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  • Swaine Dentanum of Saffronlyn
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Murphy is now aged 9 years old and has sired several litters throughout his working career. His progeny have gone on to prove themselves in the shooting field and compete regularly at retriever working tests. Murphy himself still has a zest for working and is a regular member of the picking up team during the shooting season. Over the years he has won many awards in novice, open and latterly veteran working Gundog tests. Murphy is health tested and is at stud to approved bitches only.

  • Wingbeat Skipper
    Nr Ripon
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Wingbeat Skipper (Skip) is a good-looking, black-carrying-chocolate working dog by F.T.W. Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead out of a bitch by F.T.Ch. Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead.
    PRA: Clear
    CNM: Clear
    EIC: Clear
    SD2: Clear
    Hips: 3/7
    Elbows: 0
    Current clear eye certificate.
    His stud fee for 2015 is 350.
    Because of his DNA status, even if Skipper is mated to a bitch which hasn't been DNA tested, he will not produce puppies affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy - which causes blindness; Centronuclear Myopathy - which causes muscle wastage sometimes to a degree that .... (click to read more)

  • Lynabbians Special Dream at Jaynte
    Health Tested

    Big soft, Athletic looking working lab, lovely temperament and great with kids.
    Albert loves going to training and competing in working trials.
    Eyes: Clear
    Hips and elbows: 3:5 and clear elbows

  • Maylandlea Urchin
    Health Tested

    Maylandlea Urchin (Morse) at stud to approved bitches Somerset/Wiltshire border.
    Annual eye unaffected
    Hips 5/4
    Pra clear
    Cmm clear
    Sd2 clear

  • Ft Ch Chancelend Pitch of Heathergaye
    Heathergaye Labrador Retrievers
    Health Tested

    Pitch has a superb temperament, is nice and sensible to have around but is also eye-catching, stylish and hard working. He has won 3 one-day Open stakes and is now a Field Trial Champion. Hips 3:3, elbows 0, current clear eye certificate (8.2.17). Hereditary clear of Gpra and Cnm.

  • Lhyner Breeze at Anneryvalley
    Health Tested

    Murphy is a big strong Labrador with a superb temperament. We have high hopes that he will become a top quality gundog.

  • Highhouse Piros Mero
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Piro is a Fox red shade of yellow dog.

    Lovely temperament, very willing to please.

    3/3 hip, 0 elbows, prcd/PRA, EIC, CMN, SD2 clear. BVA anual eye test.

    He is also DNA profiled.

    Amazingly athletic, and a joy to have around.

    Piro is home bred out of our Mero, whose dam Laurel has 0/0 hips and a BVA clear old age eye test at 9.5 years. So 3 generations home bred.

    Piro is a happy house trained dog, and lives within the home, or outside.

  • Henergy Desert Drive
    Health Tested

    Health testing is imperative to the Henergy kennels. All our dogs have hip and elbow scores. Current eye certificates. CNM and Optigen clear certificates or are bred hereditery clear.
    "Scooby" is available at stud to approved bitches.
    We believe in a healthy happy stud dog with a superb temperament.
    Always attentive and wanting to please Scooby has been a joy to train and work with.
    He has sired litters of working and field trial dogs, drugs search and canine partner dogs and of course the much loved pet.

  • Wrenmarsh Blade at Julesjem
    Health Tested

    Vinny is a son of Ruby from her 1st litter. Vinny takes after his Sire & is a big rangy dog that really covers the ground.Vinny has now proven himself as a superb shoot day companion,he is rock solid on the peg,will work in the beating line & pick up all day long. Vinny is very laid back with the most gentle nature,combined with a fantastic nose,excellent drive & attitude to work,i could not wish for a nicer dog.

  • Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse (Cairn) is an enthusiastic and biddable chocolate dog.

    Extensively health tested, Cairn has 4/2 hips, 0 elbows, and is genetically N/N clear of prcd PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, MCD and narcolepsy. He holds a current BVA Eye pass, from his a regular annual eye tests.

    He is also DNA profiled.

    Cairn has his first 0/0 scored hipped offspring.

    Any bitch mating with Cairn cannot produce affected puppies for the Labrador diseases prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, MCD or narcolepsy, irrespective of her status.

    Cairn is from a long line containing .... (click to read more)

  • Verrad Eros
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested


    Verrad Labradors are very proud to offer at stud, Verrad Eros who is sired by the chocolate Field Trial Winner, Styleside Xanadu.

    Verrad Eros is an extremely fit, athletic working chocolate Labrador who regularly picks up in the shooting season.

    He has the most gentle, even temperament which has made him very easy to train.

    Verrad Eros is health tested:

    Hip scored: 5+5 = 10
    Elbow graded: 0/0
    Current clear eye test certificate
    Hereditarily 'clear' for prcd-PRA
    Hereditarily 'clear' for CNM
    Hereditarily 'clear' for .... (click to read more)

  • Higgscroft Avenger (Ftw)
    Melton Mowbray
    Health Tested

    Thor is a true gentleman and is very loyal and honest. He has great style and good hunting drive and takes his work very seriously. He has been very easy and a real pleasure to train and he is very reliable and consistent in his work.
    He has won a field trial and had other awards in open field trials.
    He is a great all round dog for the shooting field.

  • Skegby Jake
    Health Tested

    Kc reg Black Labrador at stud

    He is a working dog with a good nose and happy to go on any ground or water, he is also our family pet and great with other animals and children.
    Eyes clear. Hips 2/2 =4.
    Jake is looking to start his stud career now, having been given time to mature.
    Price: 200

  • Oystercove Ace of Spades
    Health Tested

    Producing beautifull puppies.Buson works during shooting season.All health certificates hips 3-2 elbows 0-0 currant clear eye certificate and unaffected by TRD, GPRA,CPRA, HC,

  • Wellsummer Checkmate of Highshot (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    FTW Wellsummer Checkmate of Highshot. (Harvey).

    Harvey is a very handsome good natured dog. He is very intelligent and has been very easy to train. He won a Novice Field Trial last shooting season (2015/16) very decisively. He will be running in Open Field Trials this coming season and I am looking forward to him realising his full potential.
    Harvey is a reliable and popular stud dog and has sired some very nice litters. He carries the yellow gene and will produce both black and yellow puppies depending upon the breeding of the bitches brought to him. The puppies produced are .... (click to read more)

  • Ettinsmoor Mister Ed
    Kings Lynn
    Health Tested

    Ed is a fully health tested stunning looking young dog who will be trained to Field Trial standard but I also hope to show him in the Gamekeepers Ring at Crufts where hopefully he will follow in his dam's footsteps and win! He will be competing in gundog working tests in 2016 and field trials in 2017.

  • Boggwater Pinotage Bell
    Health Tested

    Boggwater Pinitagge Bell.
    Aka Stamford.
    Fox Red Shade of Yellow Lab Retriever, Proven Stud.
    Hips 3/4 Elbows 0/0.
    Current Clear Eye Pass.

    Very strong athletic Handsome Dog, picks up during shooting season on various oxfordshire shoots from 30 to 1000 bird days.
    Rock steady at peg with outstanding game finding ability.
    Stamfords dam is one of our dogs with 0/0 hips & Elbows and has passed her rock steady nature and game finding qualities to her son.
    Stamford comes from a long line of Fox Red Shade of Yellow Labrador ancestors on his dam line and his sire was very .... (click to read more)

  • Henergy Rushin To Be
    Health Tested

    Bred with thought, Owned with love."Ottis is a stunning handsome male, with a classic head,he is well boned, muscled and athletic,with power and drive. Everyone falls in love with him. He is as you would expect a healthy happy stud dog with a superb temperament.
    Hips 2;4. Elbows 0;0. CNM and Optigen hereditery clear. Current eye certificate. At Stud to approved tested bitches.

  • Guy of Wein
    Health Tested

    Meet our handsome Golden Labrador Retriever Charlie! We are looking to breed from him! He is Kennel Club registered as Guy of Wein. Drakeshead bloodline includes Field Champions. We recently had his eyes and hip/elbows scores done which came back very good. Please contact me if any further information is needed.
    Charlie is very friendly and excellent family dog.
    Eyes: Unaffected 4/8/2016.
    Hips: 3/4 30/8/2016.
    Elbows: 0/0 30/8/2016.

  • Highhouse Rhun (Ftw)
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Highhouse Rhun (Dell) was both Novice and Open 2012 Isle of Man champion, and then became FTW in October 2012 at just over 2 years old.

    He is now a proven sire, and available at stud here in Cumbria. He shares the family traits of willingness, calmness and friendliness, and his health test profile is impossible to improve on: hips 0/0; elbows 0; annual eye pass; N/N clear of PRA, CNM and EIC. As well as the kennel club listed tests above, he is also hereditarily N/N clear of narcolepsy.

    As he is clear of the Labrador diseases prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC and .... (click to read more)