Korthals Griffon

Korthals Griffon picture


The Korthals Griffon is named after its breeder and developer Eduard Karel Korthals.

Leaving Holland, Korthals settled in Hesse, Germany where, he took over management of the Prince of Solnes Braunfels, Bibesheim Kennels. Here he started his breeding programme with seven Griffons of varying type.

In less than 20 years out of 600 dogs bred, he kept only 62. He worked these selected dogs in woods, marshes and open country. His aim and objective was to produce a hardy, all terrain hunting dog.

A special medal was awarded to him, by the Kaiser, for his success in breeding an all round hunt, point, retrieve dog.

His work ceased with his untimely death at the age of 44. His friends in France, Germany and Holland, however, continued to follow his breeding programme and develop the breed.


Today the Korthals Griffon is a very popular working Hunt, Point, Retrieve dog on the Continent.

A strong, natural hunter the Korthals Griffon makes an excellent Rough Shooting dog. He is at home both on wide open moor or close cover.

His coat is coarse and wirehaired with a dense undercoat. He must never be curly or woolly coated. Permitted colours are Steel Grey with liver brown patches, Solid liver brown, Liver roan, Liver brown with white hairs or White and brown. All colours must have a brown undercoat. His face is furnished with distinctive eyebrows and beard.

Height at withers dogs 55-60cms. Bitches 50-55cms. A tenth longer in back than height.

The Korthals Griffon is gentle, proud and very loyal, neither timid nor aggressive. He guards his property well, but is also very much at home by the fire, along side his family owners. A very intelligent dog, The Korthals Griffon learns very quickly. In training he responds best to firm, but gentle handling. Being sensitive by nature he will NOT tolerate rough handling in any form.


The Korthals Griffon has no specific health issues.