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  • Fernflight Red Barron of Longcopse
    Health Tested

    Jasper is the son of my fabulous dog FTCh Longcopse Bertie. He is a strong, well built dog with a will to please. Many of his progeny have become excellent workers or family pets. Hips 2:4, elbows 0, Current eye certificate, Tested clear of PRA, EIC, SD2 and CNM. For further details tel. 01793790827

  • Maylandlea Urchin
    Health Tested

    Maylandlea Urchin (Morse) at stud to approved bitches Somerset/Wiltshire border.
    Annual eye unaffected
    Hips 5/4
    Pra clear
    Cmm clear
    Sd2 clear

  • Woodruff Decoy
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    Ftw Woodruff Decoy `Feathers`hips 4/3,elbows 0, eyes clear, pra clear, a gentle giant, Handsome, Strong and very stylish

  • Quarnford Ptarmagen (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Quarnford Ptarmagen
    (Fergus) is a lovely dark yellow dependable dog with an immense hunting ethic and energy.

    Fully health tested: Current clear eye certificate.
    Clear DNA tests: SD2/PRA/EIC/CNM
    Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0

    He is a winner of several field trial awards as well as placings in working tests. Fergus excels in the shooting field as a relaxed peg dog he does on average 20-25 days a year with up to 300 bird days as well as picking up. He is totally reliable and has been on numerous shoots on all types of game. He is a proven stud dog producing some .... (click to read more)

  • Henergy Desert Drive
    Health Tested

    Health testing is imperative to the Henergy kennels. All our dogs have hip and elbow scores. Current eye certificates. CNM and Optigen clear certificates or are bred hereditery clear.
    "Scooby" is available at stud to approved bitches.
    We believe in a healthy happy stud dog with a superb temperament.
    Always attentive and wanting to please Scooby has been a joy to train and work with.
    He has sired litters of working and field trial dogs, drugs search and canine partner dogs and of course the much loved pet.

  • Calderhey Digger of Fallowfen
    Health Tested

    Digger is a very keen outgoing black labrador dog, full of fun and quick on his feet. He has a strong athletic build with soft temperament.
    Digger is showing fantastic working ability and will be a strong part of the picking up team this winter.

    Digger has a strong working pedigree carrying some famous working dog from top gundog kennels including Drakeshead, Mansengreen, Willowyck and Brindlebay just to name a few.

    Stud fee 300

  • Janfran Shadowy Magic
    Health Tested

    Sholto is a very handsome and biddable dog, and a proven stud dog, having produced many litters of super puppies.DNA CNM & prcd - PRA clear

  • Romantic Rebel
    Health Tested

    Superb Yellow Labrador.
    Low Hip score and eye tested.
    Excellent Pedigree and Temperament, proven sire.
    Casper picks up on a large commercial shoot on Exmoor but he is first and foremost a loving family pet. We also have his mother and son. All can be seen.

  • Highhouse Ferto
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Ferto is a gentle, human orientated dog standing at public stud. He is kind and patient with bitches.

    Ferto has a Clear BVA Eye Certificate, BVA sored hips of 4/2, with 0 elbows.

    Ferto is black carrying chocolate with no yellow gene. Therefore his pups will be black or black and chocolate, depending on the bitch.

    Ferto is genetically clear of prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, MCD and narcolepsy.

    Therefore DNA untested bitches using him cannot produce puppies which are prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC or narcolepsy affected.

    Ferto has a friendly nature and a natural instinct to .... (click to read more)

  • Wellsummer Checkmate of Highshot (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    FTW Wellsummer Checkmate of Highshot. (Harvey).

    Harvey is a very handsome good natured dog. He is very intelligent and has been very easy to train. He won a Novice Field Trial last shooting season (2015/16) very decisively. He will be running in Open Field Trials this coming season and I am looking forward to him realising his full potential.
    Harvey is a reliable and popular stud dog and has sired some very nice litters. He carries the yellow gene and will produce both black and yellow puppies depending upon the breeding of the bitches brought to him. The puppies produced are .... (click to read more)

  • Icknieldfarm Elderfield
    Health Tested

    Icknieldfarm Elderfield 'Copper' a proven stunning fox red shade of yellow.

    Coming from a field trial working lineage he is a fine example of a athletic medium size working Labrador. Key attributes consisting of, brilliant confirmation thus enabling him to be supremely agile over ground with endless stamina, a real powerhouse of a Labrador

    He is an uncomplicated dog, with manners to burn; Copper is a very kind and even tempered dog, that is always willing to please. With bags of enthusiasm to learn, he has been a joy to train.

    Predominantly a family pet he has also proven .... (click to read more)

  • Northvale Waldron'S Pride
    Blandford Forum
    Health Tested

    At Stud in Dorset, Black Working Ladrador, carring fox red / yellow.
    Hips total 11, elbows total 0, Currant clear eye test and hereditary dna (Labokin)tested clear for PRA and cnm.
    Sire - FTch Brackenbird Minnow - int FTch Graighorn Bracken
    Dam - Leadburn Ellis By FTch Hillus Clyde / FTch Rockinstone Hope Of Leadburn.
    For more information contact ;

  • Highhouse Piros Mero
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Piro is a Fox red shade of yellow dog.

    Lovely temperament, very willing to please.

    3/3 hip, 0 elbows, prcd/PRA, EIC, CMN, SD2 clear. BVA anual eye test.

    He is also DNA profiled.

    Amazingly athletic, and a joy to have around.

    Piro is home bred out of our Mero, whose dam Laurel has 0/0 hips and a BVA clear old age eye test at 9.5 years. So 3 generations home bred.

    Piro is a happy house trained dog, and lives within the home, or outside.

  • Foxhart Fix You
    Burghfield Common
    Health Tested

    Oakley, out of FTCh Wendearose Hector of Riversway, is a handsome homebred Labrador. He is a proven sire and holds a current clear eye certificate, hip score 4:3, & elbows 0:0. He was my pick of the litter from Asha's first litter to a FTCh sire and is proving to be a very kind, biddable dog. He is an excellent gamefinder, very fast and eager to please. He has a nice kind, enthusiastic temperament. A great member of the family, with a even and lovable temperament. He is medium sized, with a strong head and a good muzzle.

    He is available to approved bitches who have at the very least .... (click to read more)

  • Cognome Murphy
    Health Tested

    MURPHY IS NOW RETIRED but he still lives me and the rest of the family. A little bit about him, I bred Murphy myself I can vouch for his wonderful temperment - he has no vices. Adorable petdog and excellent in the field.

    Murphy was one of 6 pups and although it had not been my initial intention to keep one of the pups he was too delightful to let go.

    Although Murphy works well throughout the shooting season he remains a fantastic pet dog. His favorite toy is a cuddly Poo Bear! This sums up his character.

    Murphy's litters have varied from all black to tri-colour litters. .... (click to read more)

  • Waggeyt Jacob
    Health Tested

    Black Labrador Retriever Jacob Bred by Assured Breeder WaggeyT FANTASTIC HIP 0/3 AND ELBOW 0/0 SCORE EXCELLENT PEDIGREE,EYES TESTED CLEAR genetically clear CNM EIC PRC EDTA Blood 8067 Narcolepsy Wonderful best friend easy to train great companion born 09/04/2012

  • Fellfox Pippit
    Health Tested

    Raven is a fantastic working dog with a lovely soft nature. He's very keen and biddable.

    He's a proven stud dog that carries yellow.

  • Cognome Arcano Pablo
    Health Tested

    My name is Pablo and I am the 4th generation of my breeder. Apparently I am perfect.

    I have been out picking up this year on both a little fun shoot and a large commercial shoot. Apparently I'm doing well and have taken to it like a duck to water.

    Talking about water .... I cannot get enough. I am happy to swim anywhere.

    I was one of 8 in my litter. 5 black and 3 yellow although the other two "yellow" pups were what is classed as "red". I am most definitely yellow.

    I am quite a big boy but by no means a show style. I am very slim, tall with a strong but .... (click to read more)

  • Feranbank Chilli
    Health Tested

    Feranbank Chilli of Sealsun has been a fun dog to train, he is very loyal and wants to please.

  • King Makunudu
    Health Tested

    Max is a stunning fox red shade of yellow square headed Labrador. He is almost 4 years old and proven in the field. He is full brother to Spencer. He is a real soft dog at home with a loving and loyal personality.

    Although their father is not a FTCH he was chosen for his manners, temperament and working ability and this shines through in these two brothers.

    Max has a fantastic working ability and is a steady worker who will work all day long and not give up. He easily covers all terrains and finds game in a stylish way.

    Max's hips are 5:5
    CNM Clear

    He has been .... (click to read more)