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  • Fyrish Merrils
    Health Tested

    A good looking honest boy, he's enjoyed going picking up this season and works well with the rest of the team, I will run him in working test through the spring/summer and then hope to trail him 2016/2017
    Sire:- FTCH Emmanygan Rocket of Chatsworth
    Dam:- Fenway on the Wing of Fyrish
    Kennel Name:- Maurice
    Hips:- 4/7
    Elbows :- 0/0
    Eyes Clear April 2016
    PRA Clear CNM Clear SD2 Clear Carries colour yellow

    Proven at stud

  • Cognome Arcano Pablo
    Health Tested

    My name is Pablo and I am the 4th generation of my breeder. Apparently I am perfect.

    I have been out picking up this year on both a little fun shoot and a large commercial shoot. Apparently I'm doing well and have taken to it like a duck to water.

    Talking about water .... I cannot get enough. I am happy to swim anywhere.

    I was one of 8 in my litter. 5 black and 3 yellow although the other two "yellow" pups were what is classed as "red". I am most definitely yellow.

    I am quite a big boy but by no means a show style. I am very slim, tall with a strong but .... (click to read more)

  • Swaine Dentanum of Saffronlyn
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Murphy is now aged 9 years old and has sired several litters throughout his working career. His progeny have gone on to prove themselves in the shooting field and compete regularly at retriever working tests. Murphy himself still has a zest for working and is a regular member of the picking up team during the shooting season. Over the years he has won many awards in novice, open and latterly veteran working Gundog tests. Murphy is health tested and is at stud to approved bitches only.

  • Tarnedge Firth
    Nr Ripon
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Tarnedge Firth (Jazz) is a brilliant young working yellow dog by Kenmillto Bluebell Boy (by F.T.Champion Dargdaffin Dynamo)X Tarnedge Tilia (by F.T.Champion Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill).
    He also carries the chocolate gene.
    DNA Clear of PRA
    DNA Clear of CNM
    DNA Clear of EIC
    DNA Clear of SD2
    Hips: 3/3
    Elbows: 0
    Current Clear Eye Certificate.
    His stud fee for 2016 is 350.
    Because of his DNA status, even if Jazz is mated to a bitch which hasn't been DNA tested, he will not produce puppies affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy - which causes blindness; .... (click to read more)

  • Copperbirch Churchill of Varkata
    N Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Copperbirch Churchill of Varkata
    Hip score 3/4
    Elbow score 0
    Hereditary Clear CNM and PRA
    DNA tested clear EIC
    Current clear eye certificate

  • Tibea Malt
    Health Tested

    Tibea Malt of Sealsun (Coal) is a dog that just lives to work, He has speed and strength in the field. But is calm and chilled at home.

  • Raynestone Mar Lodge
    Health Tested

    Yellow, tall, athletic, working strain Labrador.

    Prcd-PRA and CNM clear

    Due to be hip and elbow scored.

  • Mistigris Finn of Featherfly
    Health Tested

    Finn, sired by FTCh Levenghly Bee of Featherfly (Todd), will be my novice dog for 2017. He is showing very good signs at only 18 motnths of age and is a clever and responsive dog to train, just like his father. He is a handsome young dog with a wonderul temperament both in and out of training.

  • Strathlea Raven of Lochandaimh
    Health Tested

    Raven is a handsome, medium sized dog with an excellent pedigree to match. He has numerous awards in gundog working tests and is a valuable member of my picking up team. He is a quiet, kindly dog with a lot of natural ability, beautifully stylish and a confident retriever of any game.

  • Judiths Dark Fancy
    Health Tested

    Fantastic working dog with a very loyal and biddable temperment.
    Hips 0/0, Elbows 0/0, Current Yearly eye cert, Also Dna "clear" for PRA and CNM and /Skeletal Dysplasia 2
    Also carries yellow gene.

  • Highhouse Piros Mero
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Piro is a Fox red shade of yellow dog.

    Lovely temperament, very willing to please.

    3/3 hip, 0 elbows, prcd/PRA, EIC, CMN, SD2 clear. BVA anual eye test.

    He is also DNA profiled.

    Amazingly athletic, and a joy to have around.

    Piro is home bred out of our Mero, whose dam Laurel has 0/0 hips and a BVA clear old age eye test at 9.5 years. So 3 generations home bred.

    Piro is a happy house trained dog, and lives within the home, or outside.

  • Wilson of Stookleigh
    Health Tested

    Bear is a well bred working Labrador with a lovely temperament. Excellent with other dogs and children.
    Hips 2/2 = 4, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear
    Proven sire

  • Kinagar Steddie Eddie
    Health Tested

    We are proud to offer Kinagar Steddie Eddie for stud.
    Eddy is a stunning Fox Red shade of Yellow from Tasco , Flashmount Lines , Eddy is a very eye catching dog with a strong athletic build, he is very well bred with many FTCH in his pedigree

    Eddy has low hip scores of 3/3 and 0 for elbows he holds a current clear eye certificate and is also hereditary clear for prcd-PRA (DNA) . Eddy is a stylish dog who really covers ground and has proved to be an asset on the field, feather or fur no problem he loves cover and water and retrieves all his game in style.
    Eddy has been placed in .... (click to read more)

  • Brayston Chestnut Boy
    Health Tested

    Chester is a handsome fox red shade of yellow dog. He is bold, powerful and athletic, with an amazing work ethic yet a soft mouth and honest nature. Intelligent and easy to train, he is showing great ability in the field.

    Chester has a fantastic temperament, he is gentle, affectionate, and loyal, an absolute pleasure to have around the house.

    He is the perfect all round dog with a balanced pedigree and excellent health results. Hips 2/0

    Inbreeding Coefficient Value 4.4% (Annual breed average 6.5%)

    Visiting bitches must hold a current BVA clear eye certificate and .... (click to read more)

  • Gidgee Post
    Health Tested

    Wattle is a stunning example of the breed. He works brilliantly on land & water, is bidable, eager to please & steady with great personality.
    He is a proven stud & is well mannered with bitch's

  • Dunjailin Rocky Rogue of Westerkames (Ftw)
    Gortons & Westerkames
    Isle of Bute
    Health Tested

    A very exciting, strong young dog at the start of his career. Extremely fast and totally committed
    Diesel won his first novice trial at the Gordon District gun dog club

  • Manormynd Vision of Wickmoor
    Wickmoor Labradors
    Health Tested


    Blue is a fully health tested mid - dark yellow dog - hip score 0:0, elbow score 0:0 and PRA, CNM and EIC clear. He is FTW x FTW bred. His sire is FTW Stauntonvale's Mr Grey, a very promising up and coming dog.

    We both love FTCH Mediterrian Blue and so spent time sourcing a well bred puppy with this dog in the pedigree.

    Blue has such a lovely work ethic. He is always rock steady yet very driven.

    Blue will be trained with the intention to trial him in 2017.

    Blue has shown great promise in puppy tests during the summer of .... (click to read more)

  • Mekoro Storm Surge of Wickmoor
    Wickmoor Labradors
    Health Tested

    Harry joined us in 2015 as a puppy. He is FTCH x FTW bred. His sire being FTCH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn. He is a dark fox red shade of yellow colour.

    Fully health tested hips 4:4, elbows 0, clear current eye certificate, PRA, CNM, EIC and SD2 clear.

    Harry loves training, he has a natural marking ability and is very hard hunting. He is the most enthusiastic of our dogs and is a pleasure to train.

    He will be trained with the intention to work him on shoots from 2017/18 season and compete in working tests during the summer.

    He has a very respectful, calm .... (click to read more)

  • Quarnford Ptarmagen (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Quarnford Ptarmagen
    (Fergus) is a lovely dark yellow dependable dog with an immense hunting ethic and energy.

    Fully health tested: Current clear eye certificate.
    Clear DNA tests: SD2/PRA/EIC/CNM
    Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0

    He is a winner of several field trial awards as well as placings in working tests. Fergus excels in the shooting field as a relaxed peg dog he does on average 20-25 days a year with up to 300 bird days as well as picking up. He is totally reliable and has been on numerous shoots on all types of game. He is a proven stud dog producing some .... (click to read more)

  • Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels
    Health Tested

    Lovely young dog showing bags of promise. Very fit dog will produce excellent loving pups for work or play. Proven at stud. Located in the Scottish Borders. Plenty of ground and woods to complete the mating.

    Hawksgarth Belenus of Eshiels. Kennel Name Mr Gibbs. Kennel Club Stud Book Number 3510CZ

    PRA Clear. CNM Clear. Hips: 3:3, Elbows: 0:0, BVA Eyes Clear. SD2 Clear. Stud fee 400.