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  • Flaxenfox Lady Penelope
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

  • Northglen Crumble (Ftaw)
    Health Tested

    Northglen Crumble Chocolate Labrador Retriever Hips 5/5 Elbows 0/0, Eyes Clear, CNM Clear, bred and trained by Stewart North, This dog has 4 Field Trial Awards to his credit recieved his his first shooting season, qualified for the kennel Club Stud Book.

    COm Wiltshire WGS Novice Field Trial January 2017
    2nd in the CAMARTHENSHIRE WGS Novice AV Field Trial January 2017 ALSO RECEIVED GUNS CHOICE AWARD
    COM Norfolk Gundog Club Novice AV Field Trial October 2016

  • Cognome Arcano Pablo
    Health Tested

    My name is Pablo and I am the 4th generation of my breeder. Apparently I am perfect.

    I have been out picking up this year on both a little fun shoot and a large commercial shoot. Apparently I'm doing well and have taken to it like a duck to water.

    Talking about water .... I cannot get enough. I am happy to swim anywhere.

    I was one of 8 in my litter. 5 black and 3 yellow although the other two "yellow" pups were what is classed as "red". I am most definitely yellow.

    I am quite a big boy but by no means a show style. I am very slim, tall with a strong but .... (click to read more)

  • Brindlebay Tolley of Greenfox (Ftw)
    Downham Market
    Health Tested

    Tolley is a Field Trial Winning working black labrador retriever who is a true gentleman, very loyal and has one of the best noses for finding game we have ever seen! Tolley is very handsome dog with an exceptional temperament, excellent ability and is a proven sire.

    Fully health tested:

    Hips 4/6
    Elbows 0
    Eyes: Clear,
    Optigen PRA Tested: CLEAR

    Sire: FTCH Brindlebay Jude
    Dam: FTCH Mansengreen Bizzy of Brindlebay
    Stud fee- £450
    Further info visit our website

  • Tawnyhill Badger
    New Romney
    Health Tested

    A handsome lad who is eager to please. Very attentive, and ready for stud.

    Fully health tested KC registered

    Good lines


    Hips 5 :4

    Elbows clear 0 0

    Clear eye test

    Stud fee £200 with free 2nd visit if unsuccessful.

    Two successful mating's usually 48hrs apart

    Mating is to usually take place at my home adress but we can travel to the bitches home if necessary at extra cost

  • Silversnipe Excalibur of Auchencloch (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Hips -5/5
    Clear eyes October 2016

    Toby is a big strong dog with bags of natural ability and style he is a dog that always loves to please.
    He is a perfect all rounder, from running down the line in a trial to sitting in a duck hide at night.

    Gaining guns choice in his first trial followed by a Certificate of merit in his third he then has went on to win the Golden retriever club of Scotland Novice trial in his 4th.

    He is a proven sire, producing fast intelligent dogs which i am confident will be trialing next season

  • Sonidun Briar Blush
    Health Tested

    Bobby is a Kennel club registered and fully health tested. He is proven and recently producing large litters.

    Hips 6/5, elbows 0, current clear eye certificate, Prcd-PRA (Optigen), CNM, EIC and HNPK clear.

    Bobby is also health tested clear for Skeletal Dwarfism SD2.

    A copy of Bobby pedigree and health test results will be issued along with a contract of stud. Which will give you two mating 48 hours apart . Also a free mating at the next season should the mating not result in a pregnancy.

    As he is Prcd PRA(Optigen),CNM,EIC,HNPK and SD2 clear, none of his .... (click to read more)

  • Ft Ch Chancelend Pitch of Heathergaye
    Heathergaye Labrador Retrievers
    Health Tested

    Pitch has a superb temperament, is nice and sensible to have around but is also eye-catching, stylish and hard working. He has won 3 one-day Open stakes and is now a Field Trial Champion. Hips 3:3, elbows 0, current clear eye certificate (8.2.17). Hereditary clear of Gpra and Cnm.

  • Pepperfarm Eoin of Haventrent
    Health Tested

    Pepperfarm Eoin of Haventrent is a stunning young black Labrador who is very fast and stylish. He has a fantastic temperament.

    He has won numerous working test awards.

    He is fully health tested as follows:

    Clear eye certificate 21/04/16
    Hip Score 3:6 = 9
    Elbow score 1
    PRA Clear
    CNM Clear

  • Ithnayn Dark
    Stoke On Trent
    Health Tested

    Ithnayn Dark (moby)is an extremely loyal and very hard working labrador. He has a calm temperament, is steady in a beating line and is quiet on a shooting peg.

    He is proven 100% fertility.

  • Pechasi Field of Corn at Ferrersway
    Health Tested

    Merlin has grown into a good sized dog with an athletic build and a keen retriever ,he is making steady progress with his training.His pedigree contains many excellent working dogs with many of the best working chocolates around also having many ftch's from black lines.
    He is also hereditarily clear for both PRA and CNM.he has a clear eye test also.
    stud fee £350.

  • Higgscroft Avenger (Ftw)
    Melton Mowbray
    Health Tested

    Thor is a true gentleman and is very loyal and honest. He has great style and good hunting drive and takes his work very seriously. He has been very easy and a real pleasure to train and he is very reliable and consistent in his work.
    He has won a field trial and had other awards in open field trials.
    He is a great all round dog for the shooting field.

  • Dolesfarm Bracken of Sealsun
    Health Tested

    Dolesfarm Bracken (Ramsey) is a proven sire that carries yellow, he is a fast good looking dog that works 2/3 days a week through the shooting season.

  • Deerbridge Milo
    Health Tested

    Milo is sired by a very successful chocolate trialing dog and a shooting/pet bitch .
    He is turning into a handsome dog with a lovely kind temperment and is proving easy to train .
    Fully health checked with 0/0 Hip and elbows

  • Ft Ch Longcopse Bertie
    Health Tested

    FTCh Longcopse Bertie is a kind, gentle dog with great ability and a pleasure to own. He has numerous field trial awards in field trials and working tests. He is passing on his natural ability to his offspring with numerous field trial and working test winners.
    Hips 2:2, elbows 0, current eye certificate. Clear of PRA, CNM and SD2. For further information tel. 01793790827.

  • Glassgreen Eagle of Highlandbrae
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner - Robbie is a handsome, hard going athletic dog with loads of drive, style and natural ability, he's totally honest and willing to please. He won the first field trial he entered last year so I've high hopes to push him on to bigger and better things this coming season. Based in Ross-shire but can be made available in Perthshire through prior arrangement

  • Sussex Yellow Rumpus
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    We are pleased to offer Sussex Yellow Rumpus- Bentley to his friends, to stud. Bentley is a handsome (Fox Red shade of yellow) Working Labrador. He has a lovely calm temperament and is eager to please. He loves to work and comes from a long line of Field Trial Champions. He has started picking up this season and has shown himself to be steady with a high hunt ability. He is a delightful family pet, laid back and affectionate. He is gentle around children and polite with other dogs. He is Kennel Club Registered and Health Checked. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

  • Astraglen Milo (Ofta)
    Health Tested

    Labrador Stud Dog
    Mickey has won many Field Trial awards
    including several Open Field Trial awards
    He has also run for the Welsh Team at numerous events
    He is a very kind, honest dog with a fantastic temperament as well as a hard working dog.
    Mickey has sired good strong, kind progeny

    Prcd-PRA: Clear – 21st April 2015
    EIC: Clear – 21st April 2015
    SD2 (dwarfism): Clear – 21st April 2015
    Elbow score: 0:0 – 4th November 2014
    Hip score: 4:3 – 4th November 2014
    Eye Examination: Unaffected – 7th February 2017
    Breeder: Nigel .... (click to read more)

  • Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson
    Health Tested

    Superb Working Fox Red Shade of Yellow Stud Dog. Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson (Fynn). Hip score 4:, Elbows score: 0:0, Current clear BVA eye certificate, PRCD-PRA - Clear (Labokin), MCD - Clear, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Clear, EIC - Clear. Fynn is a strong, and athletic Labrador, he picks up 4-5 days a week during the season, on partridge, pheasant and duck. Fynn has 100% fertility to date, producing large litters, including a 10 and a 9 from a single mating. North Wales near Chester.

  • Beaconbanks Grouse
    Health Tested

    Grouse – Beaconbanks Grouse

    Grouse has been tested for

    - Hip score - 4/6=10
    - Elbow score – 0
    - DNA Test – prcd-PRA – CLEAR
    - DNA Test – CNM – CLEAR
    - Holds a current CLEAR eye certificate.
    - Stud Fee £350