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  • Trefaldwyn Kayf Tara
    Health Tested

    Superbly bred, very handsome son of Int. F.T.Ch. Waysgreen Apollo out of our brilliant picking up bitch, daughter of Int.F.T.Ch. Terminane Aisling of Shimnavale. Mungo has proved in his first season at the renowned Vaynor Shoot to be a fast, stylish and very biddable dog. His novice trialling season will be next year.
    Mungo's health checks are comprehensive and first class, he is available to selected health checked bitches.
    Hips 3 : 3
    Elbows 0 : 0
    Hereditary clear P.R.A. & E.I.C. & C.N.M.

  • Cynhinfa Jarmen of Wauniago
    Health Tested

    OFTW Cynhinfa Jarmen of Wauniago Fully Health Tested

  • Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson
    Health Tested

    Superb Working Fox Red Shade of Yellow Stud Dog. Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson (Fynn). Hip score 4:, Elbows score: 0:0, Current clear BVA eye certificate, PRCD-PRA - Clear (Labokin), MCD - Clear, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Clear, EIC - Clear. Fynn is a strong, and athletic Labrador, he picks up 4-5 days a week during the season, on partridge, pheasant and duck. Fynn has 100% fertility to date, producing large litters, including a 10 and a 9 from a single mating. North Wales near Chester.

  • Tirgarve Earney at Rangemaster
    Health Tested

    FINN is a Well Bred Working Labrador, with an excellent Pedigree. FTCH throughout pedigree.Proven Stud,to date he has sired 10 litters.
    Excellent picking up dog has excelled all season on 250-300 bird days, 4-5 days per week throughout the season His game finding is second to none.Excellent at marking and water work.
    He has a very kind temperament,
    Excellent with other dogs and children.
    Hip & Elbow Scored.
    Eye Tested Clear Yearly.
    His EBV are (-17) Hips & (-30) Elbows.

  • Bryntail Malachai
    Health Tested

    Big strong handsome boy, full of energy, extremely keen retriever. Part of the picking up team and works most days of the season. Kind biddable nature.

  • Gwenddwr Barney at Rangemaster
    Health Tested

    Zak is a proven stud, and has sired 14 Litters to date,
    0/0 Hips 0/0 Elbows
    BVA Eye Tested Yearly CLEAR
    DNA Tested Clear for Centronuclear Myopathy.
    COI =3.2% Breed Average 6.4%
    His EBV is very Low,(-103) Hips & (-Elbows (-29) against the breed average.
    Zak is of Typical working type, very athletic in build.
    He is out picking up 3 days a week throughout the season on local shoot
    Zak is very fast in his retrieve's, with an excellent nose & game finding ability's

  • Old School Angus From Bryntail
    Health Tested

    stunning fox red shade of yellow, fantastic temperament, steady sensible boy, a must on my picking up team and now fully health tested with eye, elbow and hip and PRA