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  • Ettinsmoor
    Miss Jill Parsons
    Kings Lynn
    Current Health Tests

    Ettinsmoor Labradors is a small kennel of the Fox Red Shade of Yellow Working Labradors owned by Jill Parsons.

    Dark Yellow Labradors are my passion and I own and breed Working Labradors which work as picking up dogs on several local shoots throughout the shooting season. I try to achieve a balance of a Labrador that can work and compete but is also pleasing on the eye.

    I also compete in Gundog Working Tests during the summer months and in Field Trials during the shooting season.

    I am also a firm believer in Health Testing my dogs and only breeding if the correct health .... (click to read more)

  • Killala
    Serena Spearey
    Current Health Tests

    Our affix comes from our first Labrador Retriever bitch whom was named 'Killala Ocean Breeze' following a visit to Killala Bay in Southern Ireland.

    Our labradors are working born and bred and are only suited to working or active homes. We have both Black and Fox Red's which have been worked and bred for ~20 years.

    Later in life we got a Rottweiler bitch Keira and a new love was born.

    Our Rottweilers are first and foremost family pets, raised with children and animals. We do not breed guard dogs though some of our dogs have shown working ability. Rottweilers have a natural .... (click to read more)

  • Gaytonwood
    Dawn and Andy Rose
    Kislingbury, Northampton
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel that breeds the occasional litter.

    We are a real dual purpose kennel with both show bred and working bred Goldens and we also have working bred labradors and a cocker who help out in the shooting season.

    All our dogs live as family and have lovely temperaments.

    We support the schemes for Hip Scoring, Elbow Scoring and Eye testing and details are available on request. We also have DNA tested all of our breeding stock.

  • Greenfox
    Mr A Gyton & Mrs R Gyton
    Downham Market
    Current Health Tests

    Greenfox Gundogs is a small kennel based on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border.
    Standing at stud in our kennels we have

    All our dogs are from some of the top bloodlines in the country and have many FTCH and FTW's throughtout their pedigrees.
    All our dogs are worked regularly, have tremendous ability, and sound temperaments.
    For info visit our website

  • Pazanne
    Suzanne Springett
    Current Health Tests

    We (Paul and Suzanne - Affix Pazanne) are based between Darlington and Sedgefield in County Durham on a smallholding of approximately 6 acres. I have owned and loved dogs all my life and as a farmer's daughter have never been without them. As a child we always had Collies, Jack Russells and Labradors. I had always been interested in breeding and when we moved here 14 years ago it was the ideal opportunity for me to fulfil my dream. I joined the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme in May 2006. All our breeding stock have had the relevant health tests required / recommended for their particular .... (click to read more)

  • Dovecrag
    James Fairbairn
    Current Health Tests

  • Sally Pepperell
    Current Health Tests

    We have two bitches Trixie [black] and Mellow [yellow]. Trixie has had two lovely litters. Mellow we kept from her first litter ,picked for her temperament and looks she certainly lives up to her name. We are kennel club registered breeders and both bitches have had health checks.

  • Haselorhill Labradors
    Ms Susie Hughes
    Current Health Tests

    HaselorHill Kennels, located in the South Worcestershire countryside, are KC Registered and Kennel Club Acredited and Assured Breeders of Show; Working and Companion Labrador Retrievers...

    HaselorHill are not large, commercial kennels ~ their dogs are first and foremost beloved family pets ~ but they breed the occasional litter to add to the kennel's next generation... and once chosen, they approve new homes for the other litter youngsters.

    All litters are carefully researched and planned; the culmination of years of careful and selective breeding -- and they are always looking .... (click to read more)

  • Rosemary Groves
    Current Health Tests

  • Tuesnoad
    Kate Rust
    Current Health Tests

    We are Kennel Club assured breeders of border terriers and labradors. We have kept labradors for over 30 years, borders for about 10 years now. The two breeds complement each other perfectly. We all live in doggie heaven on a smallholding in the Kent Countryside!
    Our aim is to breed happy, healthy dogs with superb temperaments. Our labradors are FULLY health tested and we are careful we do not inbreed.

  • Clomarah
    Rebecca Hill
    Current Health Tests

    I am a hobby breeder, using the best stud dogs I can find to make the best puppies! My girls are a lemon roan cocker, a black lab and a fox red shade of yellow lab.

  • Appleyard
    Mrs. M.L.Setter
    South Gloucestershire
    Current Health Tests

    Occasional breeder of all three colours of Labrador Retriever

    Please contact for more information.

  • Raynestone
    Nick and Sonia Weston
    Current Health Tests

  • Loddonlyde Labrador Retriever
    Graham Elliott
    Current Health Tests

    to be completed

  • Ben Standen
    Current Health Tests

    my lab she a beautiful girl , with great health test results and a very cuddly personality

  • Joanna Ridge
    Current Health Tests

    We have had Marley (Kennel name: Milly's Mayfly) since she was a puppy. She is a family pet. She has a very relaxed temperament, has been totally brilliant with all the enthusiasm of a family of 5 and apart from chewing the odd pair of shoes as a pup she has been 'good as gold.'
    Her hip scores are 4-7 and her elbows are 0-0, her eyes are clear. She is hereditary clear of CNM, EIC and SD2 .
    She is a PRA carrier.

  • Rebecca Louise Gray
    Current Health Tests

  • Trencrom
    Nadine Lapskas
    Current Health Tests

    Fern is our pet, however, has also been trained via Purbeck gun dogs. This is her first litter and she has bred 6 adorable puppies.We have 1 yellow boy, 1 black boy and 2 black bitches available. The bitches are 750 and dogs 700. Accredited Breeder as of 1 Feb 2016 which will mean puppies will come with all approved paperwork and free trial of pet insurance.

  • Anne-Marie Lane
    Current Health Tests

    KC Registered Labrador Retriever. I bred Yogi he is an amazing family dog. He has Ftch in his pedigree. His mum died last year at 13 and a half years old. I would like a puppy from Yogi so I can keep this lovely line going. His hips are 4/2 and clear eye test to April 2017.

  • Susan Mary Mills
    South Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests