King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel picture


The King Charles Spaniels have been treasured through the ages in the royal houses of England and Europe. Indeed, King Charles II gave his royal title to his beloved toy spaniels.

In 1613 Captain Saris is reported to have returned from Japan with small spaniels in exchange of gifts and letters from the Emperor.

By the early nineteenth century the breed had evolved over the years to the present day King Charles as we know it.

The King Charles Spaniel have a handsome appearance and lovable disposition which has charmed its way through history with many regal owners.


The King Charles Spaniel are a happy, intelligent breed with a distinctive domed head and have a reserved, gentle and affectionate temperament. They have a short and upturned muzzle with large dark eyes. The ears are set on low and their teeth should be slightly undershot.

They come in four colours Black and Tan (Black with bright tan markings), Tri coloured (White with black patches and tan markings on eyes and cheeks), Blenheim (White with chestnut patches) and the rarest of all the Ruby (Rich chestnut red all over).

They should be roughly 8-14lbs in weight.

They make wonderful companions and are faithful little lap dogs.


This breed as all small toy dogs as they get older can suffer from patella luxation which can cause a limp when moving.

The docking of King Charles Spaniels has been banned for about four years now and as a result some dogs appear to have small lumps and twists in the tail.

All in all there are very few health problems with this breed and they can live happy and active lives.