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  • Aghnacarra'S Posiedon of Fallowfen
    Health Tested

    D.O.B. 16/06/20011
    Hip score 2/2 = 4
    Elbows = 0
    Current clear BVA eye certificate.

    Stud fee £350

    Chip is sired by 2010 I.G.L Championship winner FTCH Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood. Hip score 3/6=9 Elbows 0 DNA Tested Clear for PRCD, CNM,EIC and holds a current clear eye certificate.

    Chips dam was Marhystin Breck Hip score 4/3=7 and holds a current clear eye certificate.

    Chips pedigree also contains the I.G.L Championship winners from

    1991 I.G.L Championship winner FTCH Pocklea Remus.

    1992 I.G.L .... (click to read more)

  • Smultronstig Ben Boloparte
    Health Tested

    Oden (Smultronstig Ben Boloparte) is one of the puppies we decided to keep from Ronja's first litter. He is developing into a gorgeous, athletic young dog who is very affectionate and eager to please. He spends much of his time happily playing in the garden with his sister Freya.

    Oden is currently completing his KC Good Citizen Gold Award and also attends both starter agility and competitive obedience classes.

    He has test scores of 0/0 elbows and 3/4 hips. He has a current clear BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme certificate and is hereditary clear for prcd-PRA, EIC, CNM and SD2. .... (click to read more)

  • Ft Ch Bynbrig Larson of Highshot
    Health Tested

    FTCH Bynbrig Larson of Highshot became a Field Trial Champion in 2012 and ran in the Retriever Championships held at the Cawder Estate in Scotland in the same year. His Kennel name is Jake and he is a very handsome medium sized dog.
    Jake carries the yellow gene and,depending on the genes of the bitch,can produce both black and yellow pups. He is a well proven stud dog havIng produced a number of excellent litters of superb quality pups. His good looks, biddability and excellent game finding qualities come through in the pups he produces. Some of his progeny can be seen at my home.

  • Millroseglen Money Talks
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Tyne and Wear
    Health Tested

    Dexter is our 3 time proven chunky yellow boy from Bailydale lines his Dad is 'Baileydale Blaze A Trail'. Dexter is from well health tested parents. Dexter also has had his health tests done with great results.... Hips 3/3 = 6, Elbow score 0/0, PRA hereditary clear,Eye examination unaffected. MRD/TRD/GPRA/CPRA/HC also unaffected.

    Dexter has a fantastic temperament and has been easy to train. He is good with children and good with other dogs. Payment of £300 on first tie and covers two ties.
    Any queries dont hesitate to contact me on 07766342053

  • Archie Tarquin
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

    Progressed to Open standard very quickly, now is a excellent picking up dog with a great nose and staminer

  • Highlandbrae Hector (Oftw)
    Health Tested

    Open Field Trial Winner - Highlandbrae Hector is a large boned, broad chested traditional looking Labrador, he is hard going with plenty drive, style and game finding ability, based in Ross-shire but can be made available in Perthshire through prior arrangement

  • Hawkoak Parrs Star of Stagshead
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

    Star is a lovely natured lad, very laid back and fantastic temperament. His hip score is 2/2 he is pra clear and clear eyes 2015.
    He is a proven dog.

  • Swaine Julianae of Peniglen
    Dumfries and Galloway
    Health Tested

    At Stud
    Winner of Open - Intermediate & Novice Cold Game Tests.
    3rd Place Barton & Humber Inter-Counties Member 2011 And Run In The Team 2012. URC Linconshire Area Chatsworth Team Member 2010 & 2011:
    Swaine Julianae of Peniglen,
    (Kennel Name Boss)
    Black Labrador Retriever,
    (DOB: 28.4.2007)
    Dominant Black
    Proven Sire

    Hips 4 - 2,
    Current Clear BVA Eye Certificate,
    (Also Current Clear of MRD).

    DNA Test Clear For:- PRA Clear, CNM Clear, EIC Clear, RD/OSD Clear, NARCOLEPSY Clear.

    Boss has 42 FTCH's / FTW's in 5 generation pedigree.
    He .... (click to read more)

  • Prince Hugo From Yorks
    Health Tested

    Hugo is a handsome Black (Labrador) Retriever he is a very well put together dog with a nice head & coat.

  • Okement Demetrius
    Health Tested

    Baden is a stunning dog, strongly built who will go on and on all day. A wonderful temperament and always eager to please. Has 19 Ft Chs in his 5 Generation Pedigree.

    All current health tests completed -

    Eyes Clear
    Hips 6-4
    Elbows 0

  • Astraglen Milo (Ofta)

    Labrador Stud Dog
    Mickey has won many Field Trial awards
    including several Open Field Trial awards
    He has also run for the Welsh Team at numerous events
    He is a very kind, honest dog with a fantastic temperament as well as a hard working dog.
    Mickey has sired good strong, kind progeny

    Prcd-PRA: Clear – 21st April 2015
    EIC: Clear – 21st April 2015
    SD2 (dwarfism): Clear – 21st April 2015
    Elbow score: 0:0 – 4th November 2014
    Hip score: 4:3 – 4th November 2014
    Eye Examination: Unaffected – 15th September 2015
    Breeder: Nigel .... (click to read more)

  • Oystercove King Max
    Health Tested

    Sam is a working gundog.Has produced good chunky puppies.all current health certificates.Sam is laid back and and works well to the whistle.

  • Wingbeat Maestro
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Robbie is a working bred chocolate labrador with a typical athletic, working build and none of the chunkiness to be seen in many chocolates. He has an affectionate, want to be with you temperament.
    He has a hip score of 6/3 an elbow score of 0,a current clear eye certificate and is hereditarily clear for prcdPRA/ CNM and EIC

  • Astraglen Solo (Ftw)
    Downham Market
    Health Tested


    Fully health tested working black Labrador
    Riley is a strong powerful and handsome labrador with a gentle temperament.

    Hips 5/4
    Elbows 0/0
    Current clear eye cert May 2016
    PRA - clear
    CNM- clear
    EIC- clear
    SD2 -clear

    Sire :FTCH Waterford Ganton
    Dam: Astraglen Tily
    Stud fee- £450

    Further information see our website

  • Grangemead Forrest of Ferrersway
    Health Tested

    Kite is a lovely dog and has done very well with his gundog training and has proven to be very biddable.

    he also has excellent health test results.

  • Ballinloan Prunus Accolade
    Health Tested

    Ballinloan Prunus Accolade Rhum,is our 2 year old -home bred eye catching dog with a wonderful temperament.He is a big strong, well proportioned athletic dog and we have found him to be easily socialised with humans, both young and old and with other dogs.We feel he is going to produce some lovely puppies.Eyes clear, elboes 0/0, hips 6/6.

  • Garicmoor Grenadier of Ettinsmoor (Ftw)
    Kings Lynn
    Health Tested

    Fox Red shade of yellow stud dog FTW Garicmoor Grenadier of Ettinsmoor (Skip) is an exciting addition to the kennel. He is born to retrieve and does so with style, speed and enthusiasm.

    Skip has also been tested Dwarfism SD2 Clear in 2013 and chilled semen is available for bitches outside the UK.

    Skip has been placed in Gundog Working Tests and achieved his Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate on Game in 2013.

    Skip won the Yellow Labrador Club Novice Trial at Nevill Holt in October 2013 making him the first Field Trial Winner in the Ettinsmoor Kennel and has gone on to .... (click to read more)

  • Flaxenfox Lady Penelope
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

  • Sevenlocks Henry
    Health Tested

    Hips 2:3, elbows 0. Optigen prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, Narcolepsy, RD/OSD, HNPK, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy, MCD and Cystinuria all normal/clear. Signficance for breeding: As Henry is a non-carrier of these genetic diseases, he can breed with any female (carrier/non-carrier or status unknown if she hasn't been dna tested) & there will be no clinically affected puppies in any of his litters from any of these terrible diseases which can affect Labradors, neither will he pass on the genes that cause them. This is an extremely important consideration when choosing a stud dog, if the dna status of the .... (click to read more)

  • Highhouse Rhyd
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Rush is a "fox red" shade of yellow, and a gentle obedient dog, who is both loyal and people friendly. His 0/0 hipped litter brother is now a Field Trial Winner.

    Rush is extensively health tested. Hips 4/5, elbows 0, with a current BVA Eye pass, and genetically clear of prcd PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 and narcolepsy.

    He is a proven sire, and the first of his puppies has now been BVA tested (the only one so far): hips 0/0; elbows 0; eyes clear; as well as clear of PRA, EIC, CNM and narcolepsy. The depth of our health testing and breeding programme is becoming very evident! (Reference .... (click to read more)