Labrador Retriever Breeders near Gloucester, Gloucestershire

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  • Keeninspires
    Stephanie Perkins
    Current Health Tests
    0 Miles

    Keeninspires is a small family run breeding and training kennels with 10 Labradors in total.
    In my kennels I have all 3 colour labradors in which I show majority of them and also have started my judging which is very exciting

  • 2 Miles Mr and Mrs Lewis-Watkins Gloucester Gloucestershire

  • 2 Miles Creccamarsh Mr Richard Devereux-Biggs Gloucester Gloucestershire

  • Regorlien
    Mrs Tina Price-Aldwinckle
    Current Health Tests
    2 Miles

  • 3 Miles Pip Syrett Gloucester Glos

  • 6 Miles Emma Rowe Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • 6 Miles Kaspair Paul & Irene Collins Gloucester Gloucestershire

  • 6 Miles Mrs Bridget Wildsmith Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • 6 Miles Mr.A.Wildsmith-Mckay Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • Matthew and Stephanie Shaw
    Current Health Tests
    6 Miles

    We are an experienced couple who own dogs for the pleasure of working them and helping to promote good breeding. The dogs are bred from our line which we have had for 9 years and the sires of the litters are chosen for their confirmation and personality as well as the strength of their pedigree to ensure the line will remain strong and produce superb working dogs and family pets.

    Our dogs are available for stud which all are proven sires who have produced some fantastic puppies. We do also occasionally breed from our bitch to keep the line going but this is only .... (click to read more)

  • Tracy Wellon
    Current Health Tests
    6 Miles

    I live in Gloucestershire on a farm in the beautiful countryside with my dogs, horses, cats chickens etc. I bought my first, much awaited labrador bitch two and a half years ago and have not looked back. Her name is Sugar and she is the most wonderful companion, with a soft, gentle nature.

  • 7 Miles Fairbairnway Mark Redwood-Thomson Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • 7 Miles Mr M J Goodwin Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • Futoria
    Victoria Fudge
    8 Miles

  • 9 Miles Claire Cooper France Lynch Gloucestershire

  • 9 Miles Amy Pope Cheltenham Gloucestershire

  • Daniel Bingham
    Bishop'S Cleeve
    Current Health Tests
    9 Miles

    Daniel and Elinor Bingham

    Lola came to us as an eight-week old puppy in September 2013. She was our first family dog, and is much loved by our children (age 13 and 11 now).

    Lola loves chasing a tennis ball, jumping into puddles and sniffing around the fields.

    We are not professional dog breeders in any sense of the word but have tried to follow the best practice with Lola's litter.

  • Woodmist
    Mrs Sharon Rogers
    Current Health Tests
    9 Miles

    All my bitches are health tested - hips, elbows, annual eye tests and DNA tested for PRA, EIC and lately HNPK

    I am proud to have bred Labradors who have gained their stud book numbers or hold a Show Gundog Working Certificate, but what gives me a real thrill is to see Labradors that I have bred working in a partnership for Dogs For Good (Dogs For The Disabled.)

  • Streamanda
    Mrs A J Stewart
    Current Health Tests
    9 Miles

    We are a small family run kennels, who have had very good success over the years in the show ring. I have owned labradors since 1988, when I had my first labrador which I started to show in 1989. Major a chocolate lab won many BOB's and 1st prizes for me. As well as being involved in the horse world, Major came everywhere with me and the horses to many shows around the country. Then 18 months later, I had a black labrador called Simba, who won at many championship shows and took me to Crufts. At present I have 7 labradors, 2 black dogs, 1 chocolate bitch, 2 black bitches and 1 Yellow bitch, & .... (click to read more)

  • 11 Miles Lorraine Cooper Tewkesbury Gloucestershire