Labrador Retriever Breeders near Exeter, Devon

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  • 1 Miles Knightbeauty Michael Knight Exeter Devon

  • 1 Miles Joseph Mays Exeter Devon

  • 3 Miles Ian Garcia Exeter Devon

  • 4 Miles Luke & Emily Knight Exeter Devon

  • Mrs Elizabeth Price
    Current Health Tests
    4 Miles

  • 5 Miles Mrs Sarah Strong Exeter Devon

  • 10 Miles Eleanor Pugh Crediton Devon

  • 10 Miles Duncott Diana Mason Crediton Devon

  • 13 Miles Jodafmar Martin Gardner Willand Devon

  • 13 Miles Kerscott Mrs J Wheadeon Cullompton Devon

  • 13 Miles Nicholas Allan Cullompton Devon

  • 13 Miles Shutelake Inge Johannson Cullompton Devon

  • Donna Wilson
    Newton Abbot
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

  • Bonnybrigg
    Denese Thomson
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

    I have kept and bred working dogs for most of my life and had working labradors for the last 25 years.
    I lived in Scotland for a few years where a working lab, a springer and a terrier were commonplace in almost every household. I have always believed a labrador should be a dual purpose dog, fit for both the showring and work. To this end I breed black and chocolate and mix both disciplines to obtain a medium size lab with both beauty and brains. Most of the puppies I have bred are family pets but it is just as important that they are correct even if they never enter a showring or work on .... (click to read more)

  • Hornerama Labrador Retrievers
    Mrs. Charlotte Horne
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

    We have been breeding Labradors for 16 years and are about to produce our 5th generation. My aim is to breed really beautiful old fashioned Labradors. Our dogs are all very much family pets and live with us in the house. We have a farm with a river running through it, and the dogs swim daily and exercise with our horses. All our dogs are vaccinated, have current eye tests and have good hip scores. Our puppies are born in the kitchen, where they live until they are truly mobile and on hard food. They are thus exposed to lots of people, family noise and of course children.
    We are extremely .... (click to read more)

  • 14 Miles Sarah Floyd Tiverton Devon

  • 14 Miles Chris Lepper Tiverton Devon

  • 14 Miles Picklepod Sue & Tim Hunter Tiverton Devon

  • 14 Miles Wickwhistle Miss Lucy Earp Tiverton Devon

  • Champles
    Samantha Newstead
    Current Health Tests
    14 Miles

    My Bluebell (Harriet) is a great companion, loving and kind. I have owned labradors throughout my life, but Harriet is the first bitch I have shown, with great success. We live in rural Devon.