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  • Archie Tarquin
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

    Progressed to Open standard very quickly, now is a excellent picking up dog with a great nose and staminer

  • Ettinsmoor Sandman of Bellaroyal
    Health Tested

    Ettinsmoor Sandman of Bellaroyal (Wellington)is a very dark fox red shade of yellow, he has 2 -2 hips, 0 - 0 elbows, he is hereditary clear of PRA, CNM, EIC & SD2. Wellington is a fit athletic young dog, a keen retriever and stylish hunter showing great potential for the future

  • Smultronstig Ben Boloparte
    Health Tested

    Oden (Smultronstig Ben Boloparte) is one of the puppies we decided to keep from Ronja's first litter. He is developing into a gorgeous, athletic young dog who is very affectionate and eager to please. He spends much of his time happily playing in the garden with his sister Freya.

    Oden is currently completing his KC Good Citizen Gold Award and also attends both starter agility and competitive obedience classes.

    He has test scores of 0/0 elbows and 3/4 hips. He has a current clear BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme certificate and is hereditary clear for prcd-PRA, EIC, CNM and SD2. .... (click to read more)

  • Stagshead Symphony
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

    This is Becks
    He is one of my fox red shade of yellow dogs, brother to bud.
    He has produced lovely puppies.
    He has been health tested
    Hips 3/3
    Eyes clear
    PRA clear
    EIC, sd2, CNM clear

  • Paid In Full (Ftw)
    Leamington Spa
    Health Tested

    Fully health tested ftw paid in full. Proven stud dog. Current health tests include: hips 2/2, elbows 0/0, eye certificate (4.2.14), unaffected by gpra, cpra, cnm, hc, trd.
    Boots has won and been place in many open working tests.
    He has a well balanced temperament that likes to please.
    If you would like to see him work on game or dummies please contact me.

  • Judiths Dark Fancy
    Health Tested

    Fantastic working dog with a very loyal and biddable temperment.
    Hips 0/0, Elbows 0/0, Current Yearly eye cert, Also Dna "clear" for PRA and CNM and /Skeletal Dysplasia 2
    Also carries yellow gene.

  • Ossies Magic
    North Yorkshire

    Grandson to Open Field Trial Winner Prickwillow Mogul and Field Trial Champion Rod Wallace of Leadburn.
    He has an excellent pedigree, with over 32 Field Trial Champions and winners.
    Alot of Drakeshead blood in this excellent working dog. Proven stud many times over with 56 pups to his name.

  • Highhouse Lathyrus

    Fantastic working dog from very good lines and with good health test results

  • Glenbriar Ethelred

    Health Tested

    Flashy handsome line bred Glenbriar male, light red, from Championship Bloodlines.

    Loads of natural ability, a real classy dog with a great temperament.

    Excellent pedigree, excellent health results:

    Hips 6 + 4

    Elbows 0 + 0

    DNA clear Pra Cnm & Sd2 Dwarfism

  • Dunjailin Rocky Rogue of Westerkames (Ftw)
    Gortons & Westerkames
    Isle of Bute
    Health Tested

    A very exciting, strong young dog at the start of his career. Extremely fast and totally committed
    Diesel won his first novice trial at the Gordon District gun dog club

  • Laurinco Red Flame of Hollowgate
    Health Tested

    Laurinco red flame of hollowgate is a superb red fox shade of yellow labrador. He is 3years old and has an excellent temperament, he is always willing to please you and loves to work. Fynn works 3 days a week picking up in the winter, and trains for working tests and trial. He has excellent health tests 1:1 hips,0:0 elbows and is gpra & cnm hereditarily clear. Is also tested for eic and sd2 dwarfism, both of which are clear, a current clear eye certificate is also available.He is a proven sire his last litter produced 11 puppies. Fee 400

  • Woodington Quad
    Health Tested

    Kennel Club Assured Breeder (UKAS Certificated June 2014)

    Novice Stake Winner, "Sam" came First at a 12 dog any variety Novice Stake, Essex Field Trial Society in September 2008. He has a very impressive Working Line Pedigree and his grand sire is FT CH Craighorn Bracken

    He is a very handsome fox red shade of yellow dog with a super temperament, kind and affectionate. He is always very eager and willing to please, also an excellent working dog and game finder.

    If required I can board your bitch from day nine of her season, she will have two covers (matings), photographic .... (click to read more)

  • Portbradden Teak of Grangemead

    Teak has a clear eye test, and is hereditary clear of PRA, CNM, and a hip score of 6/5 and 0 Elbows.

  • Old School Angus From Bryntail
    Health Tested

    stunning fox red shade of yellow, fantastic temperament, steady sensible boy, a must on my picking up team and now fully health tested with eye, elbow and hip and PRA

  • Cognome Arcano Pablo
    Health Tested

    My name is Pablo and I am the 4th generation of my breeder. Apparently I am perfect.

    I have been out picking up this year on both a little fun shoot and a large commercial shoot. Apparently I'm doing well and have taken to it like a duck to water.

    Talking about water .... I cannot get enough. I am happy to swim anywhere.

    I was one of 8 in my litter. 5 black and 3 yellow although the other two "yellow" pups were what is classed as "red". I am most definitely yellow.

    I am quite a big boy but by no means a show style. I am very slim, tall with a strong but .... (click to read more)

  • Henergy Rushin To Be
    Health Tested

    Bred with thought, Owned with love."Ottis is a stunning handsome male, with a classic head,he is well boned, muscled and athletic,with power and drive. Everyone falls in love with him. He is as you would expect a healthy happy stud dog with a superb temperament.
    Hips 2;4. Elbows 0;0. CNM and Optigen hereditery clear. Current eye certificate. At Stud to approved tested bitches.

  • Highhouse Rhyd
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Rush is a "fox red" shade of yellow, and a gentle obedient dog, who is both loyal and people friendly. His 0/0 hipped litter brother is now a Field Trial Winner.

    Rush is extensively health tested. Hips 4/5, elbows 0, with a current BVA Eye pass, and genetically clear of prcd PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 and narcolepsy.

    He is a proven sire, and the first of his puppies has now been BVA tested (the only one so far): hips 0/0; elbows 0; eyes clear; as well as clear of PRA, EIC, CNM and narcolepsy. The depth of our health testing and breeding programme is becoming very evident! (Reference .... (click to read more)

  • Jimjoy Country Jig
    Health Tested

    Stunning Chocolate Labrador,

  • Redelm Captain
    New Cumnock
    Health Tested

    Hips 6/5
    Elbows 0
    Current Clear Eye Certificate
    PRA Clear
    CNM Clear
    SD2 Clear

    A lovely dog and brilliant all-rounder, Kai has bags of natural ability and pace and style in abundance. He has proven himself to be free from noise and to have a lovely soft mouth.

    Stud fee 350

  • Stauntonvale'S Mr Grey (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Grey is a gorgeous fox red shade of yellow Labrador, with an outstanding pedigree. He has been a pleasure to train. He is an intelligent and kind dog, with the perfect temperament. He is so naturally talented, winning from an early age.

    He has won numerous open tests and is also a field trial winner.

    Hips, Elbows, current eye certificate, PRA, CNM,EIC, SD2 clear.

    He is athletic but calm and friendly natured.