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  • Loubert Labradors
    Jillian Bold
    Sutton Weaver
    Current Health Tests

    This site has been created to show off our beautiful black Labradors Retrievers and to promote the importance of responsible breeding.

  • Mrs Vicky Dubsky

  • Darren Esposito
    Current Health Tests

    Tweed is a red fox or fox red lab.
    Amazing nature, very intelligent and loves water.
    Tweed is a house dog (but is happy in his out door kennels when he is in it)
    Tweed is very good with retrieving balls and toys .
    Tweed is very loyal and picks up commands very quickly.

    Test/Scheme Result Date Age
    BVA/KC Elbow Dysplasia Scheme 0 22/06/2016 2 years, 1 month
    BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme 4/7 = 11 22/06/2016 2 years, 1 month
    BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Unaffected 22/02/2016 1 year, 9 months

  • Hayley Tyrrell
    Current Health Tests

    Owned Labradors for 24 Years - Currently owner of Bazil (Kenocto Water Pepper) and Cooper (Chelsonbeck Spitfire)

    Have previously bred from our beautiful family owned bitches with a number of offspring being owned throughout both family and friends as well as further afield.

    Many hard working gundogs have come from our litters. We breed big, strong and above all healthy Labradors.

    Within the family we own a mixture of Show and Working Labradors all with fabulous lineage and health testing.

  • Mr William & Mrs Karen Thomas
    Current Health Tests

    We have owned Labradors as family dogs for over 20 years and love the breed completely.
    We currently have Maggie who is chocolate and Jessie who is black.They are sisters from the same litter and are 4 years old. Our girls are daughters of Mischa (Bodorgan Eurneid) and Beau (Hazel valley Lord Nansfield) from the litter we bred in December
    They are much loved girls with great temperaments and their own individual character and live as part of our family. They enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren, adore walks, playing games and going on holiday.

  • Hannah Whyman-Naveh
    Kings Lynn

    Im a hobby breeder of working farm dogs. I mainly breed working border collies but I occasionally breed a litter of working Labradors.
    My dogs are bred for health, temperament and to maintain the stamp of the breed

  • Haventrent
    Nessa Thompson
    Current Health Tests

    I have been training gundogs for the past few years, I compete in working tests and field trials with my dogs and last season I did over 60 days shooting and picking up with my dogs.

  • Castlemans
    Philippa Williams
    Current Health Tests

    Philippa Williams - I been involved in the ‘dog world’ for many years – particularly turning to breeding and training my own Gun Dogs – I have successfully built up the Castlemans line of Golden Retrievers over the last 20 years and Levenghyl Labradors over the last 10 years.
    I have run dogs in the IGL (International Gundog League Championships – which is a prestigious qualifying event run every year). Qualifying with Monkey in 2008 and Mango (Tweedshot Thistle of Levenghyl) in 2011 and 2013.
    I breed, own and train my own dogs which include Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Cockers. .... (click to read more)

  • Mike Rollinson
    Current Health Tests

    Field Trial Winner Quarnford Ptarmagen
    (Fergus) is a dependable dog with an immense hunting ethic and energy who also remains calm and steady.

    He has full clear health checks:
    Clear DNA tests SD2 / EIC/ PRA /CNM
    Eyes Unaffected: MRD, TRD, GPRA, CPRS, HC
    Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0.

    As a winner of several field trial awards; Fergus has won many awards in working tests. Fergus excels in the shooting field as a relaxed peg dog as well as picking up. He is totally reliable and has been on numerous shoots on all types of game. Fergus is by:
    FTCh Mediterian Blue out of .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs L Wilkie
    Current Health Tests

  • Jeanette Walsh
    Current Health Tests

    Cuffster's Snow Angel (Porridge) is a very pretty 3 1/2 year old Labrador. She loves nothing more than swimming,in the sea or rivers where she excels in high diving to retrieve a stick. She is a wonderful companion to me and a very loyal friend. One of her best friends is a chihuahua, who she thoroughly enjoys a beach walk with.

    Porridge has an excellent KC pedigree and has been very easy to train, she is very sweet natured dog. Porridge's father Wellsummer Nipon, comes from a long line of field champions.

  • Tathagarn
    Mrs Georgina Glew
    North Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    We are new to the Champdogs website but have had chocolate labradors for many years and also have a beautiful fox red shade of yellow labrador which we will hopefully breed from in the future.

  • Mirain Glyn Roberts

  • Aidan Reeve


  • Claire Rank
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests

    Sussex Yellow Rumpus- Bentley to his friends, is a handsome Fox Red shade of yellow Working Labrador. He has a lovely calm temperament and is eager to please. He loves to work and comes from a long line of Field Trial Champions. He is Kennel Club Registered and Health Checked.

  • Jusev Ojo
    Current Health Tests

    Regorlien Galaxy (Sophie)is a 5 year old family dog who is bright as a button Very easy to train and has a very loving and loyal nature she is a wonderful companion always happy to please These lovely qualities have been passed onto her daughter Waggeyt Elisha.

  • Tina Lester-Card
    Current Health Tests

  • Cwmcarrog
    Iain Marshalsay

    I have owned and worked gundogs for over 30 years and in particular GSPs for the past 10 years.

    My interest is in the working side of the breed. I have made it my aim to concentrate on GSPs from proven working stock hence my leaning towards European, and in particular, German bred dogs where they are tested against standards for working and conformation.

    Having my first GSP as a rescue dog in 2005 I introduced puppy Seehof Glenda (Ella) in December 2010. She was obtained from Bambos Charalambous who is a supporter of the German field trial / test system. Ella's parents, .... (click to read more)

  • Tuptonsett
    Mrs B Beresford

    Our kennel is TUPTONSETT
    We are breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers.
    We have owned dogs since 1984, 1 week after we were married. Our first dog was a German Shepherd who lived to be 13 years old. Many years ago we started breeding chocolate labradors with great success. We have had 8 litters with thankfully no problems producing 58 puppies in total.
    We have also bred black and yellow labradors.
    We currently own, show,and breed German Shorthaired Pointers.
    We have had great success at champ shows, agility and olympic medals.
    We pride ourselves on breeding quality fit for .... (click to read more)

  • Longcopse
    Michael Brown
    Current Health Tests

    FTCH Longcopse Bertie. Hips 2:2, elbows 0:0. Current eye certificate. tested clear of PRA, CNM, SD2 and EIC. Bertie has qualified for the Retriever Championships in 2011 and 2012.In 2014 he gained two 2nds in two day open stakes. He has sired exceptionally good litters both in the UK and Europe. For further details and pedigree go to