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  • Swaine Dentanum of Saffronlyn
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Murphy is now aged 9 years old and has sired several litters throughout his working career. His progeny have gone on to prove themselves in the shooting field and compete regularly at retriever working tests. Murphy himself still has a zest for working and is a regular member of the picking up team during the shooting season. Over the years he has won many awards in novice, open and latterly veteran working Gundog tests. Murphy is health tested and is at stud to approved bitches only.

  • Snowbodie Beach Boy
    Health Tested

    Bo is a much loved family pet who lives with 2 other dogs, cats, chickens and ducks and 3 children!
    He is a very fit and handsome boy with a calm, biddable nature.
    He is a proven stud to 7 chunky pups.
    Excellent screening results;
    HIPS 2/3
    ELBOWS 0/0
    EYES Unaffected

  • Manormynd Vision of Wickmoor
    Wickmoor Labradors
    Health Tested


    Blue is a fully health tested mid - dark yellow dog - hip score 0:0, elbow score 0:0 and PRA, CNM and EIC clear. He is FTW x FTW bred. His sire is FTW Stauntonvale's Mr Grey, a very promising up and coming dog.

    We both love FTCH Mediterrian Blue and so spent time sourcing a well bred puppy with this dog in the pedigree.

    Blue has such a lovely work ethic. He is always rock steady yet very driven.

    Blue will be trained with the intention to trial him in 2017.

    Blue has shown great promise in puppy tests during the summer of .... (click to read more)

  • Caulliechat Nightshade of Donian
    Health Tested

    Brogan is a very fast stylish dog that performed very well at the working tests 2016. He has a lovley soft temprement

  • Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW
    Health Tested

    Lovely yellow dog who moves well, has good conformation with a kind head and temperament; lively and willing to please. Has done very well in the show ring winning 13 class firsts at championship level to date, 6 Best of Breeds at Open Shows a 3rd place at Crufts 2015 in Puppy Dog and VHC in Graduate in 2016.
    Ted has now gained his Junior Warrant and Stud Book Number which has qualified him for Crufts for life.
    Ted's half brother is CH Warringah's Perth JW ShCM.

    Critiques: Felton Page's Marshwiggle Mr Carson.
    Promising yellow puppy. Kind head and expression. Correct scissor .... (click to read more)

  • Teallilly Brambling
    Health Tested

    Black Labrador, stunning looking, excellent temperament, good picking-up dog showing more potential. My husband has recently started competing with him in working & cold game tests.

  • Wingbeat Magnum
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Drummer is a strongly constructed dark chocolate dog with a good trial pedigree, 0/0 hips, 0 elbows and hereditarily clear for prcdPRA, CNM and EIC.His stud fee is £300. Please contact by telephone 01677 470243 or 07875098589

  • Mochuto Majesty at Ladykenz
    New Cumnock
    Health Tested

    Harry is fast and exciting young dark yellow dog, taking everything in his stride and learning fast. We bought Harry in to compliment the daughters of my stud dog Redelm Captain and the gamble has paid off. His bitchline is a nice outcross and this means he will suit daughters and granddaughters of some more popular stud dogs like FTCH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn and FTCH Craighorn Bracken.

  • Laurinco Red Flame of Hollowgate
    Health Tested

    Laurinco red flame of hollowgate is a superb red fox shade of yellow labrador. He is 3years old and has an excellent temperament, he is always willing to please you and loves to work. Fynn works 3 days a week picking up in the winter, and trains for working tests and trial. He has excellent health tests 1:1 hips,0:0 elbows and is gpra & cnm hereditarily clear. Is also tested for eic and sd2 dwarfism, both of which are clear, a current clear eye certificate is also available.He is a proven sire his last litter produced 11 puppies. Fee £400

  • River Meadow Oak
    Rivermeadow Labradors
    Haywards Heath
    Health Tested

    River Meadow Oak – Fourth generation with 0:0 hips! Elbows 0:0, clear eyes, DNA tested clear Optigen PRA, EIC and CNM.

    In addition to Oak’s outstanding hip score history (he has zero hips, as do both his sire and dam, grand sire and great grandsire), he is one of the most gentle and loving dogs I have had the pleasure to share my life with. Keen and biddable, an athletic, well put together little dog who is also a natural game finder, Oak is a joy to work in any discipline, whether it be Picking Up, Working Tests or Dog Agility.

    Oak lives indoors as part of the family, and .... (click to read more)

  • Smultronstig Ben Boloparte
    Health Tested

    Oden (Smultronstig Ben Boloparte) is one of the puppies we decided to keep from Ronja's first litter. He is developing into a gorgeous, athletic young dog who is very affectionate and eager to please. He spends much of his time happily playing in the garden with his sister Freya.

    Oden is currently completing his KC Good Citizen Gold Award and also attends both starter agility and competitive obedience classes.

    He has test scores of 0/0 elbows and 3/4 hips. He has a current clear BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme certificate and is hereditary clear for prcd-PRA, EIC, CNM and SD2. .... (click to read more)

  • Highhouse Rhun (Ftw)
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Highhouse Rhun (Dell) was both Novice and Open 2012 Isle of Man champion, and then became FTW in October 2012 at just over 2 years old.

    He is now a proven sire, and available at stud here in Cumbria. He shares the family traits of willingness, calmness and friendliness, and his health test profile is impossible to improve on: hips 0/0; elbows 0; annual eye pass; N/N clear of PRA, CNM and EIC. As well as the kennel club listed tests above, he is also hereditarily N/N clear of narcolepsy.

    As he is clear of the Labrador diseases prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC and .... (click to read more)

  • Chellmac Brett Hodgson
    Health Tested

    Buddy is a KC registered yellow Labrador from good blood lines and very good health tests.
    eye examination unaffected/clear .elbow 0/0 .hips 4/5-9. 8/4/14.DNA-CNM unaffected clear. prcd PRA NORMAL/CLEAR. EIC unaffected normal .
    Buddy is a pleasure to own and excellent with children and other pets , he is proven and stud fee is £250 on first tie, two ties covers .Buddy is from duel breeding ,his dam is show type and Buddy's sire is from working lines ,best off both worlds .

  • Boggwater Pinotage Bell
    Health Tested

    Boggwater Pinitagge Bell.
    Aka Stamford.
    Fox Red Shade of Yellow Lab Retriever, Proven Stud.
    Hips 3/4 Elbows 0/0.
    Current Clear Eye Pass.

    Very strong athletic Handsome Dog, picks up during shooting season on various oxfordshire shoots from 30 to 1000 bird days.
    Rock steady at peg with outstanding game finding ability.
    Stamfords dam is one of our dogs with 0/0 hips & Elbows and has passed her rock steady nature and game finding qualities to her son.
    Stamford comes from a long line of Fox Red Shade of Yellow Labrador ancestors on his dam line and his sire was very .... (click to read more)

  • Sealsun Herb
    Health Tested

    Sealsun Herb (Herbie)carries yellow, He is nicely built lab dog that was very easy to train. He is a proven sire producing some cracking pups.

  • Trefaldwyn Kayf Tara
    Health Tested

    Superbly bred, very handsome son of Int. F.T.Ch. Waysgreen Apollo out of our brilliant picking up bitch, daughter of Int.F.T.Ch. Terminane Aisling of Shimnavale. Mungo has proved in his first season at the renowned Vaynor Shoot to be a fast, stylish and very biddable dog. His novice trialling season will be next year.
    Mungo's health checks are comprehensive and first class, he is available to selected health checked bitches.
    Hips 3 : 3
    Elbows 0 : 0
    Hereditary clear P.R.A. & E.I.C. & C.N.M.

  • Winsome Flyer by Christinwood
    Christinwood German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    Black carrying Fox Red Shade Of Yellow and Yellow, Tarquin is a proven stud dog, producing healthy, quality puppies.

    Full of love, fun and mischief, Tarquin is a joy to be with, it is a pleasure to spend time with him. Raised in a family environment, Tarquin takes all things in his stride, in fact, his best friends are a cat and a three year old!! Great with dogs of all shapes and sizes, horses, chickens, ducks and cats, this boy really enjoys life.

    A stunningly handsome chap, Tarquin has a wonderful, strong head, good chest, nice leg length and excellent proportions. He is .... (click to read more)

  • Icknieldfarm Elderfield
    Health Tested

    Icknieldfarm Elderfield 'Copper' a proven stunning fox red shade of yellow.

    Coming from a field trial working lineage he is a fine example of a athletic medium size working Labrador. Key attributes consisting of, brilliant confirmation thus enabling him to be supremely agile over ground with endless stamina, a real powerhouse of a Labrador

    He is an uncomplicated dog, with manners to burn; Copper is a very kind and even tempered dog, that is always willing to please. With bags of enthusiasm to learn, he has been a joy to train.

    Predominantly a family pet he has also proven .... (click to read more)

  • Grangemead Blade at Highhouse
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Blade is a power athlete and a genuine character. He has matured into a fast learning, enthusiastic worker and affectionate family dog. He is a proven sire.

    His BVA tests: hip 1/2; elbow 0; eye test clear (tested annually).

    His DNA tests: Optigen PRA clear; Alfort CNM clear; Laboklin EIC and narcolepsy clear. All certificates can be seen.

    None of his puppies can be born with the Labrador diseases of prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC or narcolepsy, no matter what testing has or has not been done on the bitch.

    Blade is yellow coated on a chocolate dog: bbee.

    His dam is a .... (click to read more)

  • Bleaberry Ace
    Nr Stone
    Health Tested

    Proven sire of fabulous strong healthy pups.