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  • Glenbriar Ethelred

    Health Tested

    Flashy handsome line bred Glenbriar male, light red, from Championship Bloodlines.

    Loads of natural ability, a real classy dog with a great temperament.

    Excellent pedigree, excellent health results:

    Hips 6 + 4

    Elbows 0 + 0

    DNA clear Pra Cnm & Sd2 Dwarfism

  • Sonbisegarry Sinbads Magic
    Health Tested

    Sinbad is our 3rd generation home bred dog and is a proven stud. He is Chocolate and does not carry yellow (DNA tested.) He has a mixture of show lines, some of which were worked, which helps give him genetic diversity. He has a wonderful laid back temperament and is very gentle. His extensive genetic tests means his puppies will not develop said diseases regardless of the bitches status, with the exception of Malignant Hyperthermia as a puppy only needs on gene from either parent to express symptoms of this disease. Sinbad is only available at stud to bitches that have been hip and elbow .... (click to read more)

  • Ft Ch Longcopse Bertie
    Health Tested

    FTCh Longcopse Bertie is a kind, gentle dog with great ability and a pleasure to own. He has numerous field trial awards in field trials and working tests. He is passing on his natural ability to his offspring with numerous field trial and working test winners.
    Hips 2:2, elbows 0, current eye certificate. Clear of PRA, CNM and SD2. For further information tel. 01793790827.

  • Am Ch Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress (Imp Usa)
    Health Tested

    Sire: Ch Sureshot Hyspire Impressive
    Dam: Ch Hyspire Ghostone Gloria

    Optigen A by Parentage
    Full Dentition

    Armani is Black carying Yellow

    Thank you to Judy, Vonnie & Lisa of Hyspire Labradors USA for allowing Armani to remain with us here at Ramsayville

    Armani has won 1 CC & 1 BOB

  • Quarnford Pochard of Rufriver (Ftw)
    Health Tested

    FTW Quarnford Pochard of Rufriver. Harold is a very stylish fox red shade of yellow Labrador dog by FTCh Mediterian Blue. He has a very smart natural hunting style and loves cover, water, jumping - bascially working! As one of our team, he is also used to being calm and confident in the office and accompanying the other dogs out picking up, sitting steadily at drives.

  • Mambrinos Thriller at Richbourne (Imp Nor)
    Health Tested

    We are so proud to have Thriller with us. He was bred in Norway by Jan Roger Sauge.I went over to bring him home as a six month old puppy. He is such a gentleman in every way and is proving to be a super stud dog bringing new bloodlines into the UK.

  • Carrockfell Warrior
    Health Tested

    Brock is a much loved family pet, who also works hard through the season, picking up and beating on commercial shoots and small local shoots. He is very biddable and was easy to train, it's in his blood, as his pedigree shows.

    He sired his first litter this year, a family of 5 black bitches

    Current clear eye test 4.10.2016
    Hip score 4/4

  • Highhouse Rhun (Ftw)
    Highhouse Labradors
    Health Tested

    Field Trial Winner Highhouse Rhun (Dell) was both Novice and Open 2012 Isle of Man champion, and then became FTW in October 2012 at just over 2 years old.

    He is now a proven sire, and available at stud here in Cumbria. He shares the family traits of willingness, calmness and friendliness, and his health test profile is impossible to improve on: hips 0/0; elbows 0; annual eye pass; N/N clear of PRA, CNM and EIC. As well as the kennel club listed tests above, he is also hereditarily N/N clear of narcolepsy.

    As he is clear of the Labrador diseases prcd/PRA, CNM, EIC and .... (click to read more)

  • Oakglen Normandy
    Oakglen Labradors
    Health Tested

    We have owned Labradors for over 40 years and are members of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeders Scheme (with three accolades) and therefore comply with all the requirements for health checks etc.
    All of our adult dogs have good hip scores and clear eye tests and have excellent pedigrees and true Labrador temperaments.

  • Paddockbrook Haydenlad
    Health Tested

    Ben is our black Labrador who is simply a dream to have, he is well behaved with impeccable manners and never needs to be put on a lead.

    He is an extremely fit working Labrador with a proven track record.

    He has a fantastic working style and always find game when everyone has finished, he would easily excel in working tests but this is not a route we are interested in.

    Ben's sire is a FTCH which is Waterford Fergus.

    He is well build with a square head, he is well bred, completely healthy and has a fantastic temperament.

    We have just had his hips scored at .... (click to read more)

  • Afinmore Alain JW ShCM
    Health Tested

    Forest is a lovely natured boy who is producing super quality, easily trained pups. He's a useful dual purpose stud dog, having produced both championship show winners and some good looking working pups.

    Forest has been incredibly successful at shows, gaining his Junior Warrant easily by 10 months, his Show Certificate of Merit within 6 months, winning Gundog Groups at open shows and numerous championship show classes.

    He's a lovely boy, very sweet, soft, loving and kind. He's biddable and keen to please and in training he has drive and is very, very quick to learn. He's a .... (click to read more)

  • Kimbajak Manhattan JW
    Health Tested

    Tank is the most adorable boy and has the sweetest kind nature.

    He achieved his Junior Warrant at 9 months of age and has been awarded best puppy in show at 6 months.

  • Flynn Glenn of Wickmoor
    Wickmoor Labradors
    Health Tested

    Sam is a fully health tested, dark fox red shade of yellow, proven stud dog. He is producing large litters and has 100% fertility to date. He has recently (Dec 15) produced a litter of 12.

    He is a trained gundog and works regularly throughout the season picking up and wildfowling. He is a very powerful worker, with lots of drive and stamina whilst remaining biddible.

    Hips 2:2, clear current eye certificate (July 2016). PRA, CNM and EIC clear.

    A copy of Sam's pedigree and health test results will be issued along with a contract of stud, entitling a free covering at the .... (click to read more)

  • Sh Ch Wilsbury Wild Fire at Halshimoor
    Health Tested

    Buster had a very successful show career , winning 13 CC's and 9 Res CC's. He sired several Championship show winning progeny and passed on his super nature. 2 of his daughters have now won CC's. including our own Halshimoor Hi Five to Fullwell. Buster retired from showing after winning Best veteran in show at N & D Labrador Club. Sadly Buster passed away Easter 2014. He was a joy to live with and very much a member of our family.He is sadly missed. We are very proud of his two grandchildren Sh Ch Fullwell Fly High to Halshimoor and Sh Ch Fullwell Fair Trade with Halshimoor.

  • Tirgarve Earney at Rangemaster
    Health Tested

    FINN is a Well Bred Working Labrador, with an excellent Pedigree. FTCH throughout pedigree.Proven Stud,to date he has sired 10 litters.
    Excellent picking up dog has excelled all season on 250-300 bird days, 4-5 days per week throughout the season His game finding is second to none.Excellent at marking and water work.
    He has a very kind temperament,
    Excellent with other dogs and children.
    Hip & Elbow Scored.
    Eye Tested Clear Yearly.
    His EBV are (-17) Hips & (-30) Elbows.

  • Aardvar Lancaster
    Health Tested

    Charlie has the most wonderful laid back nature and yet will get excited about being in the ring to show.

  • Oakglen Sweet Talkin Guy
    Oakglen Labradors
    Health Tested

  • Brindlebay Tolley of Greenfox (Ftw)
    Downham Market
    Health Tested

    Tolley is a Field Trial Winning working black labrador retriever who is a true gentleman, very loyal and has one of the best noses for finding game we have ever seen! Tolley is very handsome dog with an exceptional temperament, excellent ability and is a proven sire.

    Fully health tested:

    Hips 4/6
    Elbows 0
    Eyes: Clear,
    Optigen PRA Tested: CLEAR

    Sire: FTCH Brindlebay Jude
    Dam: FTCH Mansengreen Bizzy of Brindlebay
    Stud fee- 450
    Further info visit our website

  • Ftch Kathmandu Ruadh of Donian
    Health Tested

    Ruadh is a stylish good looking dog with a very kind temprement. He has 3/4 hips current clear eyes and is clear of PRA and CNM

  • Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson
    Health Tested

    Superb Working Fox Red Shade of Yellow Stud Dog. Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson (Fynn). Hip score 4:, Elbows score: 0:0, Current clear BVA eye certificate, PRCD-PRA - Clear (Labokin), MCD - Clear, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Clear, EIC - Clear. Fynn is a strong, and athletic Labrador, he picks up 4-5 days a week during the season, on partridge, pheasant and duck. Fynn has 100% fertility to date, producing large litters, including a 10 and a 9 from a single mating. North Wales near Chester.