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  • Lhyner Breeze at Anneryvalley
    Health Tested

    Murphy is a big strong Labrador with a superb temperament. We have high hopes that he will become a top quality gundog.

  • Cognome Murphy
    Health Tested

    MURPHY IS NOW RETIRED but he still lives me and the rest of the family. A little bit about him, I bred Murphy myself I can vouch for his wonderful temperment - he has no vices. Adorable petdog and excellent in the field.

    Murphy was one of 6 pups and although it had not been my initial intention to keep one of the pups he was too delightful to let go.

    Although Murphy works well throughout the shooting season he remains a fantastic pet dog. His favorite toy is a cuddly Poo Bear! This sums up his character.

    Murphy's litters have varied from all black to tri-colour litters. .... (click to read more)

  • Netherhill Flynn
    St. Austell
    Health Tested

    Flynn is a happy healthy boy, with an athletic build. He is a handsome dark fox red shade of yellow colour and has a superb temperment.

    He is a keen worker, an excellent water dog and is steady to retrieve with his soft mouth.

    Flynn is a proven sire with a current clear eye certificate and a hip score of 3:6.

    For stud or puppy enquires please contact Lynne Danneau on 01726 68193 or see our website

  • Pechasi York Magic at Tudorcourt
    Health Tested

    Jasper is a smart chocolate working Labrador.

    As Jasper is a CNM carrier, he is only available for stud to CNM clear bitches.

  • Raynestone Mar Lodge
    Health Tested

    Yellow, tall, athletic, working strain Labrador.

    Prcd-PRA and CNM clear

    Due to be hip and elbow scored.

  • Ft Ch Levenghyl Isle of Aaran
    Health Tested

    FTCH Levenghyl Isle of Aaran - affectionately known as Monkey has been an excellent school master. He is always biddable, calm & the most wonderful gentleman. His marking is second to none & was still gaining awards in trials at nine. He is very fit & well & picking up this season & still producing good litter sizes.

  • Kinagar Steddie Eddie
    Health Tested

    We are proud to offer Kinagar Steddie Eddie for stud.
    Eddy is a stunning Fox Red shade of Yellow from Tasco , Flashmount Lines , Eddy is a very eye catching dog with a strong athletic build, he is very well bred with many FTCH in his pedigree

    Eddy has low hip scores of 3/3 and 0 for elbows he holds a current clear eye certificate and is also hereditary clear for prcd-PRA (DNA) . Eddy is a stylish dog who really covers ground and has proved to be an asset on the field, feather or fur no problem he loves cover and water and retrieves all his game in style.
    Eddy has been placed in .... (click to read more)

  • Geordieland Geordie Boy
    Health Tested

    Fox Red Shade of Yellow Labrador Dog has won several awards in working tests and fieldtrials.A very handsome dog with a lovely temperment.

  • Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW
    Health Tested

    Lovely yellow dog who moves well, has good conformation with a kind head and temperament; lively and willing to please. Has done very well in the show ring winning 13 class firsts at championship level to date, 6 Best of Breeds at Open Shows a 3rd place at Crufts 2015 in Puppy Dog and VHC in Graduate in 2016.
    Ted has now gained his Junior Warrant and Stud Book Number which has qualified him for Crufts for life.
    Ted's half brother is CH Warringah's Perth JW ShCM.

    Critiques: Felton Page's Marshwiggle Mr Carson.
    Promising yellow puppy. Kind head and expression. Correct scissor .... (click to read more)

  • Waggeyt Jacob
    Health Tested

    Black Labrador Retriever Jacob Bred by Assured Breeder WaggeyT FANTASTIC HIP 0/3 AND ELBOW 0/0 SCORE EXCELLENT PEDIGREE,EYES TESTED CLEAR genetically clear CNM EIC PRC EDTA Blood 8067 Narcolepsy Wonderful best friend easy to train great companion born 09/04/2012

  • Paddockbrook Haydenlad
    Health Tested

    Ben is our black Labrador who is simply a dream to have, he is well behaved with impeccable manners and never needs to be put on a lead.

    He is an extremely fit working Labrador with a proven track record.

    He has a fantastic working style and always find game when everyone has finished, he would easily excel in working tests but this is not a route we are interested in.

    Ben's sire is a FTCH which is Waterford Fergus.

    He is well build with a square head, he is well bred, completely healthy and has a fantastic temperament.

    We have just had his hips scored at .... (click to read more)

  • Jobeshill Magnild at Hawkslow
    Health Tested

    Short coupled cobby dark yellow dog guarenteed to put looks into you puppes

  • Birdsgreen Morse of Featherfly (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Fergus is my young dog for 2014. He is now a Field Trial Winner. He finished 2nd in his first trial and then won in his third trial.He is a quick learner and wants to please, very friendly temperament good with both people and other dogs alike and a character. He is a good looking dog and close to the breed standard.See his attached pedigree which is full of Field Trial Champions. I feel sure he will do well in Open Field Trials next season.

    2nd Novice Field Trial Norfolk Gundog Club November 2014.
    1st Novice Field Trial Essex Gundog Society November 2014.

  • Heatherside Hilton
    Health Tested

    Hilton has just joined our family.
    He is a very handsome lad.

    He is thoroughly health tested being clear for prcd-PRA, EIC, CNM, SD2, CY, DM, HPNK, PKD & HUU.
    He is chocolate carrying yellow.

    He has a good pedigree. Over the last six generations you will see:
    Field Trial Champions - 8
    Overseas Champions - 7
    Full champions - 3
    Show Champions - 6
    His bloodline includes many famous names including Rocheby, Naiken, Sandylands, Drakeshead and Ballyduff from the UK, and Dickendall from the USA.
    He has a great loving temperament and is very willing.

    He .... (click to read more)

  • Delfleet Odin
    Health Tested

    Stunning Fox red shade of yellow working Labrador.
    - Competes at Ticket Level In Working Trials, and working gundog Tests, and Picks up during season.
    - High drive dog but easy to live with and a family pet.
    Fully health checked

  • Woodruff King of Wellsummer
    Health Tested

    Very Handsome,big, powerful black Lab dog, Carrying the yellow gene. Sired by my own FTW Wellsummer Nipon. Very keen and excellent nose. Has achieved a 2nd place in a field trial last season and has numerous working test awards.

  • Somerset Downs
    Health Tested

    Freddie is a family pet. He is very calm and gentle in the house but when outside loves to play fetch and run. He enjoys learning new tricks and commands. Hips 3/8, clear eye test! Freddie is a proven stud with 8 litters.

  • Shadowsquad Dead Certainty at Folkvang
    Folkvang Cocker Spaniels & German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Glorious head and shape. Beautiful mover. Works perfectly, calm but keen. Will try his heart out for any praise. A perfect balanced boy in every way.

  • Highhouse Rhyd
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Rush is a "fox red" shade of yellow, and a gentle obedient dog, who is both loyal and people friendly. His 0/0 hipped litter brother is now a Field Trial Winner.

    Rush is extensively health tested. Hips 4/5, elbows 0, with a current BVA Eye pass, and genetically clear of prcd PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 and narcolepsy.

    He is a proven sire, and the first of his puppies has now been BVA tested (the only one so far): hips 0/0; elbows 0; eyes clear; as well as clear of PRA, EIC, CNM and narcolepsy. The depth of our health testing and breeding programme is becoming very evident! (Reference .... (click to read more)

  • Coombes Nutmeg
    Health Tested

    Combining the best of a working dog with good hip/elbow scores and a show dog with excellent hip/elbow scores, Coombes Nutmeg a.k.a. 'Isaac' is a good family dog with a gentle nature who is willing to please. His hip and elbow scores are zero throughout.