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  • Gaytonwood
    Dawn and Andy Rose
    Kislingbury, Northampton
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel that breeds the occasional litter.

    We are a real dual purpose kennel with both show bred and working bred Goldens and we also have working bred labradors and a cocker who help out in the shooting season.

    All our dogs live as family and have lovely temperaments.

    We support the schemes for Hip Scoring, Elbow Scoring and Eye testing and details are available on request. We also have DNA tested all of our breeding stock.

  • Wedgnock
    Steve Richardson
    Current Health Tests

    AT STUD:

    FTW BIRDSGREEN CLUEDO Hips 3/3, Elbows 0, PRA clear, CNM clear, EIC clear, SD2 clear, Eyes unaffected (current)

    Steve and Sally Richardson are based just outside Warwick. Our dogs are our friends as well as working gundogs!

    Our hobby and passion is competing in Field Trials and Working Tests successfully at the highest level.

    Yellow Labrador FTW Birdsgreen Cluedo (Cluanie) is showing huge potential winning his first field trial at 17 months, and then in his next trial getting second place in an Open at 18 months!

    In the current 2015 field trial .... (click to read more)

  • Rowanbrow Labradors
    Colin and Rowena Brown
    Current Health Tests

    We breed special companions that make wonderful additions to any family. Our main aim is to produce healthy, happy puppies that are well socialised and a joy to own. Several of our puppies have gone on to be assistance dogs with Dogs for the Disabled. We breed all three colours.

    We live on a smallholding in beautiful West Wales where our dogs have lots of space to run around and play and other animals to socialise with.

    We now have three generations of gorgeous Labradors. All our dogs live in the house with us as part of the family, so we give each and every one lots of love .... (click to read more)

  • Tynyrgraig
    Aimee Lewis
    Current Health Tests

    I live in South Wales, breeding working Labradors and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    Pups are born to health tested parents. I spend a long time ensuring the right mate is picked,not just for the individual bitch but for the lines of the breed itself too.

    My Labradors throughly enjoy agility & gun dog training! Saffie & Willow regularly take part in agility, we will start competing very soon.

  • Meadowdale
    Steve & Jane Eyeington
    Current Health Tests

    Meadowdale Gundogs are a small and select kennel based in Essex. We have made up 5 Show Champion English Springer Spaniels, and a Full Champion German Shorthaired Pointer. Along with other dogs winning top awards in the showring.

    We also trial our working type English Springer Spaniels and Labradors.

    We would be pleased to hear from you - If you would like any further information, there are further pictures and full pedigrees on our web site link above

    Steve & Jane Eyeington

  • Ettinsmoor
    Miss Jill Parsons
    Kings Lynn
    Current Health Tests

    Ettinsmoor Labradors is a small kennel of the Fox Red Shade of Yellow Working Labradors owned by Jill Parsons.

    Dark Yellow Labradors are my passion and I own and breed Working Labradors which work as picking up dogs on several local shoots throughout the shooting season. I try to achieve a balance of a Labrador that can work and compete but is also pleasing on the eye.

    I also compete in Gundog Working Tests during the summer months and in Field Trials during the shooting season.

    I am also a firm believer in Health Testing my dogs and only breeding if the correct health .... (click to read more)

  • Highhouse Labradors
    Dom and Jan Atkinson
    Current Health Tests

    We are both retired Lake District mountain rescue search dog handlers, and Dom was an instructor and assessor.

    We breed working labradors, with a strong emphasis on health, athleticism, temperament and willingness to learn. We have been Kennel Club Accredited (now Assured) Breeders since 2005. The report of our routine re-inspection is available to view on our own website. The "required and suggested improvements" report makes very brief reading, and can be summarised by the word "none"!!!

    We know of the high number of top class dogs carrying certain genetic diseases, and the .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs S Brockbank and Mr R Doran
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small household living and working from home in Oxford who keep two highly intelligent dogs as family pets.

    Sasha, our English Springer Spaniel, is an affectionate and devoted family dog who loves sniffing and finding trials in the undergrowth.

    Penny, our black Labrador, is a loyal and focused retriever who loves nothing more than walking through the fields, retrieving balls or simply relaxing in her bed.

    Both would make excellent working dogs or family pets.

  • Hintonbrook
    Frances Turner
    Current Health Tests

  • Lochandaimh
    Miss Jamie Callan
    Current Health Tests

    Lochandaimh kennels are situated near Dunkeld, Perthshire in Scotland. The name Lochandaimh came from the old estate I use to live on in Glen Lyon, meaning Loch of tranquility.

    I currently own 7 working labradors and 2 working springer spaniels that I use for picking up on local estates. Each dog will do at least 80 days from August through to February on a variety of grouse, hares, partridge, pheasants & ducks. I have recently extended my passion for working the dogs and started running in some Gundog Working Tests, in the hope that I will run in some trials in years to come. .... (click to read more)

  • Brookcasa
    Maria Naylor & Edward Naylor
    East Sussex
    Current Health Tests

    We have Working Labradors We pick up 2 - 3 days a week starting from Sept - Feb on the South Downs. We enter Working Test during the summer when time allows

  • Pipmont
    Mr Dan Parsons
    Current Health Tests

    The Pipmont affix is owned by Dan Parsons.

    I breed high quality Labradors suitable for both pet and working homes.

    Contact me if you would like any more information about me or my dogs.

  • Anglye
    Sandra Crawley
    Current Health Tests

    Pickle is our much-loved family pet and lives in a busy household with one of her puppies from her first litter, children and other pets. She has a very biddable, calm and gentle nature and is used to both children and elderly people. She is a dual purpose Labrador, having both field and show champions in her lineage.

  • Stauntonvale
    Laura Hill
    Current Health Tests

    Training and breeding high calibre working Labradors for the competitive and shooting field

    Puppies sometimes available. One-to-one training, and group sessions. Stud dog services.

  • Northglen
    Stewart North
    Current Health Tests

    Breeder & Trainer Stewart North (Northglen),

    Kennel Club Accredited Breeder 182134 Breed Club & Stud Book Accolades

    We have access to 2000 acres of woodland, lakes and arable land for advanced training of your shooting companion, for picking up, beating line, rough shooting, driven shooting, wildfowling, working tests or field trials.

  • Mekoro
    Sinead Macmillan
    East Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    Mekoro Labradors is based in East Yorkshire, it is a private kennels where we train
    and breed our own labradors for field trials and shooting. We may occasionally have
    litters available and we are able to give training for labradors, from puppies needing
    heel training, to retrieving dummies.

  • Naughtland
    Mr A S Mcnaughton
    Current Health Tests

    Naughtland Labradors is a small kennels of Yellow and Black Labradors, owned by Mr Andrew McNaughton.

    My interests are the breeding and training of dogs for shooting/retreiving, that are well adjusted and friendly.

    I have trained my dogs to trialing standard, but my personal preferance is for field and rough shooting.

  • Claire Starkey and Paul Williams
    Current Health Tests

    Nala is one of our family pets. She loves nothing more than a swim or a hike over the hills

  • Fay Ingleby
    Current Health Tests

  • Joanna Ridge
    Current Health Tests

    We have had Marley (Kennel name: Milly's Mayfly) since she was a puppy. She is a family pet. She has a very relaxed temperament, has been totally brilliant with all the enthusiasm of a family of 5 and apart from chewing the odd pair of shoes as a pup she has been 'good as gold.'
    Her hip scores are 4-7 and her elbows are 0-0, her eyes are clear. She is hereditary clear of CNM, EIC and SD2 .
    She is a PRA carrier.