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  • Highhouse Rhun (Ftw)
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Highhouse Rhun (Dell) was both Novice and Open 2012 Isle of Man champion, and then became FTW in October 2012 at just over 2 years old.

    He is now a proven sire, and available at stud here in Cumbria. He shares the family traits of willingness, calmness and friendliness, and his health test profile is impossible to improve on: hips 0/0; elbows 0; annual eye pass; N/N clear of PRA, CNM and EIC. As well as the kennel club listed tests above, he is also hereditarily N/N clear of narcolepsy.

    As he is clear of the Labrador diseases prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC and .... (click to read more)

  • Hawkslow Timber
    Health Tested

    Hawkslow Timber
    Dam: Hawkslow Love in the Mist
    Sire: Peanut Storm at Hawkslow
    Eyes Clear
    Hips: 3:5
    Timber is the son of Field Trial winner Hawkslow Love in the Mist and Field Trial winner Peanut Storm at Hawkslow. He is a good looking, intelligent dog and a very valued member of my picking up team.

  • Wingbeat Skipper
    Nr Ripon
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Wingbeat Skipper (Skip) is a good-looking, black-carrying-chocolate working dog by F.T.W. Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead out of a bitch by F.T.Ch. Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead.
    PRA: Clear
    CNM: Clear
    EIC: Clear
    SD2: Clear
    Hips: 3/7
    Elbows: 0
    Current clear eye certificate.
    His stud fee for 2015 is 350.
    Because of his DNA status, even if Skipper is mated to a bitch which hasn't been DNA tested, he will not produce puppies affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy - which causes blindness; Centronuclear Myopathy - which causes muscle wastage sometimes to a degree that .... (click to read more)

  • Mistigri'S Da Do Ron Ron Gaytonwood
    Kislingbury, Northampton
    Health Tested

    Flyte is a lovely biddable dog.

  • Wrenmarsh Blade at Julesjem
    Health Tested

    Vinny is a son of Ruby from her 1st litter. Vinny takes after his Sire & is a big rangy dog that really covers the ground.Vinny has now proven himself as a superb shoot day companion,he is rock solid on the peg,will work in the beating line & pick up all day long. Vinny is very laid back with the most gentle nature,combined with a fantastic nose,excellent drive & attitude to work,i could not wish for a nicer dog.

  • Cognome Arcano Pablo
    Health Tested

    My name is Pablo and I am the 4th generation of my breeder. Apparently I am perfect.

    I have been out picking up this year on both a little fun shoot and a large commercial shoot. Apparently I'm doing well and have taken to it like a duck to water.

    Talking about water .... I cannot get enough. I am happy to swim anywhere.

    I was one of 8 in my litter. 5 black and 3 yellow although the other two "yellow" pups were what is classed as "red". I am most definitely yellow.

    I am quite a big boy but by no means a show style. I am very slim, tall with a strong but .... (click to read more)

  • Icknieldfarm Elderfield
    Health Tested

    Icknieldfarm Elderfield 'Copper' a proven stunning fox red shade of yellow.

    Coming from a field trial working lineage he is a fine example of a athletic medium size working Labrador. Key attributes consisting of, brilliant confirmation thus enabling him to be supremely agile over ground with endless stamina, a real powerhouse of a Labrador

    He is an uncomplicated dog, with manners to burn; Copper is a very kind and even tempered dog, that is always willing to please. With bags of enthusiasm to learn, he has been a joy to train.

    Predominantly a family pet he has also proven .... (click to read more)

  • Lalande Du Taillis Madame of Stagshead (Imp Fra)
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

    He is a lovely stocky old traditional type Labrador.
    He was imported from France when a puppy, he has a lovely nature.
    He has been health tested,
    Hips 0/0
    Elbows 0/0
    Eyes clear
    PRA clear
    CNM clear
    Narc clear
    EIC carrier - he is to be used on clear bitches only

  • Winsome Flyer by Christinwood
    Christinwood German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    Black carrying Fox Red Shade Of Yellow and Yellow, Tarquin is a proven stud dog, producing healthy, quality puppies.

    Full of love, fun and mischief, Tarquin is a joy to be with, it is a pleasure to spend time with him. Raised in a family environment, Tarquin takes all things in his stride, in fact, his best friends are a cat and a three year old!! Great with dogs of all shapes and sizes, horses, chickens, ducks and cats, this boy really enjoys life.

    A stunningly handsome chap, Tarquin has a wonderful, strong head, good chest, nice leg length and excellent proportions. He is .... (click to read more)

  • Cerbora Simply Cider
    Health Tested

    An experienced stud dog, calm and gentle natured, great with children and other animals.

  • Bombardier Boris
    Gorsegrange Labradors
    Health Tested

    Bombardier Boris is a super handsome chap that has a wonderful welcoming nature. Boris displays a square short coupled frame with a true otter tail and a masculine square head. Boris features champs in his pedigree as well as coming from working stock. Boris is our family pet and has the most wonderful nature. Boris really stamps his stock well in both quality and temperament. Boris is also health tested, holding a current clear eye test, hip score 5 and elbow 0.

  • Laurinco Red Flame of Hollowgate
    Health Tested

    Laurinco red flame of hollowgate is a superb red fox shade of yellow labrador. He is 3years old and has an excellent temperament, he is always willing to please you and loves to work. Fynn works 3 days a week picking up in the winter, and trains for working tests and trial. He has excellent health tests 1:1 hips,0:0 elbows and is gpra & cnm hereditarily clear. Is also tested for eic and sd2 dwarfism, both of which are clear, a current clear eye certificate is also available.He is a proven sire his last litter produced 11 puppies. Fee 400

  • Sevenlocks Henry
    Health Tested

    Hips 2:3, elbows 0. Optigen prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, Narcolepsy, RD/OSD, HNPK, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy, MCD and Cystinuria all normal/clear. Signficance for breeding: As Henry is a non-carrier of these genetic diseases, he can breed with any female (carrier/non-carrier or status unknown if she hasn't been dna tested) & there will be no clinically affected puppies in any of his litters from any of these terrible diseases which can affect Labradors, neither will he pass on the genes that cause them. This is an extremely important consideration when choosing a stud dog, if the dna status of the .... (click to read more)

  • Henergy Rushin To Be
    Health Tested

    Bred with thought, Owned with love."Ottis is a stunning handsome male, with a classic head,he is well boned, muscled and athletic,with power and drive. Everyone falls in love with him. He is as you would expect a healthy happy stud dog with a superb temperament.
    Hips 2;4. Elbows 0;0. CNM and Optigen hereditery clear. Current eye certificate. At Stud to approved tested bitches.

  • Sorrelcott Missouri of Greenfox (Ftw)
    Downham Market
    Health Tested

    FTW Sorrelcott Missouri of Greenfox "Pete"
    A extremely handsome dark yellow working Labrador
    Pete is now a FIELD TRIAL WINNER
    Fully health tested, exciting young dog with lots of potential
    In his first field trial season Pete placed 1st at the EALRC novice stake gaining his entry into the KC stud book.

    Pete's Health Tests

    Hips 2/3
    Elbows 0/0
    Current clear eye cert March 2016
    SD2- CLEAR

    STUD FEE- .... (click to read more)

  • Bollo Boy
    Health Tested

    Bollo Boy (Marley) is a very fit and handsome black lab. He is a fantastic member of our family, with such a lovely temperament. Very good with children and simply a joy to be with! Both his parents are working gun dogs, he's very clever and obedient. Marleys won a few rosettes at local dog shows. He's KC registered and all paperwork can be seen along with his 5 generation pedigree.
    As Marleys not proven, fees are negotiable.

    Eye examination - clear
    12th July 2016

    Hip score 7/8
    25th May 2016

    Elbow score 0/0
    25th May 2016

  • Royal Russet at Annsfarm
    Health Tested

    Bracken is a big, strong fox red shade of yellow dog who we will be trialling this coming season 2008/2009. He is an absolute gentleman to live with and very steady when out working. He works well as part of a team or on his own and is a kind and honest dog with lots of drive and stamina. He is proven at stud and we are now waiting to see how his children progress as working gundogs.

    He has had various placings in working tests and field trials and in November 2011 he was placed SECOND in The Yorkshire Gundog Club NOVICE FIELD TRIAL held at Everingham Park, Yorkshire and on 8th .... (click to read more)

  • Wellsummer Nipon (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner. Fynn a well bred lovely biddable, handsome black Labrador. He is Extremely athletic, stylish, fast, hard going and hard hunting but at the same time very soft natured and eager to please.Proven stud dog. Stud fee 400

    Hips 3:6
    Current clear eye certificate
    DNA Tested Clear for prcd-PRA

  • Augustus Yogi Bear
    Health Tested

    Yogi is a lovely family pet. He is from good working lines with ftch in his pedigree. I would love a puppy from him so that I can keep this line going. There would not be a stud fee and I would be willing to pay for a puppy. I bred him and his mum died last year (13.5yrs old). This dog has a temperament to die for. He is proven this year.

  • Birdsgreen Morse of Featherfly (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Fergus is my young dog for 2014. He is now a Field Trial Winner. He finished 2nd in his first trial and then won in his third trial.He is a quick learner and wants to please, very friendly temperament good with both people and other dogs alike and a character. He is a good looking dog and close to the breed standard.See his attached pedigree which is full of Field Trial Champions. I feel sure he will do well in Open Field Trials next season.

    2nd Novice Field Trial Norfolk Gundog Club November 2014.
    1st Novice Field Trial Essex Gundog Society November 2014.