a lovely temperament he is very keen to please. As well as working as a picking-up dog throughout the shooting season he will also sit steadily on the peg. He has competed in field trials, working tests and scurries, as well as being used to train children to handle a gundog. He is equally at home snoozing in his basket indoors!! He is a proven stud dog.

  • Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson
    Health Tested

    Superb Working Fox Red Shade of Yellow Stud Dog. Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson (Fynn). Hip score 4:, Elbows score: 0:0, Current clear BVA eye certificate, PRCD-PRA - Clear (Labokin), MCD - Clear, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Clear, EIC - Clear. Fynn is a strong, and athletic Labrador, he picks up 4-5 days a week during the season, on partridge, pheasant and duck. Fynn has 100% fertility to date, producing large litters, including a 10 and a 9 from a single mating. North Wales near Chester.

  • Highhouse Piros Mero
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Piro is a Fox red shade of yellow dog.

    Lovely temperament, very willing to please.

    3/3 hip, 0 elbows, prcd/PRA, EIC, CMN, SD2 clear. BVA anual eye test.

    He is also DNA profiled.

    Amazingly athletic, and a joy to have around.

    Piro is home bred out of our Mero, whose dam Laurel has 0/0 hips and a BVA clear old age eye test at 9.5 years. So 3 generations home bred.

    Piro is a happy house trained dog, and lives within the home, or outside.