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  • Wedgnock
    Steve Richardson
    Current Health Tests

    AT STUD:

    FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION BIRDSGREEN CLUEDO OF WEDGNOCK Hips 3/3, Elbows 0, PRA clear, CNM clear, EIC clear, SD2 clear, Eyes unaffected (current)

    Steve and Sally Richardson are based just outside Warwick. Our dogs are our friends as well as working gundogs!

    Our hobby and passion is competing in Field Trials and Working Tests successfully at the highest level.

    Yellow Labrador FTCh Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock (Cluanie) won his first field trial at 17 months, and then in his next trial getting second place in an Open at 18 months!

    In 2016 Cluanie won the .... (click to read more)

  • Gaytonwood
    Dawn and Andy Rose
    Kislingbury, Northampton
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel that breeds the occasional litter.

    We are a real dual purpose kennel with both show bred and working bred Goldens and we also have working bred labradors and a cocker who help out in the shooting season.

    All our dogs live as family and have lovely temperaments.

    We support the schemes for Hip Scoring, Elbow Scoring and Eye testing and details are available on request. We also have DNA tested all of our breeding stock.

  • Ettinsmoor
    Miss Jill Parsons
    Kings Lynn
    Current Health Tests

    Ettinsmoor Labradors is a small kennel of the Fox Red Shade of Yellow Working Labradors owned by Jill Parsons.

    Dark Yellow Labradors are my passion and I own and breed Working Labradors which work as picking up dogs on several local shoots throughout the shooting season. I try to achieve a balance of a Labrador that can work and compete but is also pleasing on the eye.

    I also compete in Gundog Working Tests during the summer months and in Field Trials during the shooting season.

    I am also a firm believer in Health Testing my dogs and only breeding if the correct health .... (click to read more)

  • Tynyrgraig
    Aimee Lewis
    Current Health Tests

    I live in South Wales, breeding working Labradors and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    Pups are born to health tested parents. I spend a long time ensuring the right mate is picked,not just for the individual bitch but for the lines of the breed itself too.

    My Labradors throughly enjoy agility & gun dog training! Saffie & Willow regularly take part in agility, we will start competing very soon.

  • Beestonmoss
    Rena & Mike Roberts
    Current Health Tests

    Occasional breeders of Labrador Retrievers. All our dogs are worked in the shooting field or as falconry dogs.

    We only breed from health tested dogs with excellent temperaments. Our labradors are mixed working and show lines.

  • Featherfly
    Phil Highfield
    Current Health Tests

    Our Dogs:
    •FTCh Levenghyl Bee of Featherfly (Todd), Eye Examination: UNAFFECTED, Hip Score: 4/7, CNM: Tested CLEAR,prcd-PRA: Tested CLEAR

    •FTCh Waterford Harris of Featherfly (Max), Eye Examination: UNAFFECTED, Elbow Score: 0, Hip Score: 4/5, CNM: Tested CLEAR, prcd-PRA: Hereditary Clear,EIC:Tested CLEAR,Dwarfism (SD2); Tested CLEAR.

    •FTW Birdsgreen Morse Of Featherfly (Fergus), Eye Examination: UNAFFECTED, Elbow Score:0/1, Hip Score 4/5, prcd-PRA: Hereditary Clear, CNM; Hereditary Clear, EIC: Tested Clear,Dwarfism (SD2);Tested Clear.

    (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR MORE .... (click to read more)

  • Clomarah
    Rebecca Hill
    Current Health Tests

    I am a hobby breeder, using the best stud dogs I can find to make the best puppies! My girls are a lemon roan cocker, a black lab and a fox red shade of yellow lab.

  • Balhernoch Labradors
    John Mcneil & Alison Bell
    Current Health Tests

    Our Labradors are family pets bred and reared for a kind temperament and good health. All our dogs are hip scored and eye tested, with excellent pedigrees.

    We are located in Edinburgh.

  • Khakicampbel
    Matthew Carter

    We are a three generation long working labrador trainer and breeder, we pride ourselves in our dogs. Our dogs temperaments and attitude towards working is 2nd to none.

  • James Tubby
    Bishop'S Stortford
    Current Health Tests

  • Mintonfens
    Mr & Mrs Ac Melton
    Current Health Tests

    Mintonfens Labradors is a small kennel of working type labradors on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border.
    All our dogs work and are proven in the shooting field, but are also members of our family.
    All our Labradors are fully health tested and have fantastic temperaments.
    We have the occasional litter- feel free to email us for details.

  • Willowcreek
    Karen Lester
    Current Health Tests

    I'm an occasional breeder of working Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels.I live in Dorset where we are surrounded by beautiful countryside. The dogs are very much part of our family life and are used in the shooting field, working tests and trialling.
    I am a keen trainer of our gundogs and their continued development.

    I devote most of my time to the dogs and endeavour to exercise and train them daily, the puppies are all from well bred parents usually with many FTCH in the pedigree.

    Although bred mainly for our own use there is always a surplus .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs Elizabeth Price
    Current Health Tests

  • Peter & Donna Higgins
    Current Health Tests

    We are breeders and members of the Kennel Club.

    I own a small Pet Care business and my wife is a nurse. We have 2 children, age 10 and 13 who also help with raising the pups.

    We have 2 beautiful black Labrador bitches, Rudie(6) and her daughter Sasha(4).

    They are of an excellent temperament and extremely biddable.

  • Clearseasons
    Mrs J.Clear
    Current Health Tests


  • Naughtland
    Mr A S Mcnaughton
    Current Health Tests

    Naughtland Labradors is a small kennels of Yellow and Black Labradors, owned by Mr Andrew McNaughton.

    My interests are the breeding and training of dogs for shooting/retreiving, that are well adjusted and friendly.

    I have trained my dogs to trialing standard, but my personal preferance is for field and rough shooting.

  • Fay Ingleby
    Current Health Tests

  • Mochuto
    Tarnya Stephens
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel working our dogs in the field and working tests.

  • Mistigri
    Gaynor Gent
    Current Health Tests

    MISTIGRI is the official affix of Ron & Gaynor Gent. We offer professional gundog training from a family run business and we are fully insured through The Kennel Club.

    We have owned, bred and trained Labradors for 25 years both for shooting, picking up, working tests and field trials.

    Gaynor personally holds the BIPDT Advanced Certificate one of the top accolades within this institute.

    For judging Kennel Club Field Trials, Gaynor is a 'A Panel' Judge, whilst Ron holds the 'B Panel' Judge's position.

    Ron is presently the Field Trial Secretary for the East Midland .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs Rachel Waldron
    Current Health Tests

    We are a working farm and Leaworthy Bobby (Inca) is my second Labrador Retriever. Inca is very much part of our family and is a pleasure to own.